Mission Hill

By - 12/1/13 - 9:59 pm

Around 9:50 p.m. at Back of the Hill, natch. And Mr. Eggcorn reports it was the second one of the day.Read more

By - 11/27/13 - 12:07 pm
Back of the Hill crash

A.P. Blake came upon yet another crash in the rain on the street, at the Back of the Hill trolley stop, shortly after 11:30 a.m.Read more

By - 11/22/13 - 12:02 pm
South  Huntington crash

Sure as rain, somebody slid on the trolley rails on South Huntington Avenue this morning and wound up needing another way to get around town. C.J. Chapman snapped the latest rain smashup around 10:30 a.m.Read more

By - 11/5/13 - 8:28 am
Sky boots

Whatever happened to sneakers? A concerned citizen makes the mistake of looking up on Tremont Street on Mission Hill:

Boots on wire between light poles.

Read more
By - 10/30/13 - 7:34 am

The morning starts with a dead train at Wellington on the Orange Line, a dead Green Line trolley somewhere on Huntington or South Huntington and a dead train outbound at Maverick on the Blue Line (say, aren't those the T's newest and freshest subway trains?).Read more

By - 10/27/13 - 12:00 pm

Firefighters rushed to 816 Parker St. around 8 a.m. to battle a roof fire.Read more

By - 10/6/13 - 6:34 pm
Car hit three times on South Huntington

Mr. Eggcorn reports this car on South Huntington Avenue was hit at least three times today by other cars sliding on the trolley tracks, driven by people who don't realize why that's not a good idea, at least, not until it's too late.

Happens all the time when it rains.

And here's a citizen complaint about another South Huntington smashup today - city...Read more

By - 9/18/13 - 5:26 pm

Police are looking for an older white guy in a blue Sox cap and American Eagle sweatpants with a white draw string who demanded money at the Citizens Bank branch, 1628 Tremont St. this afternoon. After he got a bag of cash, he rummaged around, took out the dye pack inside and threw it at workers before making his escape....Read more

By - 9/14/13 - 6:08 pm

Boston Police report that one of the two women found shot near the Roxbury Crossing T stop early this morning was arrested on crack-possession charges after she was treated for a gunshot wound to her elbow.

In fact, police say, the crack came to light during her treatment at Beth Israel. Police say the second woman got "a grazed gunshot wound to her...Read more

By - 9/14/13 - 12:56 am

UPDATE: Police report the two were actually shot a couple blocks away and that one was arrested.

Two women shot around 12:40 a.m., Stanley Staco reports.

Samantha Spence reported:

Tons of ambulances and cruisers at the Roxbury Crossing stop and one person face down on the pavement.

Police are looking for a blue sedan seen leaving the area....Read more

By - 8/23/13 - 11:04 pm

WantedWantedUPDATE, 11:10 p.m. Police recovered both the car and the baby on McGreevey Way in Roxbury. Suspect was nowhere near either.

Seems this guy kidnapped his girlfriend's newborn son in her car. Boston Police are looking for Damond Brown, who is black, 40, 6'1" and 225 lbs. He's driving a...Read more

By - 8/22/13 - 9:52 am

Tremont Street around 10 a.m. Photo by Marc W.Tremont Street around 10 a.m. Photo by Marc W.

Police shut the large intersection around 9:45 a.m. due to a suspicious package under a bus. A T spokesman says:

The Route...Read more
By - 7/18/13 - 2:53 pm

Around 2 p.m., Emzylemzy demanded to know:


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By - 6/27/13 - 12:21 pm

David Bernstein talks to Michael Nichols, one of the numerous candidates running to replace Mike Ross as district 8 councilor in the fall elections.Read more

By - 6/19/13 - 2:33 pm

Patrick Barry was arraigned today for the second of two assault/stabbing cases on Mission Hill, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

A spokesman adds, "Investigators are reviewing other open sexual assaults for potential links, but no other charges have been sought at this point."

On June 1, three women were jumped on or near Phillips Street on Beacon Hill, . Police say ...Read more

By - 6/18/13 - 2:08 pm

Patrick Barry, 21, is expected to be arraigned, possibly this afternoon, for the second of two weekend attacks on women on Mission Hill, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Barry, charged yesterday for allegedly sexually assaulting and stabbing a woman at Huntington Avenue and Vancouver Street in Roxbury District Court will be charged with a second, similar attack on another woman at Huntington...Read more

By - 6/16/13 - 12:56 am

Wanted man

Boston Police have released photos from surveillance cameras of a man they say they want to talk to about the two women who were sexually assaulted and stabbed on Mission Hill early Sunday morning.

If he looks familiar, contact B-2 detectives at 617-343-4275 or the...Read more

By - 6/15/13 - 10:54 am

Update: Photos of possible suspect released.

Boston Police report two women were grabbed and stabbed early this morning, possibly by the same man.

In both cases, the women were grabbed from behind, police say.

In the first case, a woman walking in the area of Vancouver Street and Huntington Avenue told police:

The suspect jumped out of the bushes, grabbed her and

...Read more
By - 5/29/13 - 7:21 am

The Proper Bostonian reports on a happy encounter with the Pot-bellied Pig of Mission Hill and a not-so-happy encounter with a bowl of fish that somebody just left on the sidewalk on Beacon Street between Mass. Ave. and Hereford:

I hope someone with an aquarium comes along and rescues them.

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