William Hudak

By - 4/27/12 - 7:55 am

Bill Hudak, who ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility, filed for bankruptcy this week. He tells the Salem New that it's Obama's fault and has nothing, really, to do with the $184,000 in credit-card bills he has or the stock market crash that happened under George Bush. He didn't tell the News what role Obama had in crushing his nutritional-supplement business.

By - 1/22/10 - 4:24 pm

William Hudak, who tweeted and ran online ads promoting an endorsement from Scott Brown, posted a retraction today:

Bill Hudak, Republican Candidate for Congress, extends his formal apology to U.S. Senator-elect Scott Brown and for endorsement quotes contained in a campaign press release which were attributed to, but not made by, the newly elected Senator, and retracts the statements.

By - 1/21/10 - 8:55 am

Hudak and BrownHudak and BrownUPDATE: The Brown campaign says it had nothing to do with an endorsement posted on Hudak's site. Dan Kennedy has the latest.

Our Senator-elect yesterday endorsed William Hudak of Boxford in his race against US Rep. John Tierney.

As Dan Kennedy reports, Hudak put up large signs in front of his house in 2008 showing Obama as Osama and believes Obama was born in Kenya. Kennedy says it's possible Brown didn't know Hudak thinks the president is illegally in office:

The question now is whether Brown has the guts and integrity to admit he made a mistake and withdraw his endorsement of Hudak.