By - 7/20/07 - 4:11 pm

Brighton Centered has the details on a debate Monday, July 23, between candidates for the city-council seat Jerry McDermott is giving up.

By - 7/18/07 - 5:18 pm

I don’t live at Washington St in Brighton.

I don’t have any friends living at Washington St.

I don’t work at Washington St.

I don’t happen to have any reason to be at Washington St. on most days.

Yet, I find myself standing there almost every day thanks to the MBTA.

By - 6/27/07 - 1:31 pm

Michael Pahre wonders how a member of the Boston Redevelopment Authority's Boston College Task Force can fairly judge BC's expansion plans when his son gets a full scholarship at the school. He also ponders why the Tab didn't think this was worth mentioning in a report on a recent rowdy task-force meeting.

By - 6/26/07 - 8:34 am

Michael Pahre notices that outgoing Harvard president Derek Bok's latest report to his board of overseers shows different plans for a planned art warehouse than what Harvard's been telling the community. Pahre's willing to chalk this up to Bok just being totally uninvolved in Harvard's plans for the Allston/Brighton land it's annexed.

By - 6/22/07 - 11:34 pm

Boston Police aren't sure. They report that around 4 p.m. today at 18 Tremont St. in Oak Square, two witnesses:

... reported that they observed three individuals wearing sweaters, camouflaged clothing and ski masks drag a white male off the sidewalk and push him into van. The witnesses alternatively described the suspects’ vehicle as a dark colored van (possibly blue or gray) or SUV and gave a partial registration # of 3528 or a variation thereof belonging to a Virginia license plate ...

By - 6/22/07 - 9:38 am

Cool photo from last night's storm by Mr. Laskowski:

By - 6/14/07 - 9:46 pm

Boston Police report that a woman was punched in the face shortly after midnight by one of two men who robbed her purse at Chestnut Hill Avenue and Strathmore Road. She got a swollen lip, but declined medical attention. Police are looking for two black men in their mid-20's with medium builds.

By - 6/14/07 - 12:09 am

Woman suffered swollen lip but declined medical attention.

Chestnut Hill Ave. and Strathmore Rd.

More info.

By - 5/16/07 - 2:58 pm

On the Redstar Perspective, Leigh mourns the passing of a growing number of locally owned shops and hopes the fun, quirky neighborhood doesn't become another soulless condo warren:

By - 5/15/07 - 9:16 pm

Aunty Scotch offers evidence that, whatever happened, it was not a case of a stupid copper thief blowing himself up.

By - 5/11/07 - 2:56 pm

Buckospal discusses emergency response in the neighborhoods this week:

... One call in Allston a high priority cardiac issue this afternoon found the paramedic unit assigned to the call changed three times. Each of course were coming from well outside of the Allston/Brighton area so any chance of them making the call in a timely manner was simply wishful thinking. ...

By - 4/7/07 - 2:22 pm

Well the countdown begins. Hopefully I will be moving to Roslindale from Brighton on April 28th. I'm gonna miss a lot in Brighton though:

By - 3/18/07 - 11:07 pm

Man couldn't sleep; hit loud friend of roommate in the head with a bottle.

51 Park Vale Ave.

More info.

By - 3/7/07 - 2:45 am

Police looking for three masked men in identical three-quarter length down coats; victims treated at St. Eliabeth's.

15 North Beacon St.

More info.

By - 3/3/07 - 5:37 pm

It is believed that a time capsule was placed in the cornerstone, or somewhere in the building site, of the forner Brighton Town Hall in 1841.

The Brighton Town hall occupied the space that currently houses the Knights of Columbus Hall on Washington Street in Brighton Center. The original building was destroyed by a fire in the 1970's, but the new structure was built upon the existing foundation.

Over time it is believed thatthe time capsule was lost, and that it may be buried in the building structure even today!

By - 3/3/07 - 2:32 pm

Brighton Bicentenial Committee is considering creating a time capsule to be opened in 2107.

Any creative ideas or suggestions are appreciated, including how and where to store the time capsule so that it actually will be found in 2107!

By - 3/1/07 - 12:25 pm

Even as Harvard is going to re-think its Allston art warehouse, residents at the other end of Boston's ponytail are starting an online discussion group about BC's expansion plans. BU's been quiet of late. A little too quiet.

Via Harry Mattison, the neighborhood go-to guy for development news.

By - 2/11/07 - 8:16 am

On Fussy Eater, Karen raves about the Portuguese sweet bread at the under-new-management Daniel's in Brighton Square:

... In fact the Portuguese Sweet Bread was so good that I dropped off the remainder of the loaf at work so I wouldn't be tempted to devour it. ...