By - 7/16/16 - 12:33 pm
Christian Chicken Man in Dedham

This sign is attached to a pole on Thomas Street at Bussey Street in Dedham (which turns into Grove Street in West Roxbury a few feet to the north).

It's a memorial for Gregory Riley, a Dedham resident recalled in song by the Dropkick Murphys, who died in a 2004 traffic crash.

By - 6/6/16 - 11:10 am

WCVB reports from Dedham - which explains the helicopter hovering over Readville.

By - 4/14/16 - 2:59 pm

Dedham Police report that on Tuesday, somebody who'd posted a photo of a dirt bike for sale on Craigslist found it stolen from his garage.

Police, who say this is not the first time something like this has happened in Dedham, urge people selling online to not use their addresses - and to make sure that any photos they post don't show the outside of their house or anything else that might help a thief zero in on where the item is ready for being burgled. Read more.

By - 4/2/16 - 12:00 am

Wicked Local Dedham reports residents are steadfast against the proposed short-shorts burger bar because it would mean more traffic at a key intersection leading to Legacy Place and also would objectify women just up the road from the shop, which at least has the decency to be in the back of a building where nobody can see it from the main road.

By - 3/14/16 - 5:24 pm

East Street, specifically. Delays now piling up on the Franklin Line.

By - 2/2/16 - 5:22 pm

Transit Police report a man on the tracks near Endicott station was fatally struck by a Franklin Line train around 4:20 p.m.

UPDATE: WBZ reports he was 13.

By - 1/8/16 - 8:29 am

A Franklin Line train sits motionless just past Dedham Corporate Center this morning, with no lights and conductors getting all Sgt. Schultz on the riders (they know nothing! Nothing!). Riders know what's happening only because the T is thoughtfully tweeting alerts these days. Or as Chuggies puts it:

Can you tell the conductors to share this info ON the train!! Why do I have to scour twitter to find out why we are stopped?!?!

By - 11/15/15 - 8:31 pm

State Police report they are investigating why a 44-year-old Roslindale resident was walking in a travel lane on Rte. 128 south near Exit 15B (Rte. 1) around 5 p.m.

The collision killed Marjeta Ziu and sent the driver to a local hospital with minor injuries, State Police say.

By - 10/31/15 - 2:31 pm
Pac-Man goalie in Dedham

Chris took in some youth soccer in Dedham today. One coach had his team wear costumes.

By - 10/7/15 - 7:06 pm

Dedham Police report they are trying to figure out who spray painted a total of five swastikas and left other offensive graffiti around town, including at the Endicott commuter-rail station.

Read more.

By - 10/7/15 - 8:24 am
Swastika at Endicott on the Franklin Line in Dedham

UPDATE, 10:05 a.m. The MBTA reports a crew has removed the swastika.

Scotteric wasn't too happy when he got to the Endicott stop on the Franklin Line this morning.

Dammit Dedham, we're better than that!

The T replied it would get Keolis to send out a cleanup crew ASAP.

By - 10/4/15 - 9:01 pm
Christmas balloons at Star Market in Dedham

At the Star Market in Dedham tonight. The bulletin boards in the over-pumpkin-spiced lobby had green garlands.

By - 9/27/15 - 10:07 am
Pumpkin pasta sauce

Stop & Shop also has pumpkin chicken sausage. Of course.

By - 9/11/15 - 10:05 am
Wanted for nail-polish theft

Dedham Police report they are looking to remove a group of nail-polish thieves.

Seeking to identify the female depicted in relation to a larceny of $756 worth of nail polish from CVS Pharmacy. This is believed to be part of a retail theft ring involving the theft of large quantities of nail polish from area pharmacies.

By - 8/15/15 - 12:15 pm

The Dedham Fire Department reports a fire called in around 5:30 this morning at 22 Harding Terr. left a woman dead. Read more.

By - 7/26/15 - 6:28 pm
Protesting Algonquin pipeline at Dedham/Boston town line

West Roxbury and Dedham residents - joined by supporters from as far away as Bedford - briefly stopped traffic at the town line on Washington Street today to protest a high-pressure gas pipeline that would run from Westwood to Centre and Grove streets in West Roxbury. Read more.

By - 7/24/15 - 3:59 pm

A federal judge recently tossed Dedham's bid to block construction of a planned natural-gas pipeline, saying the town filed its suit in the wrong court. Read more.

By - 7/24/15 - 2:55 pm

City lawyers this week moved to delay construction of a proposed high-pressure natural-gas pipeline down Washington and Grove streets by arguing the gas company can't simply start digging a trench without city approval.

The filings, by the city's outside counsel in US District Court, come as West Roxbury and Dedham opponents of the proposed pipeline gear up for a two-community protest this Sunday that will end with people holding hands at the town line on Washington Street. Read more.

By - 7/18/15 - 11:06 am

Gov. Mike Dukakis (a.k.a. Prof. MBTA) was going into the Dedham Costco this morning as I exited. I hailed him and of course had to be the jerk saying the obvious, that he arrived by car instead of public transit. He laughed and also said the obvious, that any combination of MBTA services would be arduous and time-consuming.

That gave him the segue into his communication with Costco management. He's been pitching a Boston store. He says he told them it would be well received and profitable. He pointed out that his daughter lives in San Francisco where she is only 10 minutes from an in-town Costco.

By - 7/15/15 - 12:10 pm

The Library of the Royal Irish Academy wants to identify the people in the photograph below. Please contact the Library if you recognize any of the subjects. The Library can be reached via Twitter @Library_RIA, or by email at, citing "8 May Photo Query Tweet."

If more information regarding the location, subjects, time, et cetera, of the photograph become available, I will update this post.