Harvard Square

By - 6/1/12 - 8:52 pm

Sad PoohRoving UHub reporter Charles Bahne stumbled across some distressing news by the Harvard Science Center today:

The tree that has served as Winnie the Pooh's home for many years is scheduled to be cut down tomorrow.

By - 5/24/12 - 7:39 am

The Crimson reports on some ambitious plans for the land behind the Out of Town News stand and the T stop: A complete overhaul of the Pit that would feature patio tables and chairs, stadium seating around it, LED floor lights and a giant flat-screen TV. Bonus: The plan would turn the Out of Town News kiosk into "a glass-walled information center with interactive features."

By - 5/14/12 - 12:21 pm

Forbes interviews the Harvard Book Store's new owner, Jeff Mayersohn.

I respected his mission, even if I didn’t quite believe in its future. So, Jeff shocked me a couple of weeks ago, when he told me with a certain amount of pride and pleasure that he has been seeing double digit sales growth month by month over the last year.

By - 4/19/12 - 8:12 am

The Crimson reports on debates over the future of the school's libraries in this digital age, provides one professor's reason for preferring having to scoot around the university to do research:

Some of the books Staehli uses measure more than six feet in height, and the experience of handling these unique, highly-detailed books cannot be replicated on a computer screen, he says.

While it takes only a second to flip a page, it can sometimes take up to several hours to download a high-quality file, he noted.

By - 4/18/12 - 11:11 am

J. Smith reports Curious George is festooned with "Now Open" banners.

By - 4/12/12 - 3:14 pm

Jason Mihalko recounts an unpleasant interaction with a Cambridge cop near Harvard Square yesterday:

"Officer can I ask you for some help?"

He responded "no" and proceeded to roll up the window of his cruiser and started to read the Kindle that was resting in his lap.

By - 3/28/12 - 3:18 pm
Turkey in Harvard Square, Cambridge

Don't you just want to gobble her up?

Dan K. stumbled upon a turkey with places to go on Eliot Street this morning.

By - 3/7/12 - 8:41 am

Tonight's the forbidden dance River Run bacchanalia the night before Harvard freshmen learn their housing assignments for the next three years. The Crimson reports Mayor DePasto ordered the college to prevent a recurrence of River Run excesses of the past.

By - 2/6/12 - 1:50 pm

Wicked Local Cambridge reports a Roslindale couple is working to re-open the shuttered kids' bookstore in the heart of the square. Reopening is sometime this spring.

By - 2/6/12 - 6:41 am

Indeed we do, and a Harvard sophomore is one of 10 competitors:

"Being from Harvard makes me unique, but I'm sure they all have their strengths and components that make them unique," Beck said.

By - 2/2/12 - 4:32 pm

Giants suck

At least, we're assuming this guy got his unique jacket on Etsy - just look at that fine handcrafted design!

Rima Chaddha Mycynek spotted man and jacket at Harvard Square today.

By - 1/25/12 - 12:40 pm

Stop, thief!Stop, thief!But somebody who looks like him, at least in low-res surveillance photos, is.

Harvard University Police report this guy was seen entering Rm. 238 in Mallinckrodt Lab on Oxford Street, around 1:50 p.m. on Saturday and then exiting about a minute later - leaving behind a space where a laptop used to be. "Suspect is connected to numerous thefts on campus."

If he looks familiar, contact HUPD at 617-496-3223.

Actual Drudge, for comparison.

By - 1/21/12 - 11:47 am

Jeff Mayersohn, owner of the iconic Harvard Square shop, sent e-mail to fans:

By - 12/21/11 - 8:02 pm

The Crimson reports that with the end of a major presence by Occupy Harvard, the U is re-opening Harvard Yard to the public sometime tomorrow. But as Ron Newman notes in the comments, the hours are limited - no more romantic moon-lit late-night strolls through the Yard, plebians.

By - 12/20/11 - 4:05 pm

Cah pahked in Hahvahd Yahd

All it takes is a little extra tap on the accelerator, somebody discovered today. Jason Mihalko was on scene to record this rebuttal to the old nostrum.

By - 12/17/11 - 12:55 pm

Bijan Sabet recounts a discussion with his five-year-old today about the Harvard Square chocolate shop.

By - 12/14/11 - 8:02 am

The Crimson recounts the sordid tale:

Liu said that when a freshman acquaintance asked him to spend time in Weld, he was reluctant, but he eventually decided to go ahead. Sometime during October, he began telling freshmen he lived there.

"You get so deep, you don’t know how to stop it," he said.

By - 12/12/11 - 7:55 am

The Crimson reports that Rami's, the kosher Israeli place in Coolidge Corner, is looking to expand and has listed Harvard Square as one of its possible new locations (along with Framingham and Sharon).

According to the Crimson, there's a glatt of interest at Harvard; says some even predict prospective students might decide where to go based on the presence of kashruth in the square.