By - 1/20/15 - 10:54 pm

Boston Police report that Dr. Michael Davidson, a cardiac surgeon at Brigham and Women's Hospital from Wellesley, died tonight from being shot this morning.

Police say Stephen Pasceri, whose mother Davidson had operated on, shot Davidson twice at close range in the Shapiro Cardiovascular Center shortly after 11 a.m., then killed himself.

Davidson was rushed into surgery; doctors operated on him for... Read more

By - 1/20/15 - 11:13 am

Update, 10:55 p.m. Davidson has died

Update, 8:30 p.m. WBZ identifies the doctor as Michael Davidson, a cardiac surgeon from Wellesley.

Update, 5:30 p.m: WCVB identifies the shooter as Stephen Pasceri of Millbury, whose mother had been a patient of the doctor before her death in November. Pasceri leaves his wife and four children.

Updated, 1:25 p.m.

A man walked into... Read more

By - 1/19/15 - 8:07 pm
Pippin Roe

Boston Police report Boston and New York detectives teamed up today to arrest a man wanted for killing Pippin Roe, 40, whose body was found in a wooded area near 1542 Columbus Ave. on July 13, 2014.

Ritcher Baez, 24, of New York, was charged with murder.

According to her obituary, Roe had studied at the MFA School and the San Francisco Art... Read more

By - 1/19/15 - 10:10 am
Ekua Holmes' Martin Luther King drawing for Google

Today's Google doodle in honor of Martin Luther King Day is by Ekua Holmes of Roxbury, who is on the board of the Boston Arts Commission.

She writes of her overall work:

During my childhood, I was nurtured by a loving and supportive community of men and women who played important roles in my life. In everything I create, I hear them

... Read more
By - 1/13/15 - 7:44 am

WBUR reports on city efforts to turn an old sign shop in Newmarket Square into a replacement for all the shelter space lost when Long Island was shut in October.

By - 1/9/15 - 8:23 pm

Friends are identifying the man shot to death as he sat in a car on Harrishof Street Thursday night as Alex DoSouto, 24.

DoSouto was a student at Roxbury Community College, where he played guard on the basketball team. In his last game, on Dec. 13 against the University of Connecticut at Avery Point, he scored 11 points.

Reaction online was swift... Read more

By - 1/9/15 - 12:21 am

The scene on Harrishof. Photo by Ryan.

UPDATE: Victim identified as Alex DoSouto.

Stanley Staco and Boston EMS Incidents report four people in a car were shot around 10:45 p.m. on the 100 block of Harrishof Street.

Boston Police report a man, 24, was pronounced dead and a woman was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. Two men were taken to local hospitals with less... Read more

By - 1/5/15 - 1:25 pm

A guy who was already sitting in jail without bail on charges he opened fire on Blue Hill Avenue last summer, killing Dawnn Jaffier and injuring another woman a few blocks away, will continue to sit in jail awaiting trial following his arraignment on a murder indictment by a Suffolk County grand jury.

Keith Williams, 19, was arraigned today in Suffolk Superior Court... Read more

By - 1/2/15 - 9:15 am

The Globe interviews the Dutch architect who designed the new Bolling muncipal building nearing completion in Dudley Square.

Municipal buildings are notoriously unpleasant and user-unfriendly - mazes of confusing corridors, lookalike cubicles, dim light, and salvaged furniture. But this one is different.

By - 12/31/14 - 11:17 am

The Herald reports on yesterday's arraignment of Woobenson and Lorcen Morisset for an alleged seven-on-two attack on police trying to arrest Woobenson; his lawyer says he's 5'3" and has no bruises on his hands; his brother says he was trying to video the arrest and police took it and he never attacked them.... Read more

By - 12/30/14 - 9:28 am

Updated with arraignment info.

Two brothers were arraigned today on charges they and five younger relatives beat two police officers badly enough to put them in the hospital yesterday, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Police officers went to a residence on Wayne Street in Roxbury shortly before noon to serve a warrant issued in Dorchester District Court on Woobenson Morisset, 19 for allegedly... Read more

By - 12/29/14 - 2:26 pm

Boston Police report they are looking for Diriye Bile, 19, on charges he shot a teen in the stomach around 6:40 p.m. on Ruggles Street between Washington and Shawmut.

A Suffolk County grand jury indicted Bile last month, but it seems he didn't stick around to hear the results.

Innocent, etc.... Read more

By - 12/29/14 - 12:18 pm

Updated with arraignment info.

Aquiles Perez, 31, of Hyde Park, was ordered held without bail today on charges he stabbed Rafael Guzman to death and sliced up two other men at a Dec. 21 party at 568 Blue Hill Ave., the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Boston Police arrested Perez this morning.

According to the DA's office, Perez and Guzman, 23, got... Read more

By - 12/29/14 - 11:02 am

Boston Police report witnesses told officers they saw a black Mercedes SUV with tinted windows speed away from the area of 64 Moreland St., Saturday morning right after hearing several shots.

Around noon, or about 30 minutes after the gunfire, police say, officers on patrol spotted a black SUV with tinted windows turn without signaling nearby at Blue Hill Avenue and Brookford Street. They... Read more

By - 12/27/14 - 9:29 pm

Transit Police report a man on the inbound tracks at Roxbury Crossing was hit and killed by a train around 6:25 p.m. Police described him as white and apparently in his 30s.

The Boston Fire Department reports the man was on the tracks just before the station and that after the train stopped, firefighters escorted passengers off the train to the platform.

Buses... Read more

By - 12/26/14 - 11:06 pm

Shortly before 11 p.m., several shots were fired in the intersection of Blue Hill Avenue and Washington Street. Police are looking for a dark Jeep with New York plates and a newer white Camry seen speeding from the scene.

By - 12/26/14 - 11:31 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that Robert Scott, a.k.a. Sultan Omar Chezulu, got a fair trial in 2010 for a murder 26 years earlier, despite errors during closing by the prosecutor.

The ruling by the state's highest court means that Scott, now 66, will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

After Elsie "Yolanda" Hernandez, was found dead under garbage in a... Read more