By - 11/7/08 - 9:04 am

Won't run for Kerry's Senate seat, thinks voters should get to pick Kerry replacement if Kerry leaves.

By - 11/6/08 - 10:19 am

Margalit reports that morning traffic around Newton South High School, normally bad anyway due to the city's decision to put it within a warren of tiny side streets, was a complete disaster this morning:

... [W]hen it was pouring rain and windy and the streets were covered with leaves and the sidewalks were 6 inches deep in slippery piles of leaves left by the

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By - 10/27/08 - 7:09 pm

Wicked Local Newton posts a report and video from their debate.

By - 10/18/08 - 12:58 pm

Channel 4 reports a state trooper investigating a crash on the Newton stretch of the turnpike was hit by a car driven by a suspected drunk and thrown 30 feet into the air early this morning. A Framingham man was arrested; the trooper is at Beth Israel with serious injuries.

By - 10/8/08 - 7:47 pm

This account of a Worcester Line train stuck in Newton for an hour yesterday reminds one of last fall's Great Escape on the Red Line. And then there's this:

... One of the conductors on the 527 was telling some of the refugees (and I was overhearing) the real reason the 519 stopped suddenly: the engineer ran a red flag, which is a

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By - 10/8/08 - 8:30 am

The Tab reports that somebody didn't just swipe an $87,000 pair of earrings at Shreve, Crump and Low at the Chestnut Hill Mall:

Sometime between the end of August and the end of September, someone swapped out $87,000 earrings with cubic zirconia. ... A certified gemologist had walked into the store at the end of September and immediately noticed the fake jewelry. ...

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By - 10/6/08 - 2:58 pm

The Tab reports that Barney Frank has two opponents in November: Your standard-variety Republican and Brookline resident Susan Allen, who blames the CIA for the World Trade Center attack, wants both McCain and Obama indicted, and hates the Guardian Angels. Earlier this year, she was unsuccessful in an effort to convince Brookline Town Meeting to pay workers in gold and silver, rather than... Read more

By - 10/5/08 - 6:48 pm

If the MBTA is just going to dump sand at the Newton Highlands T stop, why shouldn't some kid build a sand castle with it?

By - 9/29/08 - 4:09 pm

Tierney, Lynch and Delahunt voted against the $700-billion bailout bill. Tierney explains why he voted against it.

By - 9/29/08 - 3:47 pm

Bruce Springsteen spotted at the Newtonville Shaw's on Sunday afternoon.

By - 9/29/08 - 9:09 am

Chrissie Long reports on the sad faces of disappointed crack addicts Dunkin' Donuts customers on learning the Newton Centre store is closed for renovations:

Throughout the weekend, I've seen a number of disappointed people walk away from the store front. Maybe it will give them a chance to try the number of other coffee places in Newton Centre, including Peet's Coffee and Tea, Pie

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By - 5/28/08 - 7:11 pm
Terrese Edmonds

UPDATE, 10:10 p.m.: The Globe reports the trapped operator, Terrese Edmonds, has died.

UPDATE, 9 p.m.: One operator still trapped.

Channel 5 reports two Riverside trolleys collided around 6 p.m. near the Woodland stop. Channel 4 has more, says one train was stopped at a red signal.... Read more

By - 4/15/08 - 9:06 pm

The Tab reports a kitchen worker at the Atrium Cheesecake Factory stabbed a cook in the arm in a dispute over some spattered grease on April 10. The police investigation was hampered because apparently the chain policy for such occurrences is to send the worker home.

By - 3/7/08 - 1:42 pm

Jim Walker photographs a coyote getting ready for a DHL drop off in Newton this morning.

By - 1/31/08 - 9:21 am

Currently, the city only bans dumping new snow on sidewalks; Aldermen to hold hearing Feb. 6 on proposed local regulation.