By - 5/12/11 - 11:03 am

A 14-year-old student who was punched, robbed and warned not to snitch by two classmates at the Ruggles stop on the Orange Line around 2 p.m. yesterday thought he'd managed to escape them by making his way to the Cambridgeside Galleria.

But, he told police, the two - and an older guy - were waiting for him when he left the mall around 5:40 p.m....Read more

By - 10/1/10 - 5:17 pm

App developer: Tim Murray, Catch the Train developer Jared Egan and T GM Richard DaveyTim Murray, Catch the T developer Jared Egan and T GM Richard Davey at Ruggles today.

MBTA and state officials today announced the release...Read more

By - 9/1/10 - 9:58 am


MBTA Transit Police say this is the guy who repeatedly stabbed somebody on a 23 bus at Ruggles and Tremont streets yesterday evening, then fled toward the Whittier Street project. He's described as 25 to 30, 5'7" and weighing between 185 and 220 lbs, with dreadlocks.

UPDATE: MBTA Transit Police...Read more

By - 1/13/10 - 11:02 pm

Charlie on the Commuter Rail shows how the stairs are failing apart, barely three years after they were repaired following two years of being shut as unsafe.Read more

By - 8/15/09 - 8:07 pm

Anna B reports on the past week at the Ruggles commuter-rail stop, at which not a single train's destination was announced, forcing commuters to play commuter-rail roulette:

... This Friday, fed up, I asked a conductor who was collecting fares about why no one announced what line the train was. He told me, "We did but you probably couldn't hear us going by 30

...Read more
By - 7/22/09 - 10:28 am

Takes the 28 this morning to see just how much marvier life for riders will be when it transmogrifies into the 28X Super Bus, which I know because Alex Owens is live-twittering the ride:

... Aloisi and Chang-Diaz getting breakfast @ Brother's...

Ed. question: Is there any station in all of T-land with a better name than Ruggles? I'd rank it even...Read more

By - 2/9/09 - 2:46 pm

Peter Maranci reports that not only did he get into Ruggles 35 minutes late - because the train ahead of his died and had to be pushed off the tracks (and then shot?) - but then he and other commuters had to rely on the kindness of a conductor just to get out:

... [B]oth of the doors on the side that I was

...Read more
By - 12/5/08 - 8:13 am

Charlie on the Commuter Rail shows (with both photos and video) how a stairway at Ruggles, re-opened just last year after a couple of years of being shut, are already falling apart - individual steps are coming loose as the nails or bolts that hold them to their base rust away.

By - 8/6/08 - 12:22 pm

Charlie on the Commuter Rail notes that the issue of commuter-rail conductors not announcing where their trains are going at Ruggles grows only worse:

They often don't bother to announce the destination of the train, and sometimes they don't even step out on the platform! Since the trains have been more and more erratic, time-wise (they can vary from the schedule by five minutes

...Read more
By - 8/1/08 - 7:57 pm

Michaela reports the Ruggles Dunkin' Donuts has some guy who made such a good French vanilla iced coffee with sugar and milk that:

By the time I got to Back Bay station. I wish I asked him his name and hours for September so I can specifically go out of my way to get that iced coffee again and again when I'm back in

...Read more
By - 3/10/08 - 1:12 pm

Both Friday and Monday, Quasit's train from Franklin never stopped at Ruggles due to - sing it with me - signal problems:

I've put in for the on-time service guarantee on both days. Since the train never arrived at my destination, the MBTA can hardly claim that it was on time!

However, he does report some progress: At least conductors announced the bypass on...Read more

By - 12/20/07 - 9:45 am

Charlie on the Commuter Rail describes what one might think is a scene from a third-world railroad station at Ruggles the other night, except that's probably an insult to third-world railroad stations:

... Nothing came in when or where it was supposed to. The Needham Heights train that shows up at Ruggles at 4:13 PM...didn't. Trains came at the wrong time, half an hour

...Read more
By - 9/11/07 - 1:48 pm

Some teen beef at Ruggles station escalated into gunfire yesterday afternoon; nobody injured, however, according to Boston Police, who report they have a gun and one suspect - a juvenile arrested after a foot chase at Tremont Street and Melnea Cass Boulevard. A second suspect eluded MBTA, Northeastern and Boston police.

The Herald reports that police Commissioner Ed Davis had to delay...Read more

By - 7/16/07 - 3:47 pm

Jeremy Thomas, 18, and Jonathan Thomas, 20, face charges that they shot a guy twice (well, that one of them shot the guy repeatedly but only managed to hit him twice) as their Orange Line train opened its doors at Ruggles station on June 28. Roxbury District Court Judge Edward Redd today ordered the brothers held on $200,000 cash bail, according to the Suffolk...Read more

By - 6/28/07 - 4:43 pm

Channel 5: Teen shot in leg on Orange Line train coming into Ruggles station outbound around 1 p.m. Two black males sought. Channel 4 has some video.Read more

By - 3/26/07 - 9:15 am

SuperMark wonders about what he saw around 10 p.m. Saturday:

... i'm pretty sure someone got stabbed, but was hoping for an actual story. All I know for sure is that some guy was covered in blood, the EMTs were joking with him, there were no trains stopping at Ruggles, and the cops were questioning a group of kids on a bus. ...

...Read more
By - 9/16/05 - 3:30 pm

Suggestion 7,012 for how to increase T ridership by not pissing off existing riders so much they all go out and buy SUVs: If you need to have a train stop at the wrong platform, see if there are people in the station who are waiting for it where it normally stops:

... A few of the passengers went onboard and managed to find

...Read more