By - 6/15/10 - 4:21 pm

Sean Roche reports the bicyclist managed to stay on her bike after being hit by a car driven by an 81-year-old woman who kept on going - at least until police, whom the bicyclist called with the license-plate number - stopped her.

By - 6/12/10 - 12:05 pm


Paul Keleher took in the Boys and Girls Club carnival on Rte. 9 in Chestnut Hill by the mall (runs through tomorrow).

By - 6/9/10 - 4:02 pm

After spending $137,000 attempting to locate the 10-foot diameter steel coupling that broke causing the multi-day boil water order for 2 million people in the Boston area in May, the MWRA is regrouping because it can't find a trace of the giant steel ring anywhere.

Of course, there's always my theory that it was never there in the first place...

By - 5/31/10 - 9:05 pm

UPDATE: Wicked Local Newton now reporting motorist not charged because she was turning into her own driveway and bicyclist tried to pass her on the right.

Wicked Local Newton reports the woman swerved into the bicyclist; bystanders lifted her car off the guy.

By - 5/20/10 - 8:45 pm

Wicked Local Newton reports a Newton man called police this morning when he woke up to find his car missing. The unlocked car in which he'd left the keys.

By - 5/20/10 - 10:48 am

11:30 update: MBTA says trolley service has resumed.

The MBTA has just announced that they are busing between Reservoir and Fenway stations on the D line due to a tree that has fallen on the tracks.

Tree falling on Beacon

By - 5/17/10 - 7:58 pm

Wasn't wearing helmet in collision this afternoon at Commonwealth and Lowell avenues, Wicked Local Newton reports.

By - 5/15/10 - 10:16 am

Newton Open Studios, this weekend, features the work of 175 artists across the Garden City.

By - 5/5/10 - 5:31 pm

Wicked Local Newton reports a rash of flower thefts in the Garden City:

... Hammond Street resident Ernest Winsor was ripped off twice in a week, when someone took a large barrel filled with impatiens flowers from his yard. He replaced the barrel and flowers but saw them taken as well. ...

By - 5/3/10 - 9:13 pm

MWRA surveillance video of the catastrophic failure

Come and listen to a story about a man named Sal
A Boston urbanite, who was golfing with a pal,
Saturday at Leo J, he was shootin' under par,
And up through the ground came a bubblin' water.

Agua that is, H-two-O, Adam's ale.

Well the first thing you know ol' Sal's a sloppy mess,
His buddies all laughed at his obvious distress
They said it looks to us like you couldn't wait to pee
So they put him in the trunk and drove him home to Beverly.

By - 5/1/10 - 9:27 pm

Echo Bridge before they put up fences.

In recent decades, the Newton Upper Falls landmark has become a place to jog or just take in the views - or listen to your echo - but with today's water emergency, the state reactivated the aqueduct the "bridge" was built for in 1877.

More Sudbury Aqueduct photos, from its start in Framingham to the gatehouse that lets it flow into the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

Reminder of who built the span: Boston Water Works

By - 4/23/10 - 3:15 pm

UPDATE: The state Department of Conservation and Recreation will lower the level of the Charles at the dam by three feet Sunday night to allow for inspection of the dam's catwalk and flashboards, which are showing "significant deterioration of structural components." The dam itself is fine, the state says. The extra water will be diverted into the Mother Brook in Dedham. Read more.

Ian Lamont reports a particularly leaky Moody Street dam has let so much water downstream that mudflats are already appearing upstream. He quotes a report from longtime river watcher Michael St. Clair:

By - 3/31/10 - 10:53 pm

With bronze plaques disappearing at an alarming rate in Newton last week, the Newton PD alerted its officers Saturday to be on the lookout. According to the Middlesex Count District Attorney's office, one officer promptly reported an unusual traffic stop he'd conducted on March 24:

By - 3/26/10 - 2:30 pm

Channel 4 reports a bronze plaque on the statue of Johnny Kelly in Newton has been stolen.

Just yesterday:
Bronze plaques on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall stolen.

By - 3/19/10 - 12:42 pm

MassDOT announced the reopening of the Green D Line as of 2:30 PM this afternoon after setting an original expected date of Monday.

The MBTA reports that in four days, workers:

By - 3/18/10 - 8:47 am

MassDOT provided this photo of workers busy repairing the flooded-out Riverside track bed yesterday. Compare to the photos from the height of the nor'easter. The state expects to have service restored by Monday.

By - 3/16/10 - 9:48 am

Sun shines on sinkhole: Compare to yesterdaySun shines on sinkhole: Compare today's photo by the T to yesterday's.

What a difference a day makes. However, MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo says he cannot yet give a definite answer on when the Riverside line can be re-opened. "Flood waters continue to flow through the site, and work crews cannot even begin to start rebuilding the rail bed until the water recedes."

By - 3/15/10 - 11:09 pm

Underwater table

Jo photographed what appears to be a bobbing raft but is actually a picnic table being submerged by a rising Charles River at Norumbega Park in Newton today.

William Ricker stopped to watch an impromptu fountain formed by an overflowing sewer on Coffey Street in Dorchester on Sunday:

Dorchester fountain

Meanwhile, Penny Cherubino provides photographic proof that not even Copley Place was immune from the power of a nor'easter.

Photos opyright Jo and William Decker, respectively.

By - 3/15/10 - 12:49 pm

That's some sinkhole

The Mass. Department of Transportation posted this photo of the raging sinkhole that erupted under Green Line tracks between Chestnut Hill and Newton Center this morning, forcing commuters onto shuttle buses until the T can repair the damage.