By - 6/14/07 - 11:27 pm

Look who's coming to town...

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign will commandeer Fenway Park and a Boston arena for a night and a day late next week for a major last-minute fundraising extravanganza. It even has a fancy title: "America's Calling."

And once again, reporters are invited.

By - 5/19/07 - 2:28 pm

The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission needs to hire a proof reader.

Have you seen the new $5 Pinball Wizard instant win scratch ticket?

Within the instructions is the phrase, "Match the Jackpot Number to any Your Number..."

By - 5/3/07 - 8:09 pm

If you're smart, creative, energetic and passionate, YOU MIGHT BE A LINDEN!

Linden Lab is scouring the Boston area looking for the very best minds to join us in our quest for World Domination.

Our Boston office currently has multiple openings for wickedly brilliant software development generalists, web developers, project/program managers, product managers, and other roles to work on all facets of our development initiative.

By - 3/29/07 - 3:34 pm

The Newton Blog has photos from the big fire at the big house at 934 Commonwealth Ave. this morning.

By - 3/1/07 - 12:38 pm

Looks like Russel Pergamint's BostonNOW won't simply be another Metro hawked by scary people. It'll be blogarific. The impending paper is holding a blogger summit on Saturday, March 10 to convince local bloggers to let the paper use their content for free, promising in exchange that their words will be seen by tens of thousands of readers in print and untold thousands of people on the Web.

By - 1/27/07 - 11:06 am

Say it isn't so:

Flagship Filene's Basement to shut for makeover: News sends shudders through downtown

The original Filene's Basement store, where the concept of discounting was invented, will close for up to two years while its building is renovated, creating a void in the heart of Boston's downtown shopping district.

Sure makes a mockery of the big "WE ARE NOT CLOSING!" signs they've put up all over the entrances.

By - 1/23/07 - 3:54 pm

Men's leggings were unveiled in Milan during fashion week. Blame some designer named Marni!

By - 1/10/07 - 5:07 pm

Do legislators really want to give consumers a break in broadband and digital-TV service? Or are they just carrying Verizon's water in its Godzilla-vs-Megalon battle with Comcast? FrankSkeffington doesn't buy the consumer-choice argument for a minute:

By - 11/24/06 - 11:23 am

I've ordered twice over the years from Rent Mother Nature which was based in Cambridge (from what I remember) but the website is now MIA.

anyone know what happened to them? The rentals were really neat and well received gifts.

By - 10/28/06 - 11:48 am

Ivana Moore-Enmoore
Grand Fromage de Boston
Loyal To Big Oil

Invites you
to join Loyal to Big Oil and
The Boston Coal Party

for a Texas Tea (and Coal) Party
Boston Common
(Brewer Fountain near Park Street T Station)

1:00 pm
Saturday, November 4th

Sporting their most impressive evening wear, Loyal to Big Oil and The Boston Coal Party, both wholly-owned subsidiaries of Billionaires for Bush, will unite to celebrate global warming with a Texas Tea (and Coal) party this Saturday on Boston Common. American patriots have pledged to 'duke it out' with them over the impact of fossil fuel use on global climate change ('global warming'). The patriots have even threatened to 'dump' the energy plutocrats coal and oil just as Colonial rebels dumped British tea.

By - 8/24/06 - 7:26 am

As Seen on:

This may cause a little confusion.

According to a News Corp. press release, Twentieth Century Fox will start selling movies and television shows through web sites owned by its parent company, News Corp, which also owns IGN Entertainment.

By - 8/23/06 - 11:41 am

But you wouldn't know it from reading this article in today's Globe.

Memo to Globe business editors: learn something about the SUM ATM network.

By - 5/31/06 - 7:20 pm

FiOS is currently available for the state of Massachusetts. There are several areas in the state where Verizon FiOS internet service is currently available. We have provided you with a list of every single place in the Massachusetts state where FiOS is currently available as of this date...

By - 4/26/06 - 12:20 pm

BPDNews lists some incidents from yesterday:

Man sitting on front steps on Northampton Street is shot by two men. Woman at home with her two kids on Dudley Street watches as two men break in, armed with a knife and scissors, and rob the place. Man walking up Cambridge Street is attacked by two men, one of whom stabs him.

Neither paper has anything about these.

By - 2/10/06 - 10:29 am

The Globe has announced that Apple is building a flagship 4 story monster on Boylston in the Back Bay. (goodbye copy-cop) It's just going to make it easier to convert every family member, friend, acquaintance, back-bay-bum to switch. And I won't even have to pay for parking like I do currently at Cambridgeside galleria.

By - 12/9/05 - 7:57 am

Mats notes that a California bank has acquired the Boston-based Asian American Bank:

... Dadgum it, why can't Boston companies ever be on the winning end of these things?

By - 11/1/05 - 1:08 pm

A movie theatre which shows these many Samurai flicks in one month is worth saving. That and the fact that without places like this Harvard Square is going to become one big generic outdoor mall.

By - 4/15/05 - 9:57 am

Carpundit photographs the new Code of Conduct for the benches outside the Back Bay Shaw's and wonders what the point of benches are if the rules prohibit "loitering."

By - 4/7/05 - 6:05 pm

Peter considers the bare-knuckles fight over who gets to represent Massachusetts to the film industry:

If you know anything at all about Massachusetts, you understand that politics here is a contact sport --- and as with the roughest of contact sports, the biggest battles are about "turf." ... In the red corner, wearing the paisley trunks, Robin "Duker" Dawson, current head of the Massachusetts Film Bureau. In the blue corner, wearing the pinstripes, is Mark "the Masher" Drago, Executive Director of Entertainment for the Massachusetts Sports and Entertainment Commission. I'm not much of a tout, but if forced to bet, I'd put my money on the guy with all the backing. How courageous, I know. ...

By - 3/30/05 - 6:45 pm

Buck-A-Book in Davis Square is closing. The Hanover Street store closed last December, and the Government Center and Arlington Center stores are also closing (if they haven't already closed).

I asked the clerk if the whole chain is going away, and the answer he gave boiled down to "not yet". He said that the chain had fallen behind in payments to suppliers, which resulted in suppliers refusing to send more stock, which resulted in less and lower quality stock, which resulted in fewer customers and less spending .... you get the picture. Sounds to me like a death spiral, and I don't see how they can recover from it.