By - 11/5/12 - 9:33 pm

The Boston Business Journal reports.Read more

By - 10/9/12 - 1:25 pm

MBTA Transit Police report arresting a Boston man for allegedly masturbating in full view of other Orange Line riders from Oak Grove to about Wellington, around 4:45 p.m. on Saturday.

Guy's scheduled for arraignment today on a charge of lewd, wanton and lascivious conduct.Read more

By - 9/17/12 - 8:36 pm

A federal appeals court said today that Gerard Sasso of Medford must get a new trial to determine whether he was too stupid to realize that pointing a powerful laser at a helicopter might be dangerous or if he knew and did so anyway.

Sasso was sentenced to three years in federal prison in 2010 for pointing a green laser at a State Police helicopter...Read more

By - 8/27/12 - 6:15 pm

Happened shortly after 5:50 p.m., based on the tweets from people in suddenly sweltering cars sitting on tracks just outside the station. Rescuers were able to get him safely off the tracks in just a few minutes.

"Well/at least a/c back on," Frank Conte reported at 5:57. Andrew Choy praised the driver on his train for keeping riders up to date: "Packed train...Read more

By - 8/16/12 - 9:05 am

Crushed car in Medford. Photo by Alex Formanek.Crushed car in Medford. Photo by Alex Formanek.

Extensive delays on the Lowell Line this morning after an Amtrak train smashed into a car at High Street in West Medford. MBTA Transit Police report:


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By - 7/18/12 - 4:15 pm

State Police report a woman gave birth in the back seat of a car stuck in traffic on Rte. 16 this afternoon.

The traffic was at a near standstill due to malfunctioning traffic lights at Wellington Circle, State Police said in a statement. When a frantic 911 call came in around 1:30 p.m. about a woman who appeared to be about ready to give birth,...Read more

By - 7/11/12 - 9:27 am

MediaBistro has an interesting tale about a guy who works on a show at WMFO who says a man claiming to be a Boston Police detective visited his house to warn him to stop tweeting insults at WAAF's Greg Hill:

My cousin tells me two men [he has requested we leave the description out] are in my yard looking for me. I go up

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By - 5/24/12 - 10:32 am

South End Patch reports on impending bustitution north of the city to let the MBTA build the new Assembly Square stop in peace. There's no set schedule yet for the "diversions," but the T says what will start out as sporadic shutdowns will grow more frequent as the station progresses.Read more

By - 5/11/12 - 2:56 pm

Medford Patch reports a man suspected for at least two bank robberies, one in Charlestown, was arrested after a teller recognized him as they stood in line at a Medford Dunkin' Donuts a couple of days after he'd allegedly handed her a note demanding money....Read more

By - 5/4/12 - 11:23 am

Tufts Daily chronicles the men's crew team, which was suspended for T-shirts reading "Check out our cox" after somebody complained that promoted "a culture of rape and sexual aggression," then unsuspended after the university president said the university did not want to infringe on "free expression" and that the real issue was that the team printed up unauthorized T shirts, not about whatever message...Read more

By - 4/1/12 - 11:35 am

Michael Moura reports a store in the Meadow Glen Mall on Mystic Valley Parkway was held up this morning by a masked man with an axe.Read more

By - 3/21/12 - 3:19 pm

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today Tufts University had every right to bar the door to a lecture to a veterinarian who'd refused to pay its veterinary school for treating her horse.

The state's highest court ruled that at issue was strictly a non-paid bill, not any attempt to get at Margo Roman because she holds a different philosophy on veterinary care than her...Read more

By - 2/14/12 - 6:43 am

Inside Medford reports students at Medford Vocational Technical High School recently got some hands on experience with a plug-in Prius:

Robert Dell'Ova is teaching the Automative Technology students to be cautious when working on electric cars because they use high voltage and how to avoid being electrocuted when working on them.

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By - 1/25/12 - 12:14 pm

State Police are investigating a particularly violent car crash around 12:30 a.m. by the Wellington T stop that sent three people to the hospital with serious injuries:

Preliminary investigation indicates that one car was traveling westbound in the eastbound lane when it collided head-on with the second car, which may have been racing at the time of the crash. Preliminary investigation further indicates that a

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By - 10/22/11 - 5:03 pm

Lanicita posts an alert from Tufts University Police that a student was knocked down and sexually assaulted around 1:15 a.m. at Stanley and College avenues in Medford. She managed to fight off her attacker.

The suspect is described as Hispanic, late teens, 5'5" to 5'7" tall, with a thin build, dark, short hair and wearing a dark hoodie.

On Thursday, another woman was...Read more

By - 10/15/11 - 7:25 am

Cambridge, Mass. — Tickets are on sale now for George V. Higgins’ The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Stickball Productions’ world premiere stage adaptation of the quintessential Boston crime novel. The production runs Dec. 8–Jan. 15 at Oberon in Harvard Square, for tickets, visit

It is the winter of ‘69 in Boston and Eddie Coyle is a bottom of the barrel hood attempting...Read more

By - 9/14/11 - 8:33 am

The Medford Green Line Neighborhood Alliance posts e-mail from Boloco honcho John Pepper about the Boston Avenue Boloco:

We opened our Medford restaurant 5 years ago in great part due to the knowledge that the Green Line was "coming" and would add vitality to Boston Ave. We heard it could be 4-5 years which sounded crazy at the time. Sadly, we’ve recently decided not

...Read more
By - 7/20/11 - 1:42 pm

Common Cause Massachusetts is hosting a Redistricting Olympics this summer. We will be taking citizen drawn Congressional, State House, and State Senate maps all summer, evaluating them, declaring a winner, giving out prizes and submitting the winning maps to the MA Legislative Redistricting Committee for consideration.

The purpose of the redistricting Olympics is threefold: to educate the public about the steps in the redistricting process,...Read more