Commonwealth Avenue Mall

By - 2/11/14 - 11:52 pm
Commonwealth Avenue igloo

Bettlebrox ran across this igloo on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall.

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By - 12/4/13 - 7:33 am
Hawk on the Commonwealth Avenue mall

Stevil spotted this hawk on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall the other day.

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By - 7/3/13 - 11:34 am

Mambo Miam Miam photographs an actual rabbit hopping along the Commonwealth Avenue Mall.

By - 5/19/11 - 10:05 am

Which is much better for the trees than getting David Spaded and cheaper than getting Kate Spaded. BostonZest reports on efforts to improve the landscaping and tree health in the linear park.

By - 1/20/11 - 11:24 pm


If nothing else, that snow/rain storm the other day meant some cool reflecting pools on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall, as Historygradguy shows us.

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