By - 12/26/14 - 12:16 pm

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly reports:

A memorandum of law obtained by Lawyers Weekly accuses Wynn Resorts of violating state law by failing to disclose an August letter it received from the IRS’ criminal division before the Massachusetts Gaming Commission awarded Wynn the coveted Boston-area casino license in September.

By - 9/20/14 - 7:20 pm

We need to stop litter and keep Massachusetts clean by spreading the word about the Yes on Question 2 campaign.

The Bottle Bill is the most effective recycling tool we have. Eighty percent of bottles covered by the Bottle Bill’s 5-cent deposit are recycled. Yes on Question 2 would add a bottle deposit to water, sports drinks, tea, juices, and other drinks that were... Read more

By - 9/8/14 - 8:02 am

WBUR reports on the decision between Suffolk Downs/Mohegan Sun in Revere and Wynn in Everett - two months before voters decide whether to allow any casinos in the state at all.

By - 5/8/14 - 5:11 pm

Yeah, sure, casinos right on the city line will have major impacts on Boston, but Boston is not a "host community" for either of the proposed casinos, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission decided today. The vote means Boston will not be able to hold referendums on the casinos that could block them permanently.

Commission members unanimously rejected arguments by Boston officials that the Suffolk Downs racetrack,... Read more

By - 5/8/14 - 1:11 pm

Stephen Crosby just announced that while he knows he's impartial despite his longstanding ties to one of the owners of the site of a proposed Everett casino, too many other people think he can't be, so he's recusing himself from any discussions or votes related to the proposed casinos at Suffolk Downs and in Everett.

By - 2/28/14 - 5:44 pm

Alrighty then, just got a press release from Wynn, the people who want to build a casino in Everett, about this week's vote in Revere in favor of a Suffolk Downs casino. It reads in part:

Revere voters opt for mediocre three-star racino

“A casino next to a decrepit race track is no match for Wynn Resorts’ proven

... Read more
By - 2/25/14 - 10:42 pm

WCVB reports Revere voters have once again approved a Suffolk Downs casino, this time one entirely within their city limits and run by Mohegan Sun.

The vote doesn't guarantee the $1.3-billion resort casino will be built, but instead means the state gaming commission will now choose between Suffolk Downs and a competing Wynn proposal in Everett.

Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria dissed his neighbor to... Read more

By - 1/14/14 - 7:23 am

The Globe reports Mayor Walsh wants the state Gaming Commission to declare Boston a "host" community for the potential casinos in both Revere and Everett, which would let the city negotiate for the sort of benefits Boston would have gotten under the agreement with Suffolk Downs before East Boston voters rejected the idea of a casino within city limits.... Read more

By - 12/5/13 - 11:55 am

Seems Stephen Crosby is BFF with a co-owner of the 29-acre industrial wasteland Steve Wynn wants to turn into the only casino in eastern Mass.

Crosby's statement.

By - 6/23/13 - 8:13 am

The Globe reports the idea of a casino in Everett won voter approval there by some ridiculous margin.

By - 3/29/13 - 3:22 pm

Dennis Murphy was driving his Route 110 bus down Elm Street around 6 a.m. yesterday when he noticed a building on fire.

According to Sean Mills, his supervisor at the Charlestown bus yard:

He immediately called dispatch and secured the bus. He then went over to the house on fire and rang all the doorbells to wake everyone inside up. These people did not

... Read more
By - 3/11/13 - 11:33 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that a chain of arts and craft stores violated a state consumer-privacy law when it used a woman's Zip code on her credit-card transaction to figure out where she lived and start bombarding her with circulars.

The opinion, however, does not mean Melissa Tyler gets anything, because her suit against Michaels is in federal court and the state's highest... Read more

By - 1/14/13 - 9:26 am

Hey, kids, meet your new principal, Erik Naumann, a.k.a. the Naumannator.

Some people are not amused.

By - 12/20/12 - 6:13 pm

The US Attorney's office in Boston reports state Rep. Steve Smith today admitted to voter fraud - he filled out absentee ballots with his name checked off.

Smith served on the legislature's Joint Committee on Election Laws.

Smith won't serve any prison time on the federal misdemeanor charges, but will give up his seat - which should give him more time to deal with... Read more

By - 11/26/12 - 6:21 pm

The Globe reports Steve Wynn, who couldn't convince Foxboro to let him and Robert Kraft build a casino there, is now looking at a parcel in Everett. Of course, given the way the state's casino law is written, he'd first have to have a Thunderdome-like death match with the people behind the Suffolk Downs proposal.... Read more

By - 5/8/12 - 5:46 pm

Channel 5 reports that National Grid will be cleaning a natural-gas pipeline by the Mystic River tomorrow by burning off the gas, starting around 6 a.m.:

The flare resulting from the natural gas purge could last up to eight hours and be seen throughout Greater Boston, the company said.

Also will result in "a large blowing noise."... Read more

By - 11/23/11 - 7:55 am

Somerville Police report they are looking for a "well organized" that is managing to steal money from local convenience stores owned by people of Indian origin through a complicated, multi-part ruse:

A lone subject enters the store shortly after opening and presents a large bill for a small purchase. Knowing that the clerk will... Read more
By - 3/4/11 - 3:27 pm

LaraThe owner of a school-van service was arraigned yesterday on charges he sexually assaulted a young girl in one of his vans on the way home from school on Tuesday.

Sergio Lara, 53, was ordered held in lieu of $100,000 bail at his arraignment in Chelsea District Court on charges of rape of a... Read more

By - 1/20/11 - 4:58 pm

A federal grand jury has indicted Josimar Ferreira, 36, on 16 counts of violating federal pesticide laws, the US Attorney's office announced today.

According to the indictiment, Ferreira and his TVF Pest Control routinely used malathion, licensed only for outdoor use, to combat bedbug infestations in area homes. In one case, he even sprayed it on a baby's crib - and then lied about... Read more