By - 12/7/13 - 12:27 pm

Roslindale Village Main Street has posted a map showing every single one (with descriptions of the spaces, in the hopes of attracting merchants to them).

By - 12/6/13 - 7:43 am

The Portland Press-Herald reports some Montreal businessmen are raising funds to create an overnight "hotel train" service between Montreal and Boston - by way of Portland. A one-way ticket for the 14 1/2-hour ride on the 30-mph train would be $150. The real market isn't us, but beach-mad Montrealers who just love them some Maine beaches.... Read more

By - 11/29/13 - 12:15 pm

AcBel Polytech, which makes power-supply units for large EMC data-storage units, is suing Fairchild Semiconductor over voltage regulators that failed "at an epidemic rate" in late 2010.

AcBel charges that Fairchild replaced perfectly fine components with poorly designed ones that shorted out due to humidity and that it then compounded the problem by not telling anybody it had made the change - or then changed... Read more

By - 11/28/13 - 5:47 pm

Sure, they were, in their own way, a pretty nasty bunch, but you can't help but appreciate their Blue Laws when you look at all the ads in today's paper from chains advertising they're opening at 8 p.m. today. Hah, hah, not here you're not.

By - 11/27/13 - 6:31 am

The Globe reports the Connecticut casino is joining up with the racetrack as the proposed operator of the proposed only-in-Revere resort casino.

By - 11/25/13 - 11:50 am

The Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled today that a Newton man who sells perfume can continue his state lawsuit against a New Yorker he says owes him nearly $530,000 for perfume shipped but never paid for.

A lower-court judge had agreed with the defendant that Massachusetts had no jurisdiction in the case because he had no offices in Massachusetts and paid no taxes to our fair... Read more

By - 11/21/13 - 8:24 am

A legislative proposal would double the minimum wage for waiters and waitresses by 2016 after five years with no increase at all. That's an outrage, Mass. Restaurant Association says.

By - 11/18/13 - 3:57 pm

Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a free lunch. After local VCs got annoyed at some allegedly scam-worthy outsiders charging high prices for access to VC types, they got together to create UnPitch Boston, coming up on 11-Dec, where hopeful young entrepreneurs can get a free lunch with a VC.

As noted in VentureFizz:

"Boston is truly the only place that... Read more

By - 11/18/13 - 1:27 pm

VentureFizz explains why Boston next month will have a free event for young entrepreneurs to pitch their startups to venture capitalists:

A few weeks ago, a little online skirmish started on meetup message boards and Twitter involving a very suspect and questionable group that organizes events to take advantage of inexperienced young startups and unwitting entrepreneurs. (We don't want to give them any more

... Read more
By - 11/15/13 - 7:55 am

Hank Layfield reports Domino's is moving into the old BBQ Town on Washington Street in Roslindale, which means the local franchise will finally be free of the loneliness that is that little strip mall down by the West Roxbury Parkway and well away from those activist types in Roslindale Square who managed to block its planned move into a storefront there.... Read more

By - 11/13/13 - 12:05 pm

Sure, we all snorted when the Times said we're all calling South Boston SoBo these days, but next spring, the neighborhood could get an Italian restaurant called the Sobo Bistro. And on East Broadway, no less.

Michael Norton has already gotten zoning-board permission to convert an old electrician's shop at E. Broadway and L Street into a restaurant. On Thursday, the Boston Licensing Board... Read more

By - 11/11/13 - 9:23 am

A local firm that says it holds the copyright to one particular Hummel figurine in the US is suing U-Haul and and a bubble-wrap company because they sell boxes of bubble wrap that feature an image that looks like the figurine.

In the lawsuit, filed last week in US District Court in Boston, Boston Copyright Associates LLC says the similarity was no coincidence: U-Haul and... Read more

By - 11/6/13 - 2:56 pm

EMC this week sued a Silicon Valley startup on charges it illegally hired away EMC workers to gain access to EMC trade secrets.

In a suit filed in US District Court in Boston, the Hopkinton-based data-storage vendor asks a judge to smack Pure Storage with a legal stick, specifically, the return of all the proprietary EMC information it alleges Pure now has, a prohibition on... Read more

By - 11/6/13 - 8:26 am

Rozzie Square not good enough for these? Photo by Jeffrey Zeldman used under this CC license.

Roslindale Square resident Adam Kessel reports Brooklyn Water Bagels considered Roslindale Square for a new outlet but opted to open in Framingham instead because the area just doesn't have enough foot traffic to support one of its shops.

Retail chains considering urban areas such as Roslindale Village tend to want heavy foot traffic - unlike in suburbs such as Framingham, where they... Read more

By - 11/4/13 - 6:40 pm
Building 19

Sunday in Norwood.

One of Building 19's largest unsecured creditors is the town of Norwood, owed $306,651 in back taxes, according to a listing filed by the company in US Bankruptcy Court in Boston on Friday.

The company, which blames competition from the Internet, actually owes New Bedford even more - some $353,000.

The largest creditor, however, is Building 19 president William Elovitz - son of founder... Read more

By - 11/2/13 - 8:20 pm

First Anthony's Pier 4, then the Hilltop, now Building 19. Chapter 11 Cases reports the iconic chain for cheap New Englanders has filed for Chapter 11 - and plans to liquidate, rather than just reorganize:

The advent of internet shopping has dramatically altered the retail landscape, particularly for so-called “big box” stores such as are operated by Building 19. As a result, Building 19s’

... Read more
By - 10/29/13 - 11:03 pm

The Boston Business Journal reports the owners of the Garden have asked the BRA for Liberty Mutual-style tax breaks because damnit, they deserve it the fact they've failed to build anything on what is now a parking lot, a high water table on land near the Charles and Harbor and the presence of the Green and Orangle Lines means the land is blighted and... Read more

By - 10/29/13 - 10:42 am

Suffolk Downs officials said today they were shocked to learn of the issues raised by a state investigation into operations at their proposed casino operator earlier this month - especially after learning state investigators had started asking questions about them several months earlier.

Meanwhile, officials said they are talking to a number of new possible casino operators, but can't guarantee they'll have one selected by... Read more