By - 12/17/07 - 3:14 pm

So you're playing one of Santa's elves in a store window during an Inman Square midnight-madness sales event - the night of a godawful snowstorm. You just might really get into it.

By - 12/6/07 - 8:45 am

Bri reports that Hood's Sugar Cookie Eggnog actually tastes like sugar cookies:

... To be specific, it tastes like one of those preservative-filled, made-in-1987, extruded-from-a-vat sugar cookies you buy in 7-11 at 2AM because you're too tired to remember just how awful they actually are. ...

By - 12/5/07 - 2:53 pm

Look! Boston Santa flash mob, Dec. 9! Via MetaBoston.

And for you minimalists, don't forget the Santas in Speedos run on Dec. 15.

By - 11/27/07 - 9:48 am

Steve Sherlock photographs that wire dropping into a trash basket surrounded by stanchions at South Station and explains why you should remain calm: It means they're getting ready for the annual model-train installation.

By - 11/25/07 - 9:18 pm

Lyss files a report from the Jamaicaway, where she visited Domenic Luberto's brighter than bright Castle and yard tonight.

The man with the 500,000 Christmas lights.

By - 11/18/07 - 9:03 pm

Margaret and Rich take the kids to the Quincy Market tree lighting tonight, which featured Tom Menino, Wally and Santa Claus:

... And they threw the switch and the whole square lit up and they blew millions of white, swirling pieces of rectangular paper over the crowd. The effect was reminiscent of standing in a snow squall but it was quite pretty. ...

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By - 11/16/07 - 12:19 pm

Jim Sullivan's campaign to put the thanks back in Thanksgiving, um, to hold off the Christmas stuff until, you know, the day after Thanksgiving, keeps attracting new backers. He says thanks.

By - 11/13/07 - 11:23 am

Jim Sullivan has nothing against Christmas - except for before Thanksgiving. He begins a list of the worst offenders and explains:

... I'm a Christian, so I have more than an annoyance factor at work here. I think that cheapening the holiday, by expanding it beyond reasonable bounds, does a world of disservice to my religion. It gives people a false view of it,

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By - 11/12/07 - 12:05 pm

Oh yeah, it's Veterans Day, so what better time for Oldies 103 to go all Christmas all the time?

By - 11/8/07 - 7:22 pm

And Greg MacKay is there.

By - 11/4/07 - 10:40 pm

In which Dominic Luberto discusses his light-related charity effort for Children's Hospital; what he does with his lights after Christmas and the bogus story about him and the fireworks. Oh, yes, and he shows off the 10-foot Star of David he's putting up this year.

You'll probably find this exceedingly hard to believe, but... Read more

By - 11/2/07 - 8:36 pm

The Jamaicaway guy (you know which one), turned on the lights he has up this week.

In Somerville, Kathleen Powers videos all the wreaths the city DPW was putting up on light poles today.

By - 11/1/07 - 2:27 pm
By - 10/27/07 - 7:04 pm

So, of course, that means the Mad Lighter of the Jamaicaway is already hard at work on his annual neighborhood-brownout project. After all, he has 500,000 or so lights to install.

As we drove up the Jamaicaway today, we noticed that Dominic Luberto has already put up, not one, but two giant fake Christmas trees in the side yard of his castle. And instead... Read more

By - 8/15/07 - 8:20 am

Miguelina grows disgusted at all the recalls of toxic Chinese stuff and vows not to buy a single made-in-China toy this Christmas:

... Non-Chinese toys too expensive? Great! We'll buy less toys - but better made ones. That way there will be less plastic crap all over the house. ...

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By - 12/27/06 - 12:08 am

Santa brought Jody's son a handheld electronic game - that only her husband was able to get to work with a technique that dads have used for decades.

By - 12/21/06 - 10:38 pm

Can't somebody do something before the guy who owns the Arborway Castle does some real damage?

In case you missed it, the Globe reported today that NStar has had to put in a new electrical main to support those 250,000 lights he has on between 4:30 and 1 a.m. - although it says it's not sure all those lights are what's causing brownouts... Read more

By - 12/20/06 - 12:35 pm

Sarah must have missed the circular about "All against All" Day at the mall, because when she went yesterday, it was one long struggle of kill or be killed. One example:

... [T]hen there was the woman who hit me with her bag because I had the nerve to walk quickly past her slow-moving ass. I mean literally said something along the lines of

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