By - 7/29/11 - 12:48 pm

Belmont Savings Bank will pay the fine for an incident in May in which an employee left a backup computer tape containing data on 13,000 customers on his desk, which a cleaning crew then tossed in the trash, the state Attorney General's office reports:

By - 7/28/11 - 9:34 am

No, not that one. Village Books, 751 South St. in Roslindale, is having its final, down-to-bare-walls sale this weekend - all remaining books 30-50% off and even the furniture and decorations are up for sale.

By - 7/24/11 - 9:38 am

Cambridge Day reports the art-supply chain is opening an outlet on Mass. Ave.

By - 7/23/11 - 3:01 pm

Last chapter at Borders

Matthew I. framed the scene at the Downtown Crossing Borders yesterday.

Copyright Matthew I. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 7/22/11 - 11:06 am

BostInnovation reports New York start-ups got more than twice as much venture funding in the second quarter as Boston start-ups (Silicon Valley, of course, leads the pack).

By - 7/22/11 - 9:31 am

Soon, no more comfy chairs. Photo by John Keith.Soon, no more comfy chairs. Photo by John Keith. More photos.

By - 7/22/11 - 9:17 am

In what used to be the Circuit City on Mystic Avenue, the Globe reports.

By - 7/21/11 - 4:13 pm

Richard Zombeck explains his travails trying to get some overseas money credited to his Eastern Bank account.

By - 7/20/11 - 10:26 am

The Zoning Board of Appeals holds a hearing on Aug. 9 on plans by TD Bank to tear down the Zoots dry cleaners at 1833 Centre St. and turn it into a bank with drive-thru ATMs. It will be right next to a Bank of America branch and across the street from a Sovereign.

Inexplicably, Zoots managed to replace a bank at that location on Centre a number of years ago.

Also on Centre and Spring streets: Peoples Federal Savings, Hyde Park Savings, Co-operative Bank, Energy Credit Union, City of Boston Credit Union, Brookline Bank, Mt. Washington Bank, Eastern Bank, Citizens Bank and a Well Fargo mortgage office.

By - 7/14/11 - 9:21 pm

The entire chain is now on the brink of liquidation after the collapse of a financing effort, the Wall Street Journal reports.

By - 7/12/11 - 2:25 pm

Max Silver reports:

Scary - all Bank of America systems in Boston area are down. No account management possible.

By - 7/11/11 - 8:51 pm

Here's the second of two posts on the #branducambridge event at Ryles. Overall, most of the evening's panelists were focused on how digital is changing our lives and how technology and content will affect everything we do going forward. Our behaviors, consuming patterns and communication will eventually be the activity that changes how businesses approach and fete us in the future. Some more thoughts from the panelists...

Paid media has a role. Weber

Social media has changed the game by allowing a hidden world of what happens before news hits the air. Miller

Social media has transformed journalism. It's allowed different stories to be told. It's transforming storytelling. Miller

Social media is about getting people to recognize brands and drive sales - on the business side. Miller

Imagine if you got a tour through Santa's workshop. Social media lets you behind the curtain. Miller

Bad things about social. Sexting, cyberbullying. It's a different experience than what we had when we were young. Because it's so becomes a little too naked. Miller

Just like life, you're going to have those evils. Weber

There's huge potential for using social media as a propaganda tool. Weber

Reinventing yourself is no longer possible because your social graph follows you through your life. Hewitt

Future is supporting video across platforms. Hewitt

By - 7/11/11 - 8:13 pm

What is Web 3.0? Tonight at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge, the folks at Millennial Branding put together a panel of marketers and media experts to discuss just that. We've all be inundated by the term Web 2.0 and if I hear "the Twitter" or "friend me on Facebook" again I might just lose my lunch. But I showed up tonight to see if the panelists could actually tell me what comprises Web 3.0 and if it's just another term for the newest of new media strategies.

According to the event's moderator - Tim Hare, Director of Events at Millennial - the panel was created not to focus on the broad definition of digital media, but to really explore how digital media and the strategies behind the use of digital will change the way businesses operate in the long run.

On the panel were Mike Proulx of Hill Holiday, Stephanie Miller of Triad Retail Media, Perry Hewitt of Harvard University and Larry Weber, Chairman of W2 Group. But their roles at these organizations is really what qualified them to speak to the room of 150 business professionals who paid $20 a head to attend. Miller was most recently with CBS as their director of digital media at WBZ Boston; Hewitt is the Chief Digital Officer for Harvard University; Proulx heads up digital strategy and media for Hill Holiday; and Weber started a digital agency 17 years ago when digital meant putting brochures online.

By - 7/11/11 - 8:52 am

The ginormous chain is eying Roxbury for its first Boston store. The mayor is against; some residents are for.

Ed. question: Does a Wal-Mart in Roxbury cancel out a Whole Foods in JP? Also, why is the Target at South Bay so much cooler than Wal-Mart in, say, Crosstown?

By - 7/5/11 - 9:29 am

The Globe reports that Brightcove, which offers a platform for online video, will be moving from its current Kendall Square space to new offices at 280 Congress St.

By - 6/30/11 - 9:58 am

A Mississippi woman charges Boston and Cambridge companies conspired with AOL to figure out how to track consumers online even if they turned all their cookies off and has, of course, sued them.

By - 6/29/11 - 1:28 pm

Jamaica Plain Patch posts a copy of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council's Whole Foods Ad Hoc Committee report, which says the store should make sure it offers "culturally appropriate food," that its work force exactly mirror the ethnic and economic makeup of the Hyde Square neighborhood and do other stuff to ensure the neighborhood doesn't become the preserve of upper-income white people.

By - 6/28/11 - 8:15 pm

Stop and Gone

An ex-Stop & Shop barely remains on Truman Parkway. Last week, it looked like they'd fill the lot behind the Jersey barriers with construction equipment and never get to tearing down the not-so-supermarket, liquor store, bank and pharmacy.

By - 6/28/11 - 8:01 am

But this time, somebody is suing the Winklevii for their piece of the money they got from Zuckerberg. And he's local.