By - 10/31/09 - 10:15 pm

Wicked Local Newton recruited some kids tonight to trick or treat at the houses of the two people running for Newton mayor; they report Ruth Balser gave out much better candy.

By - 10/30/09 - 9:19 am

No, that's not quite true, Paul Levy reports: They do warn you that fare evasion is a crime so you better pay your damn fare:

I have to give the MBTA something for truth in advertising. It describes this capital improvement project (or one like it) as follows: This project will install new LED information signs on the platforms and lobbies of busy subway stations. These signs will provide visual equivalent of audio information on train arrival times and destination information.

By - 10/27/09 - 7:54 pm

Ian Lamont reports the publisher of Newton Magazine, Brookline Magazine and MetroWest Magazine, has thrown in the towel and ceased publication.

By - 10/27/09 - 1:44 pm

Because they work. Wicked Local Newton reports a Newton resident actually wired money to Ghana to help somebody there obtain "two trunks full of gold." Police did not report the amount the resident lost.

By - 10/20/09 - 3:44 pm

Wicked Local Newton reports a woman and her son are in the hospital in critical condition after eating a dish that included some wild mushrooms the woman picked near their yard.

By - 10/19/09 - 5:56 pm

Wicked Local Newton reports on a white guy with long hair, driving a car with an Obama sticker, who tried to force a woman into his car at Centre and Church Street - and who's since driven by her a couple of times, beeping and waving at her.

By - 10/14/09 - 8:14 am

BC official apologizes to residents for Saturday party that was supposed to end at 11 p.m. but instead raged on through the wee hours, the Globe reports.

By - 10/10/09 - 7:39 am
Worth an arrest?

Owen Byrne reports what happened after he took this photo at the Newton Highlands stop on the Riverside line last night:

By - 9/30/09 - 11:10 am

The Massachusetts Appeals Court today declined to order a local sperm bank to hand over the identity of a donor to a London woman who moved to Boston after her insemination and birth to try to force the donor to pay child support.

By - 9/22/09 - 2:33 am
By - 8/20/09 - 11:35 am

The Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled today the owners of half of a two-unit condo can't build dormer windows without their neighbors' consent.

The ruling comes in the case of a former duplex in Newton in which the owners of one side wanted to extend their attic with dormer windows and a deck, but the owners of the other side balked. The dormer people sued, seeking arbitration, but the appeals court says state condo laws are very specific: The roof is a "common area" owned jointly by all owners and that if one owner doesn't want to modify it and change the overall size of the area, there's nothing the other owner can do:

... The condominium statute explicitly requires that all owners give consent before their percentage interest in the common areas is affected; all portions of the plaintiffs' proposal that would do so are therefore impermissible without the defendants' consent. ...

Complete ruling:

By - 8/10/09 - 3:42 pm

Hello out there in UniversalHub land. I have determined that what the internet lacks most of all is a personal blog about some schlub's experiences in and around [insert major city here]. I have decided to rectify that problem my moving my ramblings over here.

I will be blogging about Boston politics, the T, local music, dining, bars, sports, and life from the perspective of a 21-year-old Revere native now living in an apartment in Chestnut Hill, where I will be a senior this fall at Boston College.

By - 8/4/09 - 3:51 pm

Outgoing Newton Mayor David Cohen has waded into the battle over MBTA leadership, writing Gov. Deval Patrick that he fully supports current T General Manager Dan Grabauskas:

Mr. Grabauskas' management of capital spending has, in my opinion, saved the "T." Although 90% of the agency's staggering debt burden preceded his tenure, Mr. Grabauskas has emphasized using precious discretionary capital dollars to improve state of good repair. This has led to improved quality of service and enabled the "T" to get a much better handle on capital costs.

By - 8/4/09 - 12:45 pm

Ian Lamont posts copies of the two hand-written post cards he got, allegedly from Newton candidate Setti Warren.

By - 8/3/09 - 6:27 pm

Customers of the Needham Street McDonald's on the 7% they're being charged? They're not lovin' it, Wicked Local Newton reports.

By - 7/27/09 - 8:42 pm

Wicked Local Newton reports on a resident whose car "was covered in eggs, flour and salsa." No description of the bandito available.

By - 7/27/09 - 11:45 am

D trolley vs. cellphone-using pedestrian at Chestnut Hill, shortly after 9 a.m.

Wicked Local Brookline reports the guy got lucky; slid under the trolley rather than becoming at one with it.

By - 7/25/09 - 10:02 am

Looks like the same basic idea as Boston's Neighbors for Neighbors.

By - 7/14/09 - 10:56 am

NTSB investigators said this morning that they suspect Green Line trolley driver Terese Edmonds fell asleep as she drove out of Waban station, waking too late to stop the crash that took her life - and that the T is failing to do enough to keep workers alert on the job.

By - 7/14/09 - 9:52 am

National Transportation Safety Board investigators said this morning that either of two possible fixes could have kept a Green Line operator from plowing her train into another train in Newton last May - while one board member suggested the federal government find a way to withhold money from the MBTA until it fixes its "failure in the safety net for transit riders."