By - 11/28/14 - 12:08 am
First in line at the Walpole Walmart

This guy was first in line at the Walpole Walmart tonight. He says he got there at 1 p.m. to make sure he could get some video games, a game controller and a TV stand for his mom. What about Thanksgiving dinner? He said his dad cooked dinner early so he could eat with him and still have time to get to the Walmart.

The next people in line were all sitting in chairs and mostly bundled up completely, like those mountain climbers with their own mini-tents.

By - 11/27/14 - 8:38 pm

We just gobbled up a story by Vermont Public Radio on 19th-century turkey drives in which turkeys were herded and marched from the Green Mountain State to Boston in time for Thanksgiving.

"We're talking about thousands [of turkeys] in each trip ... Up to 10,000," Peter Gilbert, chair of the Vermont Humanities Council, tells Vermont Edition. "One of the largest drives in the fall of 1824 involved 40 homesteads ... They went all the way from northern Vermont and the Canadian border by a variety of routes, through Ferrisburgh in the west, down the Connecticut River [in the east]."

Via MetaFilter.

By - 11/27/14 - 10:47 am
Winslow Homer Thanksgiving print

Also notice that even back in the day, there was a kids' table. By Boston's own Winslow Homer for Harper's, 1858.

From the BPL's Homer collection. Posted under this Creative Commons license.

By - 11/26/14 - 8:14 am

Our own Suldog discusses the War on Thanksgiving in the pages of the Los Angeles Times.

By - 3/6/14 - 8:32 pm
Bell's Seasoning

The House of Representatives is nearing a vote on a proposal to declare Bell's Seasoning our official state seasoning.

If the House has a taste for the sage proposal, by seasoned state Rep. James Murphy (D-Weymouth), it would go to the Senate, where it could then shake out as a bill for the governor to take the measure of.

Murphy's bill reads in its entirety:

By - 12/5/13 - 10:26 pm

Remarks by the President at Afternoon Hanukkah Reception - a reception attended by, among others, Dana Gitell, who coined the term "Thanksgivukkah."

By - 11/28/13 - 11:54 pm
Bundled up at Walmart

The people at the front of the line outside the Walpole Walmart around 11 p.m. were in no mood to talk about when they got there or what they were going to buy or do much of anything besides huddling inside their cocoons.

There was a similar scene outside the Dedham Best Buy, although the overall line there was a lot shorter.

By - 11/28/13 - 5:51 pm

Andy Metzger points us to Chapter 2, Sect. 7 of the Massachusetts General Laws, which decrees a $50 fine for picking mayflowers - $100 for picking them while in disguise or at night.

By - 11/28/13 - 5:47 pm

Sure, they were, in their own way, a pretty nasty bunch, but you can't help but appreciate their Blue Laws when you look at all the ads in today's paper from chains advertising they're opening at 8 p.m. today. Hah, hah, not here you're not.

By - 11/28/13 - 11:20 am
Thanksgiving in 1746

Massachusetts, of course, has a longer history with Thanksgiving than any other state, you know, the Pilgrims and all. In the early days, the date of an annual day of giving thanks wasn't fixed, but it did involve both public prayers, giving the servants the day off so that they, too, could attend church - and join in fasting.

By - 11/28/13 - 10:22 am
Turkey menace

Bostonography maps turkey sightings in the Boston area. You know what to do: Choose white AND dark meat today.

By - 11/23/13 - 10:47 am

Our own Suldog explains why some retail chains should be ashamed of themselves.

By - 10/20/13 - 9:40 am

Hizzona tweets:

I'll proclaim November 28, 2013 Thanksgivukkah in the City of Boston. How will you celebrate?

Roslindale's own Dana Gitell has been the holiday's most tireless backer.

By - 10/16/13 - 8:00 am

The kids at Kehillah Schechter Academy, the closest Jewish day school to Plymouth Rock, remind us that the once-in-a-lifetime confluence of Thanksgiving and Channukah is nigh.

Via Thanksgivukkah Boston.

By - 11/23/12 - 12:38 am

Xbox guy

This guy was first in line at the Walmart. He reports he got there at 2 a.m. to make sure he got an Xbox and some games. Also some oranges and grapes, he joked. Bathroom breaks? Around the corner, at least until the line extended back there.

Not refugees. Walmart customers.Not refugees. Walmart customers.

By - 11/22/12 - 11:39 am

I wrote this love letter to Boston and, since I lack my own blog these days, I'm thankful for this platform to share it with a wider audience. Thanks, Adam!

In thinking about what I'm most thankful for this year, aside from the usual family, friends, health, and good fortune (not to diminish the importance of those), I was overwhelmed remembering all the people and experiences that helped shape 2012 into one of the best years of my life, when it could easily have been counted among the worst. I could sit for hours talking about each one and still not get them all. Then I realized it all keeps coming back to one thing: this city.

Boston, I am thankful for you living up to every expectation and ideal I had of you from when I was a little girl and dreamed of living in you when I grew up. I am thankful for your varied neighborhoods, your suburbs, your parks, your streets, your rollercoaster weather patterns, your tourist traps, your hidden gems, and your breathtaking scenery. I'm thankful for your weird laws and character of a mayor and even your maddening transit system. I'm thankful for your "freedom trail" (read: bars). The TV doesn't lie. Everyone really DOES know your name sometimes.