By - 11/3/12 - 2:03 pm

WBZ reports the town plans to train a group of residents to respond to complaints about coyotes by showing up and yelling and screaming at the animal until it either flees in terror or becomes incapacitated from laughing so hard.

By - 8/16/12 - 1:47 am
By - 8/14/12 - 9:20 am

MBTA Transit Police report an outbound train derailed a bit in Belmont Center. MBTA and Belmont Police helped passengers off the train and back to the station to await buses to take them the rest of the way. "NO INJURIES," Transit Police tweeted.

Channel 25 reports T officials called the wheel slipping off the track "a relatively minor incident."

By - 8/20/11 - 7:22 pm

Call it Mini-Aquapocalypse: Many Belmont residents were without water today due to multiple water-main breaks across town.

Belmont resident Rob Sama reports on a conversation with a guy working on the main down the street from his house this afternoon:

By - 7/20/11 - 1:42 pm

Common Cause Massachusetts is hosting a Redistricting Olympics this summer. We will be taking citizen drawn Congressional, State House, and State Senate maps all summer, evaluating them, declaring a winner, giving out prizes and submitting the winning maps to the MA Legislative Redistricting Committee for consideration.

The purpose of the redistricting Olympics is threefold: to educate the public about the steps in the redistricting process, to initiate public participation in the political arena, and to pressure the legislature to draw the districts so that the citizens are appropriately represented.

By - 9/13/10 - 3:28 pm

To preview your primary ballot for tomorrow, click on the link from the Secretary of State's website:
then enter your address and select a political party. It will show you what choices you'll have on tomorrow's primary ballot.


By - 8/30/10 - 1:08 am

Remember the Boston Herald's MBTA Dirty Dozen? Yeah, me neither, but we still went ahead and compiled the list of MBTA wanted posters in a fun, embeddable format for you. You can also check out the MBTA's own site for semi-regularly updated wanted posters.

By - 7/31/10 - 11:51 am

Foodie Mommy recommends Beaver Brook Reservation on Trapelo Road in Belmont (just over the line from Waltham) for the splashy toddler set: It has this large field of sprinklerized boulders that are just right for cooling off in on a hot day.

By - 2/25/10 - 12:23 pm

Cara provides the proof with this photo of a fence at the Belmont commuter-rail stop.

Copyright Cara. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 3/2/09 - 10:27 pm

Mitt Romney had a few things to say at CPAC about the performance of the stock market under Barack Obama, implying that the market loses since his inauguration are due to his policy proposals as opposed to the financial crisis George Bush and Congress left him with.

By - 10/15/08 - 4:25 pm

Shane reports that a Belmont gas station selling regular for $2.97 this morning was selling it for $2.89 a gallon by lunchtime.

By - 10/14/08 - 1:36 pm

Wicked Local Belmont reports Belmont officials are getting just a little tired of paying to light up their side of Belmont Street when Watertown has no light poles on its side of the street:

... "Should Watertown pay for some of that?" he said. "Sure they should. They get some of the light."

By - 7/3/08 - 8:20 am

Boston Chomps explains why that's Shangri La in Belmont.

By - 6/21/06 - 11:44 pm

Bill Ives posts a list of good lunch places in Belmont and Somerville.

By - 6/16/06 - 9:48 pm

Paul Tamburello really likes Vicki Lee's Cafe, which serves light breakfasts and lunches:

A visit to Vicki Lee's Cafe in Belmont transforms eating into a religious experience. There are no candles, religious icons, or stained glass windows in sight but plenty of hosannas can be heard coming from the lips of the diners. ...