By - 3/22/15 - 6:58 am

Good Morning Gloucester shows a car being pulled out of the harbor after its driver drove off a wharf there last night. Both driver and passenger are OK.

By - 3/12/15 - 5:16 pm

Gloucester Police report arresting a Salem man for allegedly holding up the Ipswich Bank on Rogers Street this morning.

Police say the man initially tried making good his escape by taxi, but "exited the vehicle a few minutes later when the taxi's radio broadcast a report of the bank robbery."

With not many other ways out of town for a car-less bank robber, police figured... Read more

By - 2/1/15 - 12:22 pm

We didn't hear any reports of Coast Guard searches for bodies in the ocean off Gloucester, so we assume these two guys standing on rocks at the water as blizzard waves crashed over them survived.

H/t Jared.

By - 12/15/14 - 7:37 am

UPDATE: They light the menorah Tuesday evening.

And, yes, they know lobster isn't kosher:

That’s why there are no lobsters in any of the pots and no one is eating the menorah so get over yourself Smugly McLeviticus.

Also, the menorah is 20 feet tall:

Temple Ahavat Achim now beats the White Rock South Surrey Jewish Community Centre of Vancouver for the largest

... Read more
By - 12/10/14 - 8:03 pm

Transit Police report a man, believed to be in his 40s, was on the inbound side of the tracks near West Gloucester station when he was hit and killed by an inbound commuter-rail train around 6:30 p.m.

Police and the DA's office are investigating what the man was doing on the tracks.

Yesterday, a woman was hit by a train in Bridgewater, but... Read more

By - 12/7/14 - 11:25 am

Good Morning Gloucester reports Temple Ahavat Achim plans to build a menorah out of lobster traps this year.

By - 9/20/14 - 7:20 pm

We need to stop litter and keep Massachusetts clean by spreading the word about the Yes on Question 2 campaign.

The Bottle Bill is the most effective recycling tool we have. Eighty percent of bottles covered by the Bottle Bill’s 5-cent deposit are recycled. Yes on Question 2 would add a bottle deposit to water, sports drinks, tea, juices, and other drinks that were... Read more

By - 9/9/14 - 8:09 am
Gloucester lobster boat heads out to sea

Joey Ciaramitaro captured the F/V Kathryn Leigh heading out from Gloucester Harbor for some lobstering at 5:51 a.m. today.

Copyright Joey Ciaramitaro. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 9/8/14 - 8:16 pm

Good Morning Gloucester reports the latest on what could be the remains of a a colonial-era ship uncovered on Coffins Beach.

By - 7/15/14 - 8:31 am
Gloucester Harbor at dawn

Joey Ciaramitaro of Good Morning Gloucester captured the scene this morning in Gloucester Harbor.

Copyright Joey Ciaramitaro. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 3/17/14 - 8:52 am

Up in Gloucester, they know from lobster. Joey at Good Morning Gloucester lands a knockout blow on some foodie site that thinks "the perfect lobster roll" includes anise, lemongrass, ginger and arbol chiles:

Listen here anyone who would describe themselves as a “Foodie”. Do all us normal real folk a favor and spare us your stupid frickin lobster roll recipes that include anything other

... Read more
By - 2/5/14 - 8:18 am
Upended car in Gloucester

State Police report only minor injuries when this car upended on 128 north in Gloucester this morning.

By - 7/21/13 - 8:56 am

Kids in Gloucester are hauling 50 lobster traps a day with their solar-powered hauler.