Old State House

By - 7/3/16 - 2:17 pm
Redcoats outside the Old State House in Boston on July 4th weekend

Liam Sullivan reports somebody yelled "You need to Brexit!" at these Redcoats standing guard outside the Old State House today.

Even Redcoats enjoy a tea party these days.

By - 5/28/16 - 7:38 pm
Scene outside the Old State House in downtown Boston involving a panhandler with a sign about Trump

Maria M watched the scene unfold outside the Old State House yesterday.

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By - 3/6/16 - 12:11 am
Boston Massacre reenactment

Matt Conti took in the Boston Massacre reenactment at the Old State House.

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By - 1/19/16 - 4:06 pm
Old State House crowding for a Blue Line substitute bus

Beth Gavin gives us the bird's-eye view of Blue Line riders trying to get on one of the buses running instead of trains due to the investigation into the shooting at the Maverick Square T stop.

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By - 11/25/15 - 3:44 pm

An eardrum-ravaged citizen complains:

Currently (and often) there is a street performer who bangs on overturned plastic drums at the boston massacre site. it's loud and annoying -- i live 23 floors above it, and the noise still infiltrates my apartment -- and it drives tourists away from this historic site. i see them scurrying past and covering their ears, from my window. i can't believe the city allows this.

By - 11/10/15 - 5:15 pm
Wage protesters by the Old State House in downtown Boston

Beth Gavin captured protesters demanding a $15 minimum hourly wage outside the Old State House this evening.

By - 8/15/15 - 9:46 pm
Protest against the Stamp Act in Downtown Crossing, Boston

Andrew Oliver, appointed by His Majesty's Government to enforce and collect the stamp tax on all paper products, today announced his resignation from the position on the steps of the Old State House after a rabble of protesters marched his effigy around the town, put it on "trial," found it guilty and ripped it to shreds. Read more.

By - 11/23/14 - 9:42 pm
Restored lion being lowered into place atop Boston's Old State House

Leslee watched the refurbished lion being re-installed atop the Old State House today - complete with a new time capsule.

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By - 9/14/14 - 11:09 am
Lion taken down from Boston's Old State House

The Bostonian Society took down the lion and the unicorn from the Old State House today for renovations. Jocelyn was there to watch them cage the lion, no doubt to make sure he didn't escape and try to re-assert his royal authority over the colony.

By - 8/30/14 - 10:49 am

Boston Magazine reports the Bostonian Society is taking down the two symbols of British rule from the Old State House for repair.

By - 3/9/14 - 8:41 am
Wary Redcoat in Boston

Arturo Gossage attended the recreation of the Boston Massacre outside the Old State House last night.

Boston Massacre Historical Society.

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By - 11/15/13 - 12:59 pm
Keytar playing bear

Keytar Bear has been making the rounds of downtown and Back Bay T stops, but he came above ground today to play and mug for the camera by the Old State House, where Jocelyn snapped his photo.

By - 7/4/13 - 11:20 am

July Fourth confetti

Kim was among the crowd showered with confetti after the commander of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company finished reading the Declaration of Independence at the Old State House this morning.

By - 3/2/13 - 10:05 pm

Boston Massacre reenactment

Lalunkee took in the Boston Massacre reenactment in front of the Old State House this evening.

By - 1/2/13 - 6:22 pm

Boarded up

A concerned citizen complains about some boarded up windows at the Old State House:

This building is visited and photographed by 100s of tourists every month, we should fix asap, reflects badly on boston.

By - 6/3/12 - 6:58 pm

Rule Britannia

It was all smiles outside the Old State House today as the British consulate threw a little street party to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's ascension to the throne. Grenadiers milled about but didn't try to retake the former seat of the provincial government, instead spending most of their time posing for photos and showing off their weapons to children who asked nicely. The queen herself made an appearance, although the flight across the pond seemed to have left her a bit stiff:

By - 5/6/12 - 9:28 pm

Alert New England reports somebody was stabbed in the throat by the Old State House entrance to the State Street T stop around 9 p.m. The T shut down the station to let police investigate the incident.

Christopher Baer tweeted not long after:

I saw a man holding a cloth to his throat getting into an ambulance outside State St. T station a few minutes ago.

By - 3/10/12 - 8:48 am

It's the annual reenactment of the Boston Massacre, tonight at 7 at the Old State House.

By - 8/5/11 - 1:43 pm

Boston Police report arresting a resident of America's Hometown on charges he kicked in a basement window at the Old State House yesterday.

John O'Neil, 33, of Plymouth, was charged with willful and malicious destruction of property after a cop working a detail at Devonshire and State watched him walk up to the Old State House and kick in the window, police say.

Innocent, etc.

Ed. note: Maybe he's just jealous because his town's historic landmark is so boring.