By - 3/2/17 - 12:12 pm
Hawk on a No Pets sign

John Pelletier shows us his backyard in Newton this morning.

By - 2/25/17 - 4:50 pm
Rainbow over the Massachusetts Turnpike

Erika Holmberg shows us the rainbow over the turnpike in Newton this afternoon.

She wasn't the only one to look up as the rain ended: Read more.

By - 1/18/17 - 2:42 pm

Ha'aretz reports on the last wave of what turned out to be hoax calls to Jewish centers across the country, including the Jewish Community Center of Greater Boston in Newton.

At 1:20 p.m., Sean Roche reported on the all clear:

Lot is full. Building is bustling. Essential and undaunted.

By - 1/18/17 - 11:12 am

A Newton doctor who says he uses a drone to photograph what he says is illegal city snow dumping in a local park is asking a federal judge to block a Newton ordinance that makes it illegal to fly the small aircraft over property without a property owner's consent. Read more.

By - 1/1/17 - 1:52 pm

A Quincy man was charged with indecent assault and battery for an incident Wednesday evening involving a Green Line worker on a trolley heading to Riverside, Transit Police report. Read more.

By - 12/29/16 - 1:03 pm

Prevailing sentiment in progressive haunts is “2016, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” Between a stressful election season, acts of terror, and the crisis in Syria, many of us will be glad to see the calendar page turn on Sunday night. Still, to every cloud there is a silver lining, and at least when it comes to tackling climate change in the US, Massachusetts was a bright spot amidst the clouds of 2016.

By - 12/22/16 - 8:22 pm

Joseph Yerardi, 62, of Newton, Anthony Corso, 51, of Cambridge, and Michael Burke, 45, of Winthrop, pleaded guilty in federal court yesterday to charges that they ran an illegal gambling and extortion ring for a year, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports. Read more.

By - 12/15/16 - 5:40 pm
wires on a car in Newton

Photo by Newton FD.

The Newton Fire Department reports live wires fell on a car shortly after 4 p.m. on Nobscot Road, off Comm. Ave. Looks like a tree fell on the wires first.

By - 12/15/16 - 2:14 pm

Streetcar service thanks to a fallen tree.**

Just got this alert from the T:

Green Line D branch experiencing severe delays due to a fallen tree on the overhead wire at Newton Centre.

**with apologies to Joyce Kilmer

By - 12/15/16 - 2:13 pm
Tree down on Green Line in Newton Centre

Jennie shows us the tree near Newton Centre responsible for the dreaded "severe" delays on the Riverside Line.

By - 12/7/16 - 5:46 pm

Village 14 reports on how a new group, which claims it has nothing to do with old Newton-school hater Charles Jacobs, is trying to enlist Newton North students for an "essay contest" on Israeli/Palestinian relations in which they have to cite their sources, in a supposed attempt to see just what materials the school is using to teach about the Middle East.

By - 11/11/16 - 9:26 am

The Herald reports Setti Warren, who announced this week he won't be running for reelection as Newton mayor, might be considering running for governor in 2018 instead.

By - 9/28/16 - 10:15 pm

Village 14 has a copy of the e-mail Newton North High School's principal sent to parents yesterday after some of Newton's best and brightest decided it would be a good idea to drive around the school waving a Confederate flag out the window. "We are taking appropriate action," the not at all amused principal writes.

By - 9/16/16 - 10:19 pm

Transit Police report a teen was hit by an inbound Worcester Line train around 8:45 p.m. in Newtonville.

Police and the Middlesex County District Attorney's office are investigating the death, but foul play is not suspected, police say.

By - 9/7/16 - 10:35 pm

WCVB reports on his indictment several months after the Sweet Tomatoes crash.

By - 8/27/16 - 12:28 pm
Moldovan chicken stew

The instant she heard there was Moldovan food in the Boston area, the kidlet began campaigning to check it out. Moldova's just not a place that comes up often.

So on a recent Saturday, we trekked over to the Moldova Restaurant, 344 Watertown St. in Newton, to find out more about Moldovan cuisine. Read more.

By - 8/27/16 - 11:45 am
Hello Kitty car

Suzannishly spotted this tricked-out Smart Car outside the Chestnut Hill Wegmans this morning.

By - 8/11/16 - 8:36 pm
Two giant chickens in Newton

Giant chickens huddled for companionship on Homer Street in Newton this evening.

Compare to the giant chickens of West Roxbury and Roslindale.

H/t Karla.

By - 8/10/16 - 10:21 am

State Police report an Allston man died after his Jeep rolled over onto the median on 128 north near Grove Street around 2:15 a.m. today.

Jack Jardin, 21, was rushed to Mass. General, where he died, State Police say, adding they are still trying to determine why he lost control of the vehicle.