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By - 1/17/12 - 10:04 pm

Blue Mass Group and Red Mass Group are joining the online protest against two bills in Congress that would privatize parts of due process and force Web sites to become proxies for music and movie companies in their mad dash to go after copyright infringement.

By - 1/11/12 - 8:06 am

Richard Auffrey reports that a company called iPura is once again offering a $1,000 prize to the local blogger/tweeter who best captures the raging glory that is the awesome world of seafood products and services at the annual International Boston Seafood Show in March.

By - 1/7/12 - 12:01 pm

Mike the Mad Biologist notes the annoying irony of giant publisher Reed Elsevier posting an extract of something he wrote and then slapping a copyright notice on it - an explanation of why he thinks Reed Elsevier sucks.

By - 1/6/12 - 8:14 am

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports:

Sammons, who often traverses the neighborhood dressed in his brown cloth habit tied with a cord, writes about the religious life in a blog called “A Minor Friar” ( His posts range from scholarly commentary on Catholic theology to the perils of walking across the Arborway.

Mixed in are plentiful references to the likes of horror-punkers the

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By - 1/4/12 - 8:28 pm

Students Against T Cuts is just what it sounds like: Area college students working to fight proposed cuts at the T. Repeal forward funding, they argue.

By - 12/28/11 - 6:56 am

Village 14 is a collaboration between longtime local blogger Sean Roche and Greg Reibman, who is also a longtime blogger and who was, until recently, publisher of the regional chain that owns the Newton Tab. Reibman, however, writes the site is not a strike back at GateHouse. The duo aren't looking for ads, to start. It's just a couple of Newtonites who are really... Read more

By - 12/22/11 - 10:13 am

Dr. John Halamka at Beth Israel reports on his wife's diagnosis and plans - with her consent - to blog about her treatment:

Last Thursday, my wife Kathy was diagnosed with poorly differentiated breast cancer. She is not facing this alone. We're approaching this as a team, as if together we have cancer. She has been my best friend for 30 years. I will

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By - 12/18/11 - 10:20 am

Joey Ciaramitaro of Good Morning Glouester makes America's front page with some choice quotes about towns with lobster-pot trees that can only hope to grow up to be like the stirring and stunningly beautiful one in Gloucester.

By - 12/16/11 - 4:32 pm

No, it's not when you miss the last train to Haverhill because the Orange Line was delayed. It's people realizing too late they're looking for love on the T. We eagerly await MBTA Forum, with letters that begin, "Dear MBTA Forum, I never thought I'd be writing something like this, but ..."

By - 12/14/11 - 6:12 pm

Boston Food Swap recounts a marathon holiday weekend of greeting, meeting and eating.

By - 12/7/11 - 8:43 am

Hollaback Boston is back, giving women a place to discuss and do something about street harassment (On Facebook, too - the old site still up as well).

By - 11/27/11 - 12:48 pm

Liz reports on a recent visit by a group of brunching bloggers to Brookline's very own recipe central.

Since moving to Boston I've watched hundreds of ATK and Cook's Country tv episodes and Cook's Illustrated Cookbook is my go-to guide in the kitchen. So you can understand how I felt like a 10 year-old waiting for the end-of-the-year awesome field trip.

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By - 11/16/11 - 4:30 pm

The latest New York online venture to try to crack the Boston market is the Curbed Network, which today launched Boston Curbed (real estate) and Boston Eater (food).

By - 11/15/11 - 7:13 am

You never know when some crooked cop will punch you in the head.

Naturally, the Herald doesn't say which blog the guy writes, but that's why God gave us Google.

By - 10/28/11 - 7:47 am

Rodney Singleton has started a blog about the history of the Roxbury hill.

By - 10/15/11 - 9:06 pm

Cambridge Day reports on a conclave of Cambridge cafe owners gathering to commiserate, share gossip and, yes, complain about single-serving coffee pods.

By - 10/15/11 - 11:25 am

Bienvenue à Boston: Le portail de la communaute francaise et francophone sur Boston.

By - 10/7/11 - 8:03 pm

Editor Matthew Gannon announces the mothership is shutting the site down:

There's no clever way to say it: This is the last word from Bostonist. Last week, Gothamist informed me that Bostonist will be going on hiatus and the blog will be shut down. At least we outlasted the 2011 Red Sox.

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By - 9/19/11 - 6:58 pm

But not just any real-estate blog: New York's is hoping to set up a pied-a-terre in our little town.

This is either an early taste, or an applicant's effort to convince the moguls he's worthy of their attention for the editor's job (they're looking for somebody who has "mainlined into the soul of their city's real estate and neighborhoods universe").

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By - 9/18/11 - 10:17 am

Parent Imperfect is a Roslindale father of two kids in the BPS system - Boston Latin and the Hennigan - yes, the school that delayed opening for two days because of that pesky PCB problem:

Just for the record, the Parent Imperfect contacted Robert Herrick of the Harvard School of Public Health to ask what he thought about the repairs to the Hennigan School.

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