By - 12/30/08 - 3:34 pm

I got a thank-you note today for a Christmas tip, from the person who delivers the Globe! This was so unusual that I wanted to post it - there is still great service out there.

I also got a typed-up note saying that she would not be delivering the paper for a couple of days, but someone else would, and it included a phone number to call in case of any problem with delivery.

She also delivers the paper right to the front step, every morning, even during the awful weather we had last week. (I really love having the paper delivered.)

By - 12/7/08 - 6:30 pm

On Thursday, the Boston Public Health Commission will vote on whether to kill off the few remaining cigar bars and sheesha cafes.

How can unelected bureaucrats legislate with such power over the rest of us? I blame the heavy hand of Menino, whose attempts to stifle any fun or mild mischief is making Boston a dead place. Maybe it's time to start an initiative petition to elect the Public Health Commission.

These bars already have stringent ventilation rules, so the impact on workers approaches nil. Anyways, as with a lot of jobs, individuals can assess the risks and benefits.

By - 12/4/08 - 7:19 pm

If you're planning to attend the New England Auto Show at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center this weekend, I want to know why.

After spending a few hours at the show already today, I'm astonished at how subdued the dealers and the audience are. Spread out across the entire hall's ground level are nearly 40 brands of car from Aston Martin to Volkswagen and Volvo. But there are few people wandering around between the cars and there are even fewer booth staff.

By - 11/19/08 - 10:30 pm

Would it be insufficiently nostalgic and sentimental to suggest that Out of Town News be replaced with an internet cafe?

By - 11/5/08 - 7:50 pm

AJ Gerritson reports on a recent event attended by all the titans of the Boston advertising community:

As I was scanning the crowd from my table, I couldn't help but notice the shared trepidation among them.

As I sat there, I quickly found myself wondering. ... how many people here know how to reach customers or clients in today's information sharing age, and how many of these traditional industry leaders really know what social media means to their clients and their clients' customers? ...

By - 11/3/08 - 4:35 pm

Wicked Local Brookline reports the Coolidge Corner Barnes and Noble is flying the coop when its lease runs out in December, finally leaving Brookline Booksmith in peace.

By - 10/26/08 - 6:53 pm

When the economy is going in the tank what do you do? Design a neighborhood based on Feng shui!

NECN with the story.

By - 10/25/08 - 7:32 pm

Steve Garfield reports live from the West Roxbury Roche Bros. which has up and rearranged the produce department!

And the ice-cream/frozen food aisle is all different!

By - 10/3/08 - 5:09 pm

Bonhams Important Motorcars Auction

There's a big tent set up at The Larz Anderson Auto Museum, Brookline, MA for Bonham's Vintage New England, A Sale of Important Motorcars and Automobilia, tomorrow, Oct 4, 2008.

By - 10/1/08 - 12:45 pm

Bookdwarf has the scoop.

The new owners are Jeff Mayersohn and his wife, Linda Seamonson:

Mayersohn, who lives in Wellesley, said, "As a customer of Harvard Book Store for over thirty years, I'm overwhelmed and elated by this opportunity. My wife and I have wanted to own a bookstore for many years--I never imagined that it could be Harvard Book Store."

Mayersohn is a vice president at Sonus Networks, which builds equipment for heavy-duty Voice over IP networks - he's an alumnus of BBN and GTE Internetworking. Sonus has had some issues this year.

By - 9/30/08 - 8:58 pm

Listen to this audio report from Roche Bros. [ mp3 ]

I found the Skinny Cow and despite the fear that Suze Orman spreads on CNN, my Credit Card worked today at Roche Bros.

By - 9/29/08 - 8:18 pm

Pazzo Books in West Roxbury is preparing for impending financial collapse by accepting barter for books on Thursdays:

Ideally we'll be going gangbusters by the time the U.S. financial system actually does collapse and we'll barely notice the transition off of currency entirely.

They say they'll take everything from gasoline to diapers to coffee (espresso preferred).

Hmm, the Nealon boys might want to take a break and walk around the corner to the Reliable Trading Post on Park Street, which has been bartering stuff for years.

By - 9/5/08 - 3:36 pm

Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), the state's largest business advocacy organization with more than 7,000 Bay State businesses and institutions who collectively employ more than 675,000 employees, released the third edition of its biennial Legislative Scorecard. The Scorecard is designed to evaluate the pro-business voting record of each of the members of the Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives.

By - 8/6/08 - 12:16 pm

Yesterday’s Globe had an article about a Newton, MA energy company called First Wind Holdings Inc.

IMAGE( used to generate electricity provides two valuable benefits; reducing foreign oil used in domestic electricity production and reducing carbon and other greenhouse gas exhaust from electricity production.

By - 7/10/08 - 8:41 am

After buying Brigham's last month, Hood decided it was perfectly OK not to bother paying Brigham's suppliers.

By - 6/17/08 - 10:16 am

Article in The Ticker in the Boston Herald 6/7/08:

"Jay Roche, vice chairman and co-owner of Roche Bros., is leaving the Wellesley-based supermarket chain to "pursue other interests," the industry journal Progressive Grocer reported."

Well! This is very surprising...and very low-key.

By - 6/16/08 - 2:56 pm

Following the fabulous and fun South End unveiling and silent auction event last Thursday, the extremely stylish 100% cotton T shirts are now available for purchase on the CitySquares website!!!!

These hip student designed t-shirts are available in two styles and various sizes and can be yours for the low price of $20 +shipping and handling. The beauty of that $20 dollars in that 100% of it goes to the CommuniTee Art Project. If you are not sure at this point what in the world CommuniTee is here’s the cliff notes version for your reading enjoyment…

By - 6/10/08 - 6:32 pm
Goodbye Grecian Yearning

Grecian Yearning after the fire. Photo by Jake Wolman (photo used under Creative Commons).

There are a large number of fire and rescue vehicles on Harvard Ave between Brighton Ave and Comm Ave in Allston. Ladder trucks are extended near the Wonder Bar and Soul Fire barbecue restaurant and police have closed off that block. I have no other details yet, as I typed this on the B line from my cellphone.

Update: LiveJournal members are saying that it was the Grecian Yearning Restaurant at 174 Harvard Ave that had a large fire.