UMass Amherst

By - 1/4/13 - 7:17 am

Maureen Rogers reviews the dismal attendance at Gillette Stadium for UMass football games - and the $5 million the state school is paying in rent:

What's wrong with having a nice little local program? Play the other New England state universities, and schools like Holy Cross? Why not keep it on campus, where students can attend more easily? What's wrong with 13,000 people watching

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By - 2/17/12 - 8:15 am

A student at UMass Amherst is making a federal case out of the way the school promptly expelled him as part of a new crackdown on rioting after sporting events.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston, Cullen Roe charges the expulsion violates his 14th Amendment right to due process because officials ordered him out without even the disciplinary hearing he...Read more

By - 9/5/10 - 7:33 pm

Anna B rips into Tracy Jan's article in the Globe on the suckitude of UMass Amherst:

She is my age and she went to Stanford. Stanford costs about $38,000 per year now. Guess which one of us graduated with no student loan debt? ME! Maybe Umass Amherst has a bad rep because snobs like Tracy Jan love perpetuating that myth. Guess what? Umass

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