By - 9/18/15 - 9:10 am
Deer Island girl

UPDATE: Mother's boyfriend charged.

WCVB reports the girl was from Boston - where the arrest was made.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office declined comment, said the investigation "remains very active."

The body of the girl, estimated age 4, was found June 26 wrapped in a blanket inside a plastic bag on the shore of Deer Island.

By - 9/1/15 - 3:06 pm
Deer Island girl

A comparison of the oxygen isotopes in the still unidentified girl's hair and teeth with water samples suggests "the child may have spent time in any of several New England states, as well as other locations across the US," the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more.

By - 8/7/15 - 11:18 pm
Sunset frmo Winthrop

John Gage watched the sunset from Winthrop this evening.

By - 7/25/15 - 11:16 pm
Vigil for Baby Doe on Deer Island
Unknown Deer Island girl

617 Images attended a vigil at Deer Island this evening for "Baby Doe" - the roughly 4-year-old girl who remains unidentified a month after her body was found on Deer Island, wrapped in a blanket inside a plastic trash bag.

Anybody with information can contact State Police at 508-820-2121 or by texting GIRL to 6728.

By - 7/9/15 - 11:08 am
New image of girl whose body was found at Deer Island

Authorities today released an updated computer-generated image of the girl, about 4, whose body was found wrapped in a blanket inside a plastic bag on Deer Island last month.

The girl remains unidentified. Anybody who might have information can contact State Police at 617-727-8817 or 617-820-2121.

By - 7/2/15 - 3:56 pm
Computer simulation of the Deer Island girl
Girl's blanket

Authorities today released a computer-generated image of what the girl whose body was found on Deer Island may have looked like.

Suffolk County DA Dan Conley said dozens of tips have yet to bring investigators closer to the identity of the girl, aged about 4. A woman walking her dog around Deer Island last week found her body in a plastic bag - along with a zebra-stripe blanket. Read more.

By - 6/26/15 - 4:19 pm

State Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reported today:

After a physical examination by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, investigators believe the girl was about 4 years old with brown eyes and brown hair that was about 14 inches long. She stood about 3½ feet tall, and weighed just over 30 pounds. She was not significantly overweight or underweight for her height. Her ethnicity has not been established.

By - 6/25/15 - 4:23 pm

State and Winthrop Police are investigating the discovery of a bag containing the remains of a toddler found on the shore of Deer Island around 1 p.m.

Assistant Suffolk County District Attorney Mark Lee said the body was that of a "a young child, small." Read more.

By - 4/19/15 - 7:53 am
Orange sunset over Boston Harbor

Dan Santry watched the sunset from Deer Island yesterday.

By - 11/30/14 - 5:06 pm

Matt Karolian asks:

What's the deal with Winthrop? Decent place to buy a joint?

By - 9/20/14 - 7:20 pm

We need to stop litter and keep Massachusetts clean by spreading the word about the Yes on Question 2 campaign.

The Bottle Bill is the most effective recycling tool we have. Eighty percent of bottles covered by the Bottle Bill’s 5-cent deposit are recycled. Yes on Question 2 would add a bottle deposit to water, sports drinks, tea, juices, and other drinks that were not included in the original bill because they were not popular when the law was passed in 1982.

We need your vote on November 4 to update the Bottle Bill.

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Dear friends, supporters, and loved ones,

By - 9/6/14 - 9:11 pm
Lightning hits the Logan Airport control tower

Redsox223 watched lightning hit the Logan Airport control tower tonight (photo copyright Redsox223).

Dan Santry watched lightning strike from Winthrop:

By - 8/1/14 - 3:54 pm

A Malden man was ordered held in lieu of $50,000 bail today on a charge of child enticement for allegedly trying to get a Winthrop 15-year-old to have sex with him, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

According to Winthrop Police and the DA's office:

By - 7/7/14 - 6:10 pm
Storm view from Seaport in South boston

The view from the Seaport around 6:05 p.m. See larger. Photo by Allen Rines.

You know, the part of our sprawling county where the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning?


By - 6/26/14 - 4:47 pm
Peregrine falcon at Deer Island

Kristin MacDougall posted a photo of one of two peregrine-falcon chicks born on Deer Island recently.

She reports falcons have lived high atop the sewage-treatment plant's "digesters" (the giant egg things) for awhile, but this is the first time any have hatched there.

Fisheries and Wildlife experts banded the two females (named Taylor and Julia) today.

By - 6/23/14 - 9:55 pm
Blue sunset from Deer Island

Italian in Boston watched the sun set from Deer Island tonight.

By - 3/31/14 - 8:02 am

The Swellesley Report cracks the case of the Jaguar parked all winter in the town library garage.