By - 10/5/08 - 11:53 am

The other at America's oldest Tavern, the Bell in Hand I noticed signs all around the bar notifying patrons of a $25 minimum for credit card purchases. After ordering two beers ($10) I realized I was short on cash and handed my plastic over to the bartender. She shook her head and pointed to the sign. Explaining I didn't have any cash to pay I again offered her the card and said I'd talk to the manager if she was really going to enforce this ridiculous policy.

By - 10/4/08 - 11:04 pm

Today was the official opening of the Rose Kennedy Greenway - and the second-to-last night of Boston Illuminale. I took a stroll along the Greenway this evening (others took in the new linear park this afternoon - see tons of photos). A big hit among kids and teens was this lit-up mist generator. I wonder if TriGen sponsored it?

By - 10/3/08 - 12:10 pm

Boston Police report that when officers spotted a man in an alleyway in Downtown Crossing that was marked "No Trespassing," yesterday afternoon, they caught up with him for a little chat. After awhile, they asked for a peek in the leather case he was holding. It contained:

A gold challis, a gold container with the initials INF, two silver bottles, one crucifix, a gold container with a Jesus medallion, and a prayer book.

By - 10/2/08 - 1:13 pm

Someone asked the mayor this question:

Have other people had such experiences in central Boston? Never happened to me, and I've always been under the impression that Boston is a relatively safe city. Maybe I should worry a little more.

By - 10/2/08 - 8:59 am

Chris Faraone reports on an afternoon of protests on City Hall Plaza:

If you have beef with harsh immigration policies, so-called Wall Street bailouts, or right wing goon supreme Antonin Scalia, then downtown Boston was your liberal Disneyland Wednesday afternoon. From the 4pm Massachusetts Jobs with Justice rally against the bailout plan to the 5pm Moral Voices for Immigration Reform event, there was nary a left wing cause that went unrepresented.

By - 10/1/08 - 3:21 pm

Councilor Turner tells PoltickerMA that he doubts Sonia Chang-Diaz is really Latina and that her support really comes from white women who can't stand the idea that a black man could get into the White House instead of Hillary Clinton.

Needless to say, Turner is backing incumbent Dianne Wilkerson in her sticker campaign, calling her "a treasured resource" the 2nd Suffolk District - or rather, real blacks and Latinos in the district - can't afford to give up.

By - 9/30/08 - 8:03 pm

Tom Menino wants to limit building heights along the Greenway.

Ablarc discusses (with photos) appropriate scale of buildings along Newbury and Boylston streets.

Vanshnookenraggen calls for a new role for the BRA:

... The BRA used to work along the top-down approach. They were the educated elite and their new plans for the city would fix all its problems. As time has proved over and over this is the wrong way to do things. We need a bottom up approach. But can a massive bureaucracy work bottom-up? I think it can and it has to if we are going to seriously start fixing the problems of the city. ...

By - 9/28/08 - 7:30 pm

Hanover and Prince wonders what happened to South Station on "Fringe:"

... The below station is on par with the Greyhound station in Ithaca, NY where we went to school. It's one room.

Pathetic! Lord, we hope people around the country don't think this is actually our major transportation hub ...

By - 9/28/08 - 1:03 pm

Of course, the accommodations were not quite as nice as at the Boston Harbor Hotel, but there's only so much you can do at 1:30 in the morning.

Boston Police report (third item) they were called to the hotel early this morning to help hotel security escort the couple out:

At the room, officers soon learned why the suspects had been asked to leave. The suspects were hostile, rude and confrontational and used profane and racist derogatory language toward the hotel staff and officers. The suspects were told by officers that they needed to leave based on their unruly behavior, and the fact that they were making such a scene that other hotel guests could not indulge the quiet enjoyment of their room. The suspects refused to leave after being asked several times and continued to berate the officers and hotel staff with continued use of profanity and racist derogatory language. While officers continued top mediate the situation to get the suspects to leave the hotel in a peaceful manner, suspect, John T. Miller bumped into officers several times in a combative manner despite being warned that he could be arrested for doing so.

