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By - 8/8/16 - 8:46 am

The Chelsea Record interviews Mimi Rancatore, who runs Toscanini's in Cambridge with her brother Gus: She talks about flavors - chocolate is now more popular than vanilla - and about loving living in Chelsea.

By - 8/4/16 - 12:20 pm
Ice cream factory and ice company in Roslindale

After you buy your three-gallon tub of ice cream at Puritan on Washington Street, you can go across the street to buy some ice at the Ice Box to keep it cool.

By - 7/17/16 - 12:55 pm

Lauren asks:

Is there anywhere in Boston (or even Winthrop or Revere) to get soft serve ice cream?

By - 3/27/16 - 10:44 pm

Lisa Johnson gets the scoop: On Friday, Pizzi Farm will open its ice cream season with a one-day special: Cones made out of donuts, filled with ice cream.

By - 12/3/15 - 10:22 am

In US District Court in Boston.

600 lb. Gorillas, a Duxbury ice-cream company, this week sued one of its suppliers for allegedly providing ice cream for its ice-cream sandwiches that was so bad people stopped buying them. Read more.

By - 11/22/15 - 12:58 pm
Big Dig ice cream

Sure, Brigham's no longer exists as a company, and the Big Dig's been over for awhile now, but you can still get Brigham's Big Dig ice cream at the Stop & Shop on Truman Parkway in Hyde Park.

Colleen Cressman notes:

It's the only quart-sized ice cream that'll take you over 15 years to finish.

By - 8/13/15 - 10:36 pm
Old sign in the old Brigham's in Arlington

Maria M. shows us one of the last vestiges of the old Brigham's in Arlington Heights.

"Ice cream was a wicked bargain back in the day!" she notes.

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By - 7/19/15 - 9:53 am
Flame-broiled Fluff cone

Brad Kelly shows us the blow-torch technique that Gracie's Ice Cream in Union Square, Somerville, uses to prepare their Fluff-coated sugar cones. "Tasty," he reports.

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By - 7/10/15 - 4:32 pm

When we asked our daughter what she wanted for her birthday this year, she had just one specific thing in mind: A tub of ice cream from Puritan Ice Cream on Washington Street in Roslindale, up by Forest Hills. The idea of having an ice-cream factory in her neighborhood has long fascinated her. And knowing their smallest size is three gallons made a Puritan tub seem, well even more special. Read more.

By - 6/4/15 - 8:39 am
Man in trench coat enjoying some ice cream

Photographynatalia surveyed the Scooper Bowl at City Hall Plaza yesterday, found this dapper guy in a trench coat seeking clues to the best ice cream.

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By - 5/14/15 - 2:16 pm

The Boston Licensing Board today approved a license for Chill on Park, an ice cream shop at 142 Park St. in Fields Corner. Read more.

By - 4/26/15 - 4:36 pm
Turkeys on Granite Avenue in Dorchester

Welcome to Dot reports these turkeys crossed Granite Avenue today:

The Brooklinization of Dorchester continues.

In South Boston, Eileen Murphy spotted the first ice-cream truck of the season:

Ice cream truck in South Boston
By - 6/8/14 - 10:28 pm
Gracie's Ice Cream

Julie spotted this sign on the old Sherman Market space in Union Square today.

The Web site doesn't offer any more specifics.

By - 4/13/14 - 6:18 pm

Stephanie asks:

Where do you get soft serve in Boston?! That is actually open now.

By - 2/22/14 - 4:45 pm
Long line at Sullivan's at Castle Island

What seemed like most of South Boston showed up at Castle Island today for the first day of Sullivan's in 2014.

We arrived at the end of the line at Sullivan's around 2:15 p.m. We got to place our orders at 2:55 p.m.

Although the air temperature was 52, the wind chill was way, way lower, thanks to an unceasing and heavy wind that kicked up white caps on Pleasure Bay, where at least the wind surfers enjoyed it.

By - 1/18/14 - 3:48 pm

JP Licks is running a contest to find a new name for its Oreo ice cream, because the Oreo people say that is not how their cookies will crumble, thank you very much.

Via Mike Ball.

By - 7/27/13 - 9:27 am

John Carroll, who when not blogging teaches at BU, alerts us that Insomnia Cookies, which says it will deliver cookies, ice cream and milk until 3 a.m., is setting up shop right next to BU.

Ed. note: Welcome to the City that Always Sleeps, guys, and have fun at that Licensing Board meeting you're no doubt trying to schedule.

By - 7/3/13 - 11:28 am

The Roslindale House of Pizza on Washington Street is now advertising soft-serve ice-cream, potentially saving people north of Adams Park from the walk all the way up to Jimmies for some soft ice cream. People with a yen for the hard stuff, however, will still have to trek to Jimmies or Select Cafe.

By - 6/25/13 - 2:06 pm

Pedro and fan

For a couple of midday hours, Pedro Martinez handed and tossed Good Humor ice-cream bars to fans lined up outside an ice-cream truck in the broiling sun on Dartmouth Street, across from Back Bay station. He signed one woman's do-rag - while it was still on her head - petted a couple's dachshunds and came out of the truck to say hello to a baby in a stroller.

By - 6/7/13 - 12:58 pm

Dot Rat journeys across the Neponset to check out Molly Moo's in Quincy:

I took one bite, just one, and this was my immediate reaction: "You gotta be f*cking kidding me." Yes it was that good. I know ... not something you normally see in an ice cream review but hey, this is how Dot Rats roll.