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By - 2/16/11 - 6:53 am

There's a boomlet on the left drumstick of the body politic for the Harvard professor turned Washington consumer advocate.

The Herald, meanwhile, reports Salem Mayor Kimberley Driscoll is considering a bid.Read more

By - 4/12/10 - 8:34 am

Brown to give Tea Party rally in Boston a pass; flack earns pay by claiming senator who found time to campaign for John McCain in Arizona now too busy to show up in the largest city in his state.Read more

By - 3/23/10 - 11:09 pm

Declares her non-intentions in an exclusive interview on, um, her own show; says Draft Maddow page on Facebook likely a joke by a friend of hers:

By - 3/23/10 - 5:53 pm

An obscure political journal down in Washington reports that Mr. Pink Leather Pants is using this UH post about the draft-Maddow campaign to squeeze even more money out of the out-of-state Republicans who made his campaign richer than God helped him across the finish line this year:

Rachel Maddow has a nightly platform to push her far-left agenda. What about you? I'd

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By - 3/5/10 - 6:47 pm

UPDATE: Maddow declares she isn't running; appreciates a good joke as much as anyone.

OK, so it was kind of interesting this morning that some people had set up a Facebook page to try to convince MSNBC talent and Northampton resident Rachel Maddow to run against Scott Brown in 2012 (they're...Read more

By - 3/5/10 - 8:06 am

Or is this just some wishful thinking?

Via the Outraged Liberal.Read more

By - 1/24/10 - 5:44 pm

Yes, of course, somebody has put up a Web site to demand Brown produce a copy of his birth certificate. Specifically, Paul Day of Watertown.Read more

By - 1/23/10 - 1:13 pm

Jay Fitzgerald cautions the Senator Elect against the tidelet of enthusiasm for him as a national candidate:

Is Brown the next Duke, Tsongas, Kerry and Romney? ... [T]hey're handy local reminders why Brown shouldn’t go down the constant-campaign road: Duke, '88; Tsongas, '92; Kerry, '04 and Romney, '08. One might as well add Weld and Cellucci to the list, if you’re counting all the

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By - 1/23/10 - 1:07 pm

Fort Left writes it was at the Martin Luther King Day breakfast on Monday:

... Speaking before a friendly audience which loves it’s politicians, Martha did not get a standing ovation or a "you go, girl" shouted from the audience. Martin Luther King, III was more eloquent on her behalf than she was and he lives in Atlanta. That was when I began the

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By - 1/22/10 - 1:35 pm

Bob LeLievre breaks down Coakley's large win in Boston by neighborhood, along with comparisons to 2006 numbers for Deval Patrick. Some interesting numbers: She lost South Boston, barely took West Roxbury, Charlestown and Tom Menino's redoubt of Readville, but got 96% of the vote in Mattapan and 92% in Roxbury.Read more

By - 1/21/10 - 2:07 pm

Rob Sama pulls together the numbers, shows why even Barney Frank might have reason for concern.Read more

By - 1/21/10 - 10:51 am

State House News Service reports the guy behind is Conor Yunits, "the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce communications director, former state rep candidate, and scion of a prominent Brockton political family."Read more

By - 1/20/10 - 7:57 pm

Richard Howe posts some interesting Lowell numbers: Brown got only a few more votes yesterday than McCain did in 2008. But Coakley got fewer than half the votes Obama did:

... The Obama vote stayed home, and did not have to transfer to Brown for him to carry Lowell. ...

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By - 1/20/10 - 1:04 am

Look at the town-by-town results on and the results are pretty dramatic: Coakley basically won inside 128, the Rte. 2 corridor, the Berkshires western end of the state, Springfield and Worcester. Brown won pretty much everything else (but Flutie failed to carry Natick for Brown, so there is that). Suburbs basically beat the cities (except Lowell, which Brown took)....Read more

By - 1/19/10 - 11:23 pm

Republican bloggers are, obviously, more in the mood to party than analyze tonight (in fact, Red Mass. Group is liveblogging from the Brown victory party), while Democratically inclined bloggers are more inclined to analyze how the bluest state in the nation just sent a conservative Republican to Washington:

Boston Maggie: How does it feel? It feels good.

Jay Fitzgerald, who predicted a Coakley...Read more

By - 1/19/10 - 8:01 pm

Dave Beard at tweets at 9:15 that Coakley has called Brown to concede.

Channel 5: 52-47 Brown with 92% of precincts reporting, 9:46 p.m.

Boston results - Coakley, 69-30 at 9:40.Read more

By - 1/19/10 - 1:21 pm

The Phoenix catches putting up an interactive map showing Coakley has won the election several hours before the polls closed.

Now anybody who's ever worked in a newsroom knows somebody was just doing this to test the map out, not because he or she is part of a zombie army munching its way through the Commonwealth. Anybody who's ever worked with Web...Read more