Jennifer L. Miller, 36, and John T. Miller, 41, were then chauffeured to Area A-1 for booking on a variety of charges. Police say that during her booking, Jennifer Miller kicked an officer.

Innocent, etc.

By - 9/27/08 - 2:17 pm

Boston Police report Downtown Crossing traffic came to a complete standstill around 1:30 yesterday afternoon due to a man walking down School Street with no clothes on.

An officer quickly determined the man met the current Massachusetts guidelines for arrest by noticing the "shock and alarm" on the faces of bystanders, who, police say, did not expect to see a nudie boy "at this time of day."

The officer walked in the direction that he was pointed in and observed the suspect walking on the sidewalk on School St. toward Tremont St. completely naked and waving his arms as onlookers stared in amazement.

The officer approached the suspect and attempted to place him under arrest when he became combative and struggled with the officer before he was placed in handcuffs. During the entire incident, traffic was in gridlock and there were hundreds of people who witnessed the suspect and his actions.

Aaron Boutte, 28, of Revere, was charged with open and gross lewdness.

Man charged with two bareback break-ins.
Woman charged with swimming nude at Revere Beach.

By - 9/13/08 - 7:59 pm

So this barhopping New Yorker up in Boston climbs on top of an Acela train at South Station late one night in 2006, reaches up and is promptly zapped with 27,000 or so volts, leading to serious burns and injuries, including the loss of his left arm.

Naturally, he's suing Amtrak for gross negligence, because it failed to do enough to keep idiots from climbing on top of trains and grabbing hold of electrical wires.

In his suit (original complaint), Brian Hopkins argues Amtrak should have known people routinely trespass at South Station and so should have turned off the electricity at night, parked trains away from the station and warned people that grabbing hold of high-voltage power lines could cause serious injuries.

In its reply, Amtrak basically argues Hopkins's injuries were his own damn fault.

Hopkins (and his parents) originally brought the suit in a Queens state court, because he lives there; Amtrak won a request to have the suit moved to federal court, because it was created by Congress and is still half owned by the federal government. The suit is now before federal district court in Brooklyn.

By - 9/10/08 - 2:18 pm

Here's why I enjoy living in a two-newspaper town.

Globe: At City Hall, a good use for all that wind

By - 9/9/08 - 4:40 pm

The Missus reports from her office aerie above the Downtown Crossing Borders on some unusual weather conditions during this afternoon's storm:

... Huge sheets of foamy drywall material, six feet long and two feet wide, came floating and then spiraling down on Washington Street in front of us.

At first we worried that these were wooden boards floating in the sky. Turns out they were just foam though. So no one was hurt. But yikes! ...

By - 9/5/08 - 11:09 am

New game: Where's Mumbles?

(Google Maps has a history of getting landmarks in Boston wrong. A year or two ago, they had Kendall Station about 2 blocks east of its real location.)

By - 9/2/08 - 7:39 pm

An interview with Mark Columbo, a veteran MBTA police officer, on what it's like to have a suspect (in this case, a guy breaking into a car at rush hour in downtown Boston), try to punch his way out of an arrest:

Part 2, in which the tide turns when Columbo applies a "guillotine hold" that began cutting off the flow of blood to the guy's head and he gets some bystanders to help subdue the guy.

By - 9/1/08 - 8:02 pm

Limeyg says the revamped place is destined for greatness.

By - 8/29/08 - 3:45 pm

A Brazilian national living in Winthrop is charged with groping a woman on the Orange Line yesterday.

Alexandre dos Santos, 37, was arraigned in Boston Municipal Court today on charges that he grabbed a woman's butt while sitting next to her on an Orange Line train heading from Chinatown to Downtown Crossing shortly before 11 a.m. yesterday, according to the Suffolk County DA's office. After feeling her up, dos Santos allegedly held a briefcase up to block her view of his face, then grabbed her again. The woman, however, stood up, confronted him and notified the nearest T worker; he was arrested at Downtown Crossing.

Dos Santos pleaded innocent at his arraignment in Boston Municipal Court. He was ordered held without bail and Immigration and Customs Enforcement was notified, the DA's office says.

Innocent, etc.