Food trucks

By - 8/9/10 - 9:25 am

Elizabeth posts some photos from a walk through the South End yesterday.

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By - 7/14/10 - 11:47 am

The City Council today will consider whether to license the latest culinary craze to hit Boston: Food trucks.

City Council President Mike Ross has filed a measure seeking a hearing on how to regulate the trucks, which are just now beginning to spread beyond their traditional base at MIT.

Ross's proposed order speaks of environmental and zoning concerns.

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By - 7/1/10 - 9:56 pm

If you're getting hungry, mark Aug. 8 on your calendar for the Food Truck Festival in the South End.

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By - 6/30/10 - 11:02 am

Fun and Fearless in Beantown gives a thumb's up to the Clover food truck at Dewey Square:

... Clover Food Truck is obviously a big hit with vegetarians and vegans alike (they can make most orders vegan friendly) but as a meat eater, I was also duly impressed. The sandwich was really filling and hit the spot. ...

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By - 6/22/10 - 9:14 am

At least, that's what's promised by Fillbelly's. Has anybody seen this food truck yet? Their Twitter feed is a bit barren. They claim Roslindale and Hyde Park as part of their route.

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