By - 7/16/15 - 10:39 pm

The BRA board today approved Ashkenazy Acquisition's general "vision plan" for how to turn Faneuil Hall Marketplace into a destination that attracts not only rich tourists but local residents and visitors of more moderate means - in part by making the historic buildings at the core of the marketplace as much a part of visitors' experience as the stores and food. Read more.

By - 7/16/15 - 9:10 pm

A correspondent reports she saw a guy steal the tip jar at the Starbucks at 30 Rowes Wharft around 4:10 p.m. today - despite the best efforts of a barista and a single customer to stop him.

"I feel bad for the working staff, they're not rich," she said, adding she's also upset that while women in the shop called 911, "lots of men in there were buying coffee and they didn't even block the door nor tried to help."

By - 7/16/15 - 4:07 pm
Trombonist on the Orange Line at Downtown Crossing

On the outbound Orange Line platform at Downtown Crossing this afternoon.

By - 7/15/15 - 3:59 pm
U2 fans outside North Station

John Gage came upon U2 fans outside the Garden hoping for a glimpse of Bono's limo around 2:30 p.m.

By - 7/15/15 - 3:56 pm
Mayor Walsh on fake grass in front of Boston City Hall

Photo by Shelagh Dolan.

Mayor Walsh formally inaugurated the new City Hall "lawn" - a 40x40 piece of Astroturf - with cornhole, Adirondack chairs and food he cooked up himself.

By - 7/15/15 - 3:45 pm
Ghostbusters subway entrance in Boston

David Schachner marveled at the new subway entrance in front of 125 High St. today - but wondered who ya gonna call to find out when it opens to the public.

What if?

By - 7/14/15 - 11:38 am

Charlene McBride asks:

Any decent kid-friendly restaurants near Back Bay, Downtown or the North End?

By - 7/13/15 - 6:26 pm
The old Felt club in downtown Boston

Felt in better days

The Boston Business Journal reports a developer has filed a preliminary plan with the BRA to stick 26 floors of residential space above the facade of the existing four-story building at 533 Washington St. that had housed nightclubs for more than 50 years until the state shut Felt in 2012.

The developer bought the building from the Baldekas family last year.

By - 7/13/15 - 12:37 pm
Putting down Astroturf in front of Boston City Hall

Shamus Moynihan watched workers putting down Astroturf on a 40x40 stretch of City Hall Plaza as part of Mayor Walsh's effort to make the normally barren brick wasteland more fun. Part of the effort also includes the plastic Adirondack chairs the city recently plunked down on the plaza.

By - 7/12/15 - 1:29 pm
Ship steering wheels

Views of the Northeast spent some time exploring the Tall Ships in Boston Harbor yesterday.

Copyright Views of the Northeast. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 7/12/15 - 10:29 am
Naked bicycle rider

OfficerInBoston watched the World Naked Bike Ride Boston edition go by last night.

Not everybody bicycled in complete deshabille, as Arturo Gossage shows us: Read more.

By - 7/11/15 - 9:33 am
Watching the sun set over downtown Boston from a bucket

Yesterday evening, Steve spotted a guy who knows how to watch the sunset over downtown Boston - from a bucket truck at the end of Bremen Street in East Boston.

Copyright Steve. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 7/10/15 - 9:02 am
Haitian protest march that started in Government Center

Haitians march from Government Center to Park Square. Photo by Adam Castiglioni.

Area Haitians and Haitian-Americans protesting a plan by the Dominican Republic to expel tens of thousands of people who can't prove they're really Dominican marched yesterday from Government Center to the Dominican consulate - where they were met by area Dominicans and Dominican-Americans who think the plan is just fine. WBUR reports the two groups protested peacefully - and separated by police. Among the Haitian group: State Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry (D-Dorchester), who is Haitian-American.

By - 7/10/15 - 8:39 am

The Herald reports city officials raided the Greatest Bar on Friend Street last night and threatened to shut it down today because of a long list of incidents over the past couple of years - including a brawl that ended with a worker getting stabbed.

By - 7/8/15 - 6:55 pm reports on a public meeting Tuesday over the future of the venerable marketplace - whose operators have already announced plans to rip out the current food stalls and replace them with fancy bistros and the like.

By - 7/8/15 - 6:38 pm

Around 4:30 p.m., people across the Financial District heard a loud boom. Those who happened to be on Federal Street in front of the Bank of America building, saw flames coming out of the rear tire well of an MBTA bus, followed quickly by the arrival of Boston firefighters, who doused the engine.

After they were done, T inspectors tried to figure out what had happened before the bus was towed away.

By - 7/2/15 - 8:52 am

Mike Deehan gives us a bird's-eye view of a John Birch Society protest thing in the State House that was ignored by pretty much everybody except him. One of the two organizers was, of course, the JBS's Boston point man, Harold Shurtleff of West Roxbury, who normally devotes his time to ensuring every public bulletin board in West Roxbury and Roslindale has fliers for the society's youth camp.

Bonus fun fact: The society was originally headquartered in our very own Belmont.

By - 7/2/15 - 8:40 am

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded at 3:49 a.m. to South Station for a fire in the ceiling above tracks 5 and 6: Read more.

By - 6/30/15 - 9:15 pm
Watching the US women's soccer team on City Hall Plaza

Matt Lowe was among those watching the US Women's National Team beat Germany tonight and advance to the final on a large screen on City Hall Plaza.