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Flu on the increase in Boston

ILI="Influenza-like illness." Source: BPHC.

The Boston Public Health Commission reports an increase in flu and flu-like cases over the last few weeks in Boston.

There have been 728 documented influenza cases reported to BPHC, and hundreds of people have visited Emergency Departments for influenza-like illness since October. Additionally, 23% of those cases have resulted in hospitalization, and there have been 4 deaths, the majority of which were individuals with

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Stats for last week show Boston experienced the same number of flu cases as the week before - and that ER visits for flu like symptoms actually went up.

Statewide, the number of flu cases dipped from the week before....Read more

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Confirmed flu cases (l) and rates of ER visits for flu-like symptoms. Source: BPHC.Confirmed flu cases (l) and rates of ER visits for flu-like symptoms. Source: BPHC.

City statistics for the week ending Jan. 5 show Roxbury and...Read more

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The city plans to ring the phones - more than half belonging to senior citizens - following yesterday's declaration of a public-health emergency. A transcript:

Hi. This is Dr. Anita Barry calling from the Boston Public Health Commission. Yesterday, Mayor Menino declared a public health emergency because of the high number of influenza cases in the City of Boston.

Residents who have not already

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Why, some are rolling up their sleeves and getting flu shots (although probably not in Somerville) on air. And then shooting footage of their syringes.Read more

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Weekly ER visits due to flu-like symptoms, week ending 12/29. Source.Weekly ER visits in Boston due to flu-like symptoms, week ending 12/29. Source: BPHC.

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CommonHealth alerts us to a Children's Hospital study that found kids infected with MRSA seemed to be especially at risk to death by flu. In some areas, up to 9% of kids now have the antibiotic-resistant bacteria living in their noses; such kids had an eightfold risk of severe and sometimes fatal H1N1 flu infections. And this, they say, is why kids need to...Read more

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A Boston man in his 40s has died after coming down with the flu, the Boston Public Health Commission said today. The man was particularly vulnerable because of unspecified underlying health issues, the commission said.

The commission says everybody should get a flu shot and take other precautions to reduce the odds of contracting or spreading the virus, including frequent hand washing or sanitizing, staying...Read more

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The Boston Public Health Commission reports a sharp rise in flu cases in the under-5 set likely signals the start of more widespread flu cases among adults.

Emergency-room visits for flu-like symptoms in general is up sharply over the past month, but especially among children under 5, the commission said today. Lab-test sampling - not everybody who shows up at an ER with fevery aches...Read more

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Boston Zest updates us with the latest Massachusetts flu-shot info (for starters, just one shot this year).Read more