Harvard Square

By - 9/11/10 - 2:00 pm

AT&T yesterday filed a federal lawsuit against Cambridge because the Zoning Board wouldn't let it put up some antennas in Harvard Square.

In its lawsuit, filed in US District Court in Boston, the company says federal law gives it the right to do whatever it needs to to ensure "the provision of personal wireless services," local zoning ordinances be damned.

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By - 9/6/10 - 11:19 pm

If Cardullo's thought removing the large-screen TV from their front window would make their storefront safe for people with money to spend, they thought wrong. Karen Snyder reported from Harvard Square during the Sox/Rays game tonight:

Cardullos took away the TV for the Red Sox games. No problem ... There are 4 guys there with their own chairs and a radio!

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By - 8/31/10 - 6:07 pm

Wicked Local Cambridge reports Cardullo's has removed the large-screen TV in its storefront. Seems the owners got tired of people sitting in front of the store watching Sox games instead of looking at window displays promoting the consumption of cheesey comestibles.

"A slap in the face," one disgruntled member of the chair club harrumphed.... Read more

By - 8/3/10 - 8:23 am

Iseut notes with amusement that one of the things for sale at the Charles Hotel farmers' market is purslane, at $4 a pound. Sure, it's crunchy and high in omega-3 fatty acids, but it's also a common weed around here:

... It flourishes everywhere. Gardeners pull it from their cultivated gardens as often as they weed. It pullulates in the cracks and crevices of

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By - 7/28/10 - 5:16 pm

The Crimson reports on the Monday-night attack near Ash Street.

By - 7/14/10 - 11:43 pm

Libberding reports a photography class she teaches went into the bowels of Harvard station tonight to, well, take photos. And they were promptly blocked by T workers who told them to knock it off, even though official T policy specifically allows non-commercial photography on T property (with certain safety caveats, such as no use of flash):

As we were talking, another MBTA employee

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By - 7/9/10 - 2:50 pm

UPDATE: Scene cleared around 3 p.m.; roads reopened.

Cambridge Police tweet they're evacuating the Citizens Bank branch on JFK Street and diverting traffic as a precaution due to a bomb threat made against the bank.

By - 7/6/10 - 10:25 am

Left Bank of the Charles photographs a guy from Sacramento selling paintings of nudes across from the newsstand.

By - 6/30/10 - 10:17 am

The Crimson interviews classmates of JFK School of Government grad student and alleged Russian spy Donald Heathfield. Most express surprise, etc., etc., but one classmate recalls something particularly odd about him:

Classmate Jeff P. Katz said that he "really didn't know the guy," but had attended a few parties where Heathfield - who claimed to be a Canadian-born U.S. citizen - was present and

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By - 6/30/10 - 9:11 am

Ben Timmins reports the trackless trolley was out between Harvard and Watertown squares because a truck managed to rip out about 150 feet of catenary wire. The T reports the wire has been repaired and the electric buses are starting to roll again.

By - 6/28/10 - 6:07 pm

Welcome to 1969: The FBI reports arresting ten people, including a Cambridge couple, on charges they were really Russian spies.

HeathfieldOne of the locals went by the name Donald Howard Heathfield - which the FBI says was an alias, based on the name of an actual, but dead, Canadian. Using that... Read more

By - 6/27/10 - 12:18 pm

Ghana backers

16WadeSt spotted a pair of Ghana supporters in Harvard Square yesterday. Nathanael Hevelone photographed some happy Ghana fans at Lir on Boylston Street after yesterday's USA/Ghana match.

Happy Ghana fans

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By - 6/16/10 - 10:47 am

JGlee tries out Sandrine's in Harvard Square, the Boston area's only Alsatian restaurant, declares it interesting, but not the place to go for solid French food:

... It's not everyday you get to try authentic Alsatian food right in the middle of New England. ...

By - 6/6/10 - 8:45 pm

The Crimson reports that Forrest N. Blackwelder-Baggett, formerly of the class of '11, was arrested last week on charges he tried to rob a Texas restaurant at gunpoint. The paper notes:

Blackwelder-Baggett, who viewed himself as an outsider at Harvard, "intoxicated" his freshman-year friends with his "Dionysian" persona, his belief in pursuing individual happiness and discarding traditional notions of success and ambition, and his

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By - 6/4/10 - 9:39 am

The Globe reports an environmental group says the Fresh Pond hawks are reason enough to block a planned apartment complex in the middle of Alewife Brook Reservation. Meanwhile, at the other end of town, Harvard's resident hawk couple have a new nest of hawklings.... Read more

By - 5/22/10 - 8:06 pm


At least near Harvard Square, the answer is "yes!" Leslee captured a group of people jumping off the Weeks Footbridge into the Charles the other day.

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By - 5/14/10 - 8:36 am

Allegedly of course, and with the purpose of getting into the registrar's grading system, the Crimson reports. The article doesn't specify what he did, exactly, but sounds like he set up a phishing site to get the instructors to give up their log ins for the registrar system.

By - 5/12/10 - 3:26 pm

Wicked Local Cambridge reports police nabbed another hapless holdup man too cheap to hire a getaway car in the station today.

Attention passengers, the next bank robber is now arriving.

By - 5/7/10 - 12:14 pm

For the second time in less than two months, a bank robber has learned the Red Line is not the most reliable replacement for a getaway car.

MBTA Transit Police report a Harvard Square bank robbery suspect tried to make good his escape on the Red Line (they don't say in which direction). He was quickly nabbed, but the station had to be shut... Read more