By - 3/23/16 - 11:49 am
Longwood Avenue shut down

A normally bustling Longwood Avenue shut down, people ordered to other side. Photo by Matt Colvin.

UPDATE: Suspicious package found at Harvard Medical School building; partial evacuation called around 12:45 p.m.

Police emptied MCPHS University and MassArt buildings at Longwood Avenue near Huntington and put the nearby Boston Latin School in "safe mode" around 11:30 a.m. as the bomb squad investigated a suspicious package inside.

Shortly after 11:50 a.m., bomb technicians determined the package was not harmful. The university began letting students back in and Boston Latin came out of safe mode.

The scene on Palace Road (photo by Kyle): Read more.

By - 3/21/16 - 10:14 pm

Around 9:50 p.m. on Lambert Avenue near Rockledge Street. Due to the severity of the victim's injuries, the homicide unit was summoned, just in case.

By - 3/21/16 - 7:59 am

Around 3 a.m., two men were shot, one fatally, on Humboldt Avenue near Munroe Street, Stanley Staco and Kevin Wiles, Jr. report. One victim was found in a car, another in a nearby apartment.

Boston Police report recovering several guns from the scene.

Photos from the scene.

By - 3/18/16 - 7:06 pm

Boston Police report arresting two men after officers watched them "riding two dirt bikes at a high rate of speed, nearly hitting several pedestrians and other vehicles while weaving through lanes of traffic in the area of Seaver Street and Blue Hill Avenue" around 3:40 p.m. yesterday. Read more.

By - 3/18/16 - 12:32 pm

The BRA board yesterday gave tentative approval to Windale Developers to build 18 condo units on four city-owned vacant lots on Holworthy, Hollander and Waumbeck streets.

The $6-million Garrison Trotter phase II project was first proposed in 2013.

Upon completion, the new homes will be priced to attract a mix of moderate, middle and market rate buyers. Prices for the new affordable homes will range from $250,000 - $400,000 and will be affordable to households with a combined income of $60,000 - $100,000. The affordable moderate and middle-income homes will have a 50-year resale restriction to provide affordability for future generations of homebuyers.

By - 3/17/16 - 10:43 am

Transit Police report arresting a Revere man they say was using one hand to watch a video on his phone and the other hand to do some self-lovin' " in close proximity" to a woman on a 65 bus rumbling down Brookline Avenue through the medical area. Read more.

By - 3/16/16 - 1:23 pm
Dump truck on fire in Jackson Square

C. Carew shows us firefighters arriving to deal with a smoking load in a dump truck in a parking lot on Ritchie Street off Columbus Avenue shortly before 1 p.m.

By - 3/16/16 - 10:52 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that Demond Chatman was mentally competent during his trial the murder of his mother in a Roxbury apartment in 2000, which means, barring further appeals, he will spend the rest of his life in prison. Read more.

By - 3/15/16 - 5:53 pm
Trash barrels used to collect rain at Ruggles station on the Orange Line

Hilary reports the line of trash cans put into service as rain catchers at Ruggles station today was even longer, but she just didn't have a wide-enough-angle lens to fit them all in, but, hey, at least they're not shutting the entire T down for 29 hours to inspect power cables like down in DC, right?

By - 3/11/16 - 2:37 pm

UPDATE: Bail set at $10,000 for the guy; girl ordered to house arrest except she can go to school, Suffolk County DA's office reports.

Boston Police report an alert sergeant noticed a potential setup for the robbery of a food-delivery guy on Cheney Street yesterday evening - in a neighborhood that's seen a spate of such robberies - and decided to see what happened. Read more..

By - 3/2/16 - 1:05 pm

Boston city councilors are going to give Northeastern officials a second chance to show up and discuss their decision to equip the campus police force with high-powered weaponry. Read more.

By - 2/29/16 - 9:35 am
Tsunami Ortiz

Tsunami Ortiz, 17 (right), was ordered held without bail today on charges he murdered D'Andre King-Settles, 17, shot to death on Dec. 18 at 60 Annunciation Rd., the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more.

By - 2/26/16 - 7:14 am

The Boston Business Journal reports on a hearing by the Department of Public Health on Children's proposal for a $1-billion expansion that would include building atop what is now Prouty Garden:

Advocates for the Prouty Garden, which included several Children’s doctors, protested against any plans that would supplant the space, citing the ashes of children who died that have been scattered in the garden or parents who brought their children there for healing.

By - 2/18/16 - 9:11 pm

UPDATE: WHDH reports the baby died.

Around 8:40 p.m. on Humboldt Avenue at Humboldt Court.

The baby was in such bad shape the homicide unit was called in, standard for collisions where somebody might die. The mother also suffered injuries.

The driver stayed at the scene.

By - 2/16/16 - 2:53 pm
Architect's rendering of Tremont Crossing

Architect's rendering of proposed Tremont Crossing

The development team that has long had the rights to an empty parcel across from Boston police headquarters on Tremont Street have filed new plans that include 700 residential units, a 200-room hotel, a big-box store, smaller shops and a museum and performing-arts space. Read more.

By - 2/12/16 - 4:08 pm

A Suffolk Superior Court judge has ordered a new trial for Joseph Cousin, convicted of second-degree murder for the the 2002 death of Trina Persad, 10, because of a possible conflict of interest on his lawyer's part.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office is appealing the ruling. Read more.

By - 2/11/16 - 7:37 am

The Crimson and the Bangkok Post report the issue is a Thai dentist who got a government loan for postgraduate work at Harvard Dental School on condition she return to Thailand to teach afterwards and then just stayed in the Boston area.

[T]housands of Facebook users in Thailand have repeatedly given Harvard one-star ratings and authored scathing criticisms of the University’s administration for allowing Jumlongras to remain at Harvard. Since Poonwithayakij’s Facebook post, Harvard’s Facebook rating has dropped to 2.3 stars. Several months ago, it was more than 4 stars, according to retrieved screenshots of the page.

By - 2/7/16 - 2:35 pm
Marquis Waithe

Boston Police today identified the man shot to death on Brookledge Street in Roxbury on Thursday afternoon as Marquis Waithe, 22, of Roxbury. Read more.

By - 2/5/16 - 7:41 am

Boston Police report a man was shot at 55 Brookledge Rd. around 5:45 p.m. on Thursday. He was taken to a local hospital, where he died.

By - 2/4/16 - 8:28 am
Carlos Henriquez for state rep

UPDATE: Henriquez tells WGBH he's still wrestling with the questino of whether to run.

Former state Rep. Carlos Henriquez, who has maintained his innocence on the assault charge that got him sent to jail for six months and expelled from the House of Representatives, yesterday switched the header of his Facebook page to this image (although he's since switched that to another photo). Read more.