By - 4/30/10 - 9:38 am

The Crimson has the latest on that e-mail by a Harvard Law Review editor.

By - 4/8/10 - 9:10 am

The Crimson reports Harvard is listening to residents not looking forward to a decade of living near a crater:

The proposal - the result of the Allston Development Group' s collaboration with the Boston Redevelopment Association - consists of removing the current scaffolding around the perimeter of the construction site and replacing it with a more permanent wood fence. The site would be surrounded

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By - 3/27/10 - 11:00 am

J.L. Bell recounts the shelling of Harvard by Redcoats before the British evacuated Boston:

... One day, during the siege of Boston, a shell thrown by the British from Copp's Hill struck the ground in the square near the President's house. The fuze was yet burning; and a soldier went and stamped it out, at the risk of his life. ...

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By - 3/11/10 - 9:32 am

A company founded by a Harvard professor is rolling out inhalable coffee, the Crimson reports:

In celebration of the official launch, a group of 30 Le Whif employees and fans gathered yesterday in Cambridge restaurant Tory Row to sample the newly released inhalable coffee lipstick-sized tubes—each of which contains the same amount of caffeine as one shot of espresso.

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By - 3/1/10 - 1:18 pm

The Crimson reports vodka is the drink of choice for students who want to "pregame" (i.e., get sloshed before a rousing sporting contest against Yale):

"We have an inordinately high percentage of students that report drinking hard alcohol," Travia said. "Virtually every single student we see at [the infirmary] is hard alcohol. Most of the time it's shots - and if you want to

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By - 2/17/10 - 5:23 pm

The Crimson reports record numbers of Harvard students are showing up at the university clinic dead drunk - the economy is to blame, of course - and that college officials are worried about an upcoming event that mixes "alcohol and fire," which they are thinking is not the best of ideas.

Meanwhile, Harvardians tired of spoiling their own nest (vomit is so hard... Read more

By - 1/28/10 - 8:03 pm

Sam Baltrusis has a write-up and photos from her Hasty Pudding visit today.

By - 1/12/10 - 4:37 pm

My Southborough reports the U, whose medical school runs a primate lab in town, has pledged $50,000 over three years for a new ladder truck the town is buying. The New England Center for Children pledged $120,000 over ten years; St. Mark's and the Fay School both committed to $100,000 over ten years. As in Boston, the non-profits pay no taxes in Southborough.... Read more

By - 12/28/09 - 9:14 am

Seems Mary Tripsas, a Harvard Business School professor, accepted a free flight to 3M's headquarters, then wrote about how wonderful its "innovation" center in her New York Times column. Only problem, as NYTpicker points out, The Times says freelancers aren't supposed to accept free trips from companies they write about. Prof says she was invited because she teaches at Harvard, not because she writes... Read more

By - 12/9/09 - 1:43 pm

The louts got out of hand at a squash competition:

While playing his match, Cohen, the Harvard squash player, was told he had small genitals and asked if he liked bagels, a phrase his mother viewed as a reference to the family's Jewish surname.

Meanwhile, Dartmouth man has trouble dealing with Wellesley women.... Read more

By - 11/16/09 - 10:44 pm

Harry Mattison gets the scoop on the delay of tomorrow's originally scheduled vote. Michael Pahre wonders if it has to do with local officials, in particular Councilor Ciommo, still expressing reservations over the latest proposal.

By - 11/12/09 - 7:43 pm

We might start seeing late-nigh ads like this:

Via Sex and the Ivy.

By - 11/12/09 - 4:06 pm

And a woman who knows his type is amazed.

By - 11/6/09 - 8:26 am

After the disappointing news yesterday that two other universities (including evil arch-rival MIT) were scoring better press than Harvard, the Crimson sets our minds at ease with news that Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranked Harvard numero uno in its seventh annual Academic Ranking of World Universities.

By - 11/5/09 - 8:49 am

The Crimson reports the University of Michigan and, gasp, MIT, now get better media coverage than Harvard, according to some group that tracks that sort of thing.

By - 11/4/09 - 8:04 am

The Crimson reports on the shame brought down on the Harvard Business School because of an altercation outside a party at a Lansdowne Street bar on Friday that ended with one student charged with assault and battery on a police officer and at least one injury: A "male student who badly cut his foot after removing his high heels."