By - 4/18/11 - 12:54 pm

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports the Cambridge-based co-op market will open a new outlet as part of a retail project planed for MBTA-owned land near the Forest Hills T stop.

By - 4/14/11 - 7:21 am

The Herald seems to have captured Menino saying the Hole can stay a hole until those goddamn New Yorkers learn Boston means business. Or something:

People say to me: 'Oh, you've got a hole there - so what! The hole is going to be there until those folks from New York understand we in Boston know how to do development. And just because they can't get development done, that's not my fault.

By - 4/11/11 - 10:54 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today state environmental officials have the right to tell the owners of the Plymouth nuclear plant to take steps to protect fish and other animals from being sucked into the plant's cooling system.

State officials say they don't actually have any plans to order changes, but Entergy Nuclear Generation sued anyway, saying state law only gives the Department of Environmental Protection the right to regulate what comes out at the other end of the cooling process. A lower-court judge agreed, but the state's highest court said that was balderdash.

By - 4/8/11 - 11:21 am

Blnkx, a San Francisco company that specializes in video search, announced today it's buying Burst Media of Burlington, which sells advertising for online sites.

Disclosure: Including Universal Hub.

By - 4/5/11 - 7:14 pm

Local ad

Spotted in Roslindale.

By - 4/4/11 - 11:29 am

Jon Chesto reports on efforts by Massachusetts retailers to convince the state Legislature to force Amazon to collect Massachusetts sales tax from Massachusetts residents.

By - 4/2/11 - 10:09 am

A Massachusetts woman who claims she is out $57 because of expired Groupon coupons has filed a federal class-action lawsuit against the company and at least two Massachusetts merchants that used it to drum up business.

In her lawsuit, filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston, Jennifer Bates charges the expiration dates on Groupon offers, typically several months, violates a federal credit-card law that requires expiration dates of at least five years.

By - 3/31/11 - 7:57 am

A Boston man who claims he was threatened with a lawsuit when he refused to buy software he didn't want has turned around and sued the application's maker for privacy violations, claiming the software "phoned home" and gave a company consultant enough information to track him down.

By - 3/30/11 - 12:46 pm

The Boston Business Journal reports Dunkin' Donuts has opened its 3,000th outlet outside the US, in Shanghai. The company is also planning to open 500 Dunk's in India.

By - 3/29/11 - 11:05 am

The Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled against the clothing chain today in a tax case involving a subsidiary at which nobody worked.

The Hingham-based Talbots set up a subsidiary in another state, loaned it more than $100 million, transferred certain intellectual assets to it, then tried to deduct the cost of royalties for use of that property.

But the subsidiary had no employees and all decisions were made at Talbots headquarters back here in Massachusetts, and that constitutes a legal "sham," the court ruled, adding it was not amused to learn that:

By - 3/25/11 - 8:42 am

Mike Champion sees reason for optimism in a town where companies often seem to flee for the other coast or get bought up by companies from far away. Even if you could care less about high tech, check out his post for a little bit of Storrow Drive nostalgia.

By - 3/24/11 - 7:44 am

The SEC yesterday sued an investment broker who allegedly drained a 9/11 widow's $3.7-million compensation fund by more than $2 million through repeated poor investments that netted him $550,000 in commissions over two years.

By - 3/21/11 - 8:45 pm

Darryl Houston reports Albert Winestein on Fairmount Avenue seems to have bitten the cork and closed up for good.

By - 3/17/11 - 11:34 am

First it was the tax breaks to the solar company that's moving to China. Now we learn Fidelity gets a $70-million or so break to encourage it to increase jobs. In Massachusetts, that is. The Outraged Liberal ponders.

By - 3/17/11 - 10:35 am

Limeduck displays what he bought at the Church Street store, which is closing forever this Sunday (to be followed quickly by the other two Bob Slates).

By - 3/15/11 - 4:54 pm

New Hampshire and Rhode Island are apparently better, WBUR reports.

By - 3/15/11 - 12:02 am

Hyde Square sign

Mark reports his wife took this photo in the Whole Foods in Brighton. He adds:

1) my wife and I own a home in JP; 2) my wife is in fact a Latin American; and 3) we used to shop at Hi-Lo to purchase goods from her homeland; yet, we are wholeheartedly (bad pun not intended) behind the opening of the Whole Foods Store on Centre Street.

By - 3/1/11 - 12:53 pm

Articles about the rally and meeting last night. Sounds like it was fun.

JP Patch: More than 200 Rally Against Whole Foods

JP Patch: "Crackling Tension" Marks JP Forum on Whole Foods

This article draws from my earlier post on the subject:

Grub Street Boston: Why Is Whose Foods Blaming Whole Foods for Singlehandedly Gentrifying Jamaica Plain?

It still appears to me that there is a hidden agenda here.

By - 3/1/11 - 7:36 am

Connie Loizos provides the tweet by tweet of a fight between some outsider and our own Scott Kirsner on whether Boston's tech scene could give a Hoover a run for its money.