By - 5/7/14 - 9:13 am
Box that shut Downtown Crossing

The box that shut Downtown Crossing. Photo by Getch22.


Both Red and Orange line service halted around 8:45 a.m. The Filene's construction site and Macy's were evacuated. Barricades went up around the intersection of Washington and Summer and Winter streets.

WHDH reports a dumbass man was taken into custody after telling Orange Line workers the box he was carrying contained a bomb.

It didn't.

The MBTA reports the man was given... Read more

By - 5/5/14 - 1:23 pm
Suspicious backpack

Otis Street near Winthrop Square is shut as the BPD bomb squad investigates a backpack just sitting there.

Angie took photos of the backpack sitting there and as a bomb-squad member investigated it.

Bomb squad member investigates backpack

At1:27 p.m., Dan Dunn reported:

Officer took off body armor. Picked up bag and walked away. Street opening.

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By - 5/3/14 - 4:56 pm

Keytar Bear released a statement today (yes, of course, Keytar Bear now releases statements), in which he says he forgives the guy who punched him in his face - and his friend who videotaped the attack - but that the guy had better turn himself in:

Dear Boston, I don’t have a TV or a computer. Last night I found out about all of the

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By - 5/3/14 - 4:01 pm

Among the several exercises during the weekend "Urban Shield" first-responder drills was a simulated hostage taking inside the Boston City Council chambers at City Hall.

SWAT cops from around the Boston area first navigated their way up a darkened set of stairs to the fifth floor, then, as they scanned a hallway with their guns, made their way into the chambers.

Reporters and photographers, kept... Read more

By - 5/2/14 - 5:05 pm

First responders from across the area will be practicing responding to emergencies at various locations on Saturday and Sunday. Tomorrow, here are the ones you might happen across (there are also sessions at the T's training facility in South Boston and on Moon Island):

  • Old Lincoln School, 194 Boylston St, Brookline, 8 a.m. "Active school shooter response."
  • MIT, 195 Albany St., Cambridge, 11:30 a.m.
  • ... Read more
By - 5/2/14 - 11:38 am

Transit Police report arresting a Dorchester woman on an assault charge downtown yesterday after she allegedly took a swing at a cop and wound up hitting somebody else in the jaw after the cop swung out of her fist's way.

According to police, an officer responded to a Silver Line bus on Temple Place around 1:35 a.m. to investigated a commotion:

Upon arrival officers

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By - 5/2/14 - 10:50 am
Trash on School Street in Boston

Andy Primeau photographed the garbage bags in front of the School Street Radio Shack this morning. Probably just contains the remains of a recent cleanup rather than thousands of spoiled capacitors found in the basement, but you never know.

By - 5/1/14 - 10:02 pm
Fog over Boston Harbor

At the Charlestown Navy Yard shortly before 7 p.m., Brian Q. tried to see downtown through all the fog.

A number of other folks also watched the fog as it rolled in from the ocean and across Boston Harbor and downtown, no doubt caused by the combination of rapidly rising temperatures after the storm had passed.

By - 5/1/14 - 5:01 pm

Boston Magazine gets a short video showing the performer getting sucker punched.

By - 5/1/14 - 8:26 am

The Boston Business Journal reports rents in Boston's tonier sections are falling as new luxo-apartments come onto the market.

By - 4/30/14 - 3:42 pm
Buckling tiles at Boston City Hall

What else could be causing the buckled floor tiles that Amurphbu photographed today on City Hall's second floor?

By - 4/29/14 - 4:16 pm

Anthony Peppe, 68, was arraigned yesterday on a charge of indecent assault and battery for an incident at Park Street on April 8.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, Peppe grabbed a woman's buttocks as she was about to board a trolley that afternoon:

Another male passenger told the assailant, later identified as Peppe, to leave the victim alone, and all three entered

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By - 4/29/14 - 1:25 pm
Defend Keytar Bear

South End Textiles came up with this design today.

Vanyaland reports the furry street musician suffered a broken nose when a guy went up to him, took a selfie, then punched him in the face. That came after another attack, possibly by the same jerk, broke his keytar.

Boston Magazine gets word from Keytar Bear.

Abigail Taylor is organizing a fundraiser for him May 8 at Workbar in Cambridge and has... Read more

By - 4/29/14 - 10:34 am
No more Swan Boats after the zombies arrive

Joystick Chik has written a zombie walking tour of Boston to go with The Last of Us, a 2013 video game about two people fighting their way though a post-apocalyptic landscape, including Boston.

H/t Jared May.... Read more

By - 4/28/14 - 1:04 pm
Floating plants in Fort Point Channel

Fort Point Arts Community gives us a look at the newest art installation in Fort Point Channel: Tropical Fort Point by Peter Agoos:

The struggle for quality public open space in the neighborhood and the likelihood of climate change-induced rising sea levels are the conceptual parents of Tropical Fort Point. Inspired in part by seeing the Sudbury River at spring flood turning the

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By - 4/28/14 - 9:49 am

Transit Police report charging a Hub man with shtupping himself on a Red Line train last night while making lewd comments to two women sitting across from him.

More specifically, Richard Johnson, 48, of Boston, "had his penis out of his pants and was masturbating/fondling himself," police say, adding he got off at Downtown Crossing.

Johnson is scheduled for arraignment today in Boston Municipal... Read more

By - 4/26/14 - 2:38 pm
Guys pouring cement

Workers this morning began pouring 6,000 cubic yards of concrete for a slab at the bottom of what will become the 50-story Millennium Tower where Filene's used to be in Downtown Crossing.

Suffolk Construction, overseeing the work, says the concrete project - which is slated to include deliveries from 600 trucks over 36 hours - will result in the largest "single pour" concrete slab in... Read more

By - 4/25/14 - 9:42 pm
Remembrance for the Armenian genocide in Boston

Matt Conti photographed the Armenian genocide remembrance on the Greenway today.

Photo posted under this Creative Commons license. Tagged as universalhub on Flickr.

By - 4/25/14 - 9:15 am
Turkey at South Station

Ami Chitwood spotted the gobbler this morning, wonders if it was trying to hop on the 705 to Framingham.

By - 4/24/14 - 1:28 pm

Just to switch things up a bit, a Red Line train died in the middle of the day, at South Station, leading to what the T describes as "severe" delays. At 1:22 p.m., Flea reported:

30 minutes and I haven't made it from Wollaston to North Quincy yet.

JosieGL updates:

There was a disabled train then a disgruntled moron who started walking on

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