By - 12/19/06 - 9:19 am

Some Everett high-school students learned yesterday what happens when you toss French fries into a busy street when seagulls are around: The seagulls swoop down to eat them, then get run over by a Masshole. Angela posts the grim photo:

... In total, four seagulls were hit, three of them obliterated by the car. The one surviving seagull wouldn't wait for wildlife services to

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By - 10/25/06 - 8:51 am
By - 9/17/06 - 1:18 pm

Michael Bilica counts the ways the Everett Public Schools are annoying him - and his kid isn't even in pre-school yet.

By - 3/21/06 - 2:09 pm

The Dre Barn, of course!

By - 1/12/06 - 8:39 pm

Jennifer Anniston in Everett? It could happen. But Noah Wylie buying a house in Leominster? Puh-leeze. And that's from Jody of Big DumpTruck, who lives in and likes the place.

By - 11/16/05 - 7:28 pm

While many of us seem fascinated with the Fort Point Channel meth lab (Universal Hub's traffic is up significantly today, thanks to people doing Technorati and Google Blogsearch searches on variations of "Boston meth"), Michael wonders why news of a Sunday home invasion and rape in Everett is so hard to come by:

... I have been having a hard time discovering details

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