By - 6/22/08 - 1:06 pm
On top of the world

Downtown Boston is just full of symbols from the past. Take this relief on the side of the Flour and Grain Exchange building. On the top, an eagle, showing our strength. On the left, Neptune's trident, symbolizing Boston's role as a seaport, and Mercury's caduceus, calling for protection for our traders (Mercury is the god of merchants and he carried a caduceus), atop, of course, the bounty once traded in the building. On the right, there's a ship's mast, a fish, the money used to buy and sell all the grains and fruits and, in between them, um, what are those things? Anybody know?

By - 6/7/08 - 4:33 pm

Boston Police report finding somebody shot in the knee outside the Ultra 360 Lounge on Batterymarch Street around 2:20 this morning:

... Interview of witnesses revealed that three gunshots were heard and a small red car was observed fleeing the scene. It is unclear at this time whether the suspect(s) and/or victim were patrons of the club. ...

Police also report finding a Brockton man beaten and abandoned on Magazine Street in Roxbury around midnight after the two men he'd given a ride up to Boston from Brockton attacked him and stole his car. Police add the car was later found on Rte. 24.

By - 6/5/08 - 3:29 pm

Boston Police charge a Lynn man and a still at-large accomplice decided to stomp a homeless guy around 9:50 last night at New Sudbury and Cambridge streets downtown.

Police say they found the homeless man bleeding from the back of his head, bruised around his eyes and with a sneaker-imprinted forehead. They say they found suspect Richard Knox, 40, of Lynn, going into a nearby liquor store. He's charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

By - 6/5/08 - 10:48 am

Getting ready for the 5 p.m. Celtics rally at City Hall Plaza.

Starting at noon today, T riders will get to hear Kendrick Perkins tell them over and over why they should use a CharlieCard (non-T riders, or T riders who want to hear him in crystal-clear CelticsAudio, can listen here - it's a 4.7M WAV file). The T says it'll be adding extra T service, will hold the last trains out of North Station until 15 minutes after the end of the game and will keep subway service going if the game goes past 12:30 a.m.

By - 6/3/08 - 7:53 am

Colleen responds in the only sensible way: She buys some shoes.

By - 6/1/08 - 5:19 pm

Boston Police report that a man spotted throwing somebody against a wall early this morning turned on police with four of his buddies.

... At one point, the suspect struck the officer with either a clenched fist or an unknown object. The blow rendered the officer temporarily unconscious. After a brief foot pursuit, officers located the suspect and four other males in the lower level of the parking garage. ...

Other officers then subdued Edward Franklin Douglas, 28, of Dorchester, and arrested him on a charge of assault and battery on a police officers. The other four men were charged with disorderly conduct, police say. The officer was treated at Mass. General.

By - 5/30/08 - 7:53 am

Fire destroys landmark seafood business in Boston; Atlantic Avenue shut, Purchase Street exit on I-93 closed. Seven-alarm fire.

NECN reports 60,000 pounds of lobster charred; has interview with fire official on why it was so difficult to put the fire out; says the fourth generation of Hooks vow to rebuild rather than sell out to developers.

By - 5/29/08 - 10:07 pm
Taped off

Aaron Donovan took this photo on the Common early this evening:

Apparently the Boston Police shot a guy who was "wielding a replica pistol" on the common right outside of my office. There were tons of cops all over the area, here you can see the witnesses that police held for questioning.

The Globe reports police shot the man in the arm when he refused to drop the replica semi-automatic handgun. He was taken to Boston Medical Center and is expected to live.

Boston Police report.

By - 5/29/08 - 4:56 pm

John Greiner-Ferris reports on the spring reappearance of one of his favorite busking duos, Coco and Lafe, outside the Downtown Crossing Borders:

... Nice fun people who love their music and love performing. They play a lot of folksy covers--Bob Dylan, John Prine, Lyle Lovett--plus their own tunes. ...

By - 5/27/08 - 7:10 pm

Red Line service disrupted by fire at Downtown Crossing this afternoon rush hour (Orange Line, too, but not for as long).

Firetruck on Washington Street.

By - 5/17/08 - 9:49 am

I'm no fan of the idea of moving City Hall to South Boston, but, geez, organizing to save City Hall because of its architecture? Calling it "one of the most architecturally significant structures in the world?"

Ow, my head.

By - 4/14/08 - 12:50 pm

Lori Magno reports on the 11:30 a.m. incident, posts annotated photos.

By - 4/11/08 - 2:22 pm

Channel 4 reports two NStar workers were injured this morning when the manhole they were in erupted in flames. Otis and Summer streets; cable failure blamed.

By - 4/10/08 - 1:55 pm

The Boston Business Journal reports, says the store will even still be in the basement in the new One Franklin.

By - 3/25/08 - 2:12 pm

One of these days, alarms will start blaring at a T stop and people will actually pay attention. But not today, and not at Downtown Crossing, Jenny Frazier reports:

... It took me my entire walk up to the Orange Line to realize that not a single person, including myself, batted an eyelash at the heinously loud alarms. Instead we all just continued on our merry Bostonian way. ...

By - 3/21/08 - 4:55 pm

The Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods wonders what happens when City Hall moves to South Boston - where will all the large events the city wants to move to the plaza from the Common go? And given how many of those events have been political in nature, what does Councilor Michael Ross, who represents Beacon Hil and the Back Bay have against democracy?

... For some reason, the discussion seems to have turned from protecting the green to raking in the green, and Councilor Ross opined that "cafés, restaurants, and other commercial ventures might be a good replacement for large-scale events." Of course! Commerce is pretty much the same as democratic assembly, except for the doorman in front and the bill at the end. Customers are citizens -- even better, right? Sure keeps out the poor and homeless, and good riddance, I say! The public realm is no place for 'em! And Ross responded to Tom Kershaw's complaint that he can't make enough money on Common land with his skating business on our Frog Pond, and would now like a liquor license for a night club. The alcohol prohibition on the Common, Ross offered, should be reconsidered. ...

By - 3/19/08 - 9:42 am

Yes, it's another episode of "Compare a busy, decaying Blue Line stop to the stunning, rarely used Courthouse stop on the Silver Line." Today's contestant: Fabulously Out There, who reports from the decaying steps leading from the Blue Line to the Orange Line at historic State Street station:

... There is a woman sitting on the stairs and a MBTA dude standing in front of her.

My immediate thought? A drunk? This early. Jesus christ. Then I noticed her business attire clothing and while I am walking down the stairs I am noticing several chunks of one of them crumbled on the floor.......then I pass the lady and she's in tears holding her ankle talking on her cell phone while the MBTA guy talks on his walkie-talkie. ...

Maverick vs. Courthouse.

By - 3/13/08 - 7:54 pm

Boston Police report arresting a pair of East Boston teens on charges they tried to slice a guy up at the Government Center T stop around 4:20 p.m. today.

The victim, in his late teens or early 20s, was slashed in the arm, but is expected to survive.

Police charged Juan Chavez, 18, of East Boston, with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and affray. Another teen, 15, was charged with disturbing the peace and affray. Both will be arraigned Friday in Boston Municipal Court.