By - 3/15/18 - 6:42 pm

Molly Lanzarotta heard this guy from five floors up on State Street today.

By - 3/6/18 - 4:30 am

Most people love movies and TV shows. According to the statistics provided by StatisticBrain website, an average person spends 9 years of their lives watching TV.

This might seem terrifying to some of us but actually watching TV doesn’t mean wasting time. Movies and TV shows could give us some new knowledge, various ideas of what to do with our lives, and an inspiration to do something. Of course, not any TV show or movie has the potential to do so - only the one that is interesting and relatable to you personally.

By - 3/1/18 - 7:52 am

Vanyaland reports on the passing of one of the founders of the Boston comedy scene.

By - 2/26/18 - 8:51 am
Musician at a T stop in Boston

Greg Cook spent some time photographing musicians at T stops.

By - 2/23/18 - 10:21 am

The Dorchester Reporter reports Elegance African Fashions has seen a burst of business selling traditional African clothing - so much so the owner is "super exhausted" keeping up with the demand.

By - 2/17/18 - 10:31 am
Dancing kid with Keytar Bear

JB Parrett caught a performance by Keytar Bear and a fan the other day.

By - 2/12/18 - 6:51 pm

Sunday, Mar 04, 2018 3:30p -5:00p
Thursday, Mar 08, 2018 7:30p-9:00p

Museum of Fine Arts Boston
465 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115



Event website:

Directed by Annemarie Jacir (Palestine, 2017, 96 min.).

By - 2/11/18 - 2:21 pm

Frankie Shaw, the creator and star of that SMILF show, suggests City Councilor Ed Flynn (South Boston, South End, Chinatown, Downtown) should maybe watch some of her episodes first before yammering about how it impugns the fair maidens of South Boston. Read more.

By - 2/10/18 - 1:19 pm

Liz Miranda, executive director of the Hawthorne Community Center in Roxbury, is raising funds to try to get up to 1,000 local kids to screenings of Black Panther during the February school vacation week.

Our withdrawal plan is to buy out at least 3 theaters and purchase as many tickets and food vouchers on three different days and work with community agencies, the City of Boston and schools to identify students/ young people to attend the screenings.

By - 2/7/18 - 2:24 pm

New City Councilor Ed Flynn (South Boston, South End, Chinatown, Downtown) can claim his first victory: Getting posters for the TV series "SMILF" removed from city bus shelters. Read more.

By - 2/4/18 - 8:16 am

Revolutionary War - SNL

New England brings the pain! And Connecticut, too.

Meanwhile, J.L. Bell considers whether Boston or Philadelphia is the true "cradle of liberty" (a question that is also involved in a historical wager between them).

By - 2/4/18 - 12:40 am
By - 1/25/18 - 10:40 pm

Jonathan Levitt wonders:

How late is acceptable for a very bad band to be practicing in an Allston apartment building?

By - 1/24/18 - 9:41 am
Old Boston Police cruisers

They just get put in a warehouse somewhere to be reused in movies and TV series about Charlestown criminals. Hood Will Hunting spotted these old cruisers at Bowdoin Square this morning, for use in filming a scene for "City on a Hill," a Showtime series that is about the pursuit of some Charlestown armored-car thieves, because it's co-produced by Damon and Affleck.

By - 1/20/18 - 3:13 am

Jane's Addiction

By - 1/13/18 - 10:13 pm

Playing at the House of Blues tonight, Guster figured the audience would want to keep track of the Patriots score, so they had a guy in a Bruschi jersey come on stage to update the crowd, as roving UHub photographer and Guster and Pats fan Garrett Quinn reports. Read more.

By - 1/11/18 - 9:54 am


When life gives you snow, make a snowfort. After Snowmygod 2018, Donrick Pond built a publicly accessible snowfort on South Huntington Avenue, at Bynner, in Jamaica Pond.

He outfitted it with a chair. A couple nights ago, Mickey PG put on a live show there. Of course, the forecast for tomorrow calls for rain (and possible floods), so the concert space could be at an end.

By - 12/24/17 - 5:57 pm

Mark watched the School of Honk jamming on the Common this evening.

By - 12/18/17 - 5:12 pm

WMEX Boston - Radio Aircheck - Don Parker 1961

Boston Radio Watch reports Ed Perry, the owner of WATD in Marshfield, has bought the rights to WMEX at auction and hopes to return the 1510 AM to the air, possibly with a mix of entertainment and news. But will Melvin X. Melvin return?