By - 12/5/15 - 6:02 pm
Speakeasy being dismantled in Boston during Prohibition

On Feb. 11, 1932, news photographer Leslie Jones watched federal agents dismantle an illegal speakeasy, "the most elaborate joint ever built in Boston," at the corner of Causeway and Haverhill streets, across from the Garden and North Station.

About a year and half later, on Dec. 5, 1933, President Roosevelt issued a proclamation declaring the end of Prohibition. Read more.

By - 12/5/15 - 11:24 am

UPDATE: It was water.

Around 11 a.m. on Essex Street at Atlantic Avenue. A BFD decon unit responded to the scene after whatever the liquid was made the driver start coughing. Service on the Red and Orange lines was briefly halted at Downtown Crossing after police received a report the guy might have entered that T station.

Initial BFD testing showed no toxic chemicals, but the bus was to be taken out of service to be cleaned.

By - 12/4/15 - 6:50 pm

Boston Police report the arrest of James Derepentigny, 50, of Lawrence on a charge of planting a hoax device for this morning's bomb scare that shut Atlantic Avenue, Seaport Boulevard and an I-93 entrance ramp. Read more.

By - 12/4/15 - 11:01 am
Remains of the exploded package

Police investigate remains of exploded suitcase. Photo by Jonathan Berk.


UPDATE: Arrest made.

Police are looking for a man they say left a large suitcase near a Homeland Security vehicle at the Coast Guard building on Atlantic Avenue around 9:50 a.m., then walked away in a hurry.

Police responding to the scene quickly shut Atlantic Avenue and Seaport Boulevard over the Evelyn Moakley Bridge as the bomb squad arrived. Eventually, an I-93 ramp was shut as well. Read more.

By - 12/4/15 - 6:50 am
Canadians in front of the Boston Christmas tree, a gift from Nova Scotia

Photo by Communications Nova Scotia.

A pair of Mounties bracket Halifax, NS Mayor Mike Savage, Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil and Andrea and Kyla MacEachern of Lorne, NS, who donated this year's Boston Tree as thanks for the aid Boston gave Halifax after an explosion in Halifax harbor in 1917 killed 2,000 and destroyed a large part of the city.

By - 12/2/15 - 5:30 pm
Flour and Grain Exchange building in Boston with just a tiny little bow

Every December, Related Beal wraps a giant ribbon and bow around the Flour and Grain Exchange building on the Greenway. But as Adam Castiglioni notices, the bow and ribbon are tiny this year.

Solomon McCown reports the scaling back is just for this year:

Our landlord Related Beal tells us the big bow will be back in 2016. Some façade maintenance work made it impossible this year.

By - 12/1/15 - 10:30 pm reports BRA Director Brian Golden is saying he can't deal with Don Chiofaro and his proposed towers anymore. In a letter to a waterfront advisory committee, Golden says the BRA and Chiofaro are at an impasse on the size of the towers.

By - 12/1/15 - 9:32 pm
Car getting a ticket for being in a pedestrian only area in Downtown Crossing

It must've been National Ignore All the Signs Night in Downtown Crossing, because behind this guy getting a ticket for driving down Washington Street shortly before 7 p.m. was a whole line of other motorists who seem to have figured oh, what the hell, let's go for it.

Cars on Washington Street
By - 12/1/15 - 10:47 am
Boston Harbor protest

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can figure out what's going on in this photo and when.

By - 11/30/15 - 5:37 pm

UPDATE: See the comments for a statement by the Alley. Also, the GoFundMe page has been taken down.

Michael Fontana, a drag performer who goes by the name Eileen Dover, says he was jumped and slashed in the neck and beaten by two or three men outside the Alley Bar on Thanksgiving night. Read more.

By - 11/30/15 - 7:56 am
Seasonal light show in Boston's Post Office Square Park

Nick Cosky enjoyed the lights in Post Office Square Park last night.

By - 11/28/15 - 8:05 pm

A fed-up citizen who lives on Beverly Street and Lovejoy Place complains:

Excessive noise from people beating plastic buckets outside Celtics game at 957 pm. Just woke up my sick toddler. Ridiculous - this is now a residential neighborhood and this kind of racket should not be allowed at this hour.

Another 311 user, who likes to browse complaints, files a complaint about the complaint:

Read more.

By - 11/28/15 - 5:11 pm

Passengers of the Green and Orange Line's "super station" at North Station have an underground walkway that exits immediately adjacent to the TD North Garden and the North Station commuter rail concourse. People are only exposed to the elements for about 50 feet or so when making this transition.

However the MBTA has quietly announced that this portal which runs under Causeway Street is closing on January 2 to accommodate construction of the new development next to TD North which is now a parking lot, and the former footprint of the original Boston Garden. Read more.

By - 11/27/15 - 2:49 pm
New entrance for Orange Line on Franklin Street in downtown Boston

Our own Cybah grabbed this shot of the new Franklin Street entrance to the Orange Line going in next to Millennium Tower in Downtown Crossing.

By - 11/25/15 - 3:44 pm

An eardrum-ravaged citizen complains:

Currently (and often) there is a street performer who bangs on overturned plastic drums at the boston massacre site. it's loud and annoying -- i live 23 floors above it, and the noise still infiltrates my apartment -- and it drives tourists away from this historic site. i see them scurrying past and covering their ears, from my window. i can't believe the city allows this.

By - 11/25/15 - 8:39 am
When you could buy fresh-killed turkeys at Faneuil Hall

Back in the day, the first floor of Faneuil Hall was the place where Bostonians could buy fresh meat and poultry. In 1952, Leslie Jones captured the scene when Mr. Kelley, of Thresher & Kelley Market, showed off his Thanksgiving turkeys to a mother and her kids.

From the BPL's Leslie Jones collection. Posted under this Creative Commons license.

By - 11/24/15 - 11:34 pm
10 Post Office Square

10 Post Office Square. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded at 9:48 to a fire in a basement electrical vault at 10 Post Office Square that was sending smoke up into the rest of the building. Read more.

By - 11/24/15 - 2:50 pm
Corazza, a.k.a. Koraca

From his Web site.

A man who claimed to be "a Harvard educated attorney" with offices in Boston, New York and London is, in fact, a con man who bilked at least two clients out of thousands of dollars for legal work he never did - and bought stuff using their names - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office charges. Read more.

By - 11/23/15 - 10:16 am
Rising boat

It's pretty obvious where this photo was taken. The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you know when it was taken and what's going on.

By - 11/21/15 - 9:32 am
Sunrise at Rowes Wharf

Christopher watched the sunrise through the lens of Rowes Wharf.