Harvard Square

By - 4/27/11 - 6:57 am

And John Carroll for one will be there "to make Gottfried feel more sorry than he currently does."

By - 4/22/11 - 9:45 am

Dead train means down time for Red Line commuters this morning.

At 9:37, Geoff Mamlet tweeted:

Red line Harvard Sq platform packed like sardines. 2 trains taken out of service. 30 min delay.

At 9:38, Angie tweeted:

Current commuting time from Davis to Porter: 40 minutes. I hate you, mbta.

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By - 4/22/11 - 9:36 am

The Crimson reports it happened around 10:50 p.m. Tuesday on Prescott Street, across from the Harvard Faculty Club:

The shorter suspect rummaged through the victim's backpack while the taller suspect asked whether the victim had anything else on him.

By - 4/5/11 - 7:13 am

The Finance Foodie reports on the 40th-anniversary dinner at Grendel's Den in Harvard Square, which included a speech by longtime eater and constitutional law scholar Laurence Tribe:

To be honest, I kind of tuned out as the Prof waxed poetic because the spinach pie that I had as my main course was massive and delicious -- and required much concentration to eat!

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By - 4/2/11 - 6:23 pm

Pooh wallops Tigger

Rob Sheppard witnessed the carnage at the annual pillow fight on Cambridge Common today.

Meanwhile, people gathered in Jamaica Plain's Hyde Square for, well, you know why:

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By - 4/1/11 - 7:53 am

It's a Harvard thingIt's a Harvard thing.

There's a two-day conference that starts tonight by some group that wants to restore Harvard to its 17th-century role as a Christian theology school.

Sure, sure, back then, Massachusetts office holders had to swear an oath that they were... Read more

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Weeks Bridge in the snow

Historygradguy went for a walk last night and photographed the Weeks Bridge in the snow.

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By - 3/17/11 - 10:35 am

Limeduck displays what he bought at the Church Street store, which is closing forever this Sunday (to be followed quickly by the other two Bob Slates).

By - 2/27/11 - 3:42 am

"We won't pay for your crisis"

If you have $3 in your wallet, you have more money than Bank of America paid in corporate taxes last year. On Saturday, USuncut took peaceful action against the Bank of America branch in Harvard Square by protesting the unfair tax code and drawing attention to that fact this... Read more

By - 2/10/11 - 5:58 pm

A notice was taped in the window of the Mass. Ave. store in Harvard Square making the announcement about the store, which has two locations in Harvard Square and one in Porter Square, an alert correspondent reports.

In 2009, the two Slate brothers announced they would try to sell the store started by their father, Robert, more than 75 years ago. Apparently, they were... Read more

By - 2/7/11 - 10:02 am

And in the stomach, around 2:45 a.m. Saturday, Wicked Local Cambridge reports, adding one arrest was made.

By - 1/30/11 - 12:10 pm

Harvard Square meteor

Brad Kelly was in the right place at the right time last night.

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By - 1/28/11 - 5:24 pm

Squonktweets captured an elusive snow koala at JFK and Mt. Auburn this afternoon:

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By - 1/27/11 - 12:08 am

The Crimson reports on changes at the venerable Harvard Square sandwich/pastry shop, which is adding a salad bar and a soup bar.

By - 1/23/11 - 12:21 pm

Stealing a kiss

John Tammaro catches a couple in the act outside Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Square one recent night.

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By - 1/11/11 - 5:40 am

The Crimson reports the demise of Arrow Street Crepes.

By - 1/7/11 - 9:03 pm

This is not TokyoThis is not Tokyo at rush hour.

Danforth Nicholas took some photos of the platform at Harvard station around 7 p.m.:

The train I was on had to push another disabled train into the station. And then they both emptied onto the platform.

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By - 1/6/11 - 11:22 am

The Feast reports a beret-clad guy upset with the quality of the print of "The Sound of Music" the Brattle Theatre was showing last night took his anger out on a theater cash register and destroyed it:

The enraged film snob decided to show his displeasure by vandalizing the lobby and terrorizing the staff.

Or as the Brattle itself tweeted:

Beret-man cuffed by

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