By - 9/30/14 - 5:38 pm
Storrowed truck peeled back on Soldiers Field Road in Boston

State Police report that shortly after 1 p.m., the driver of a box truck became the driver of a storrowed box truck thanks to a low-hanging bridge on Soldiers Field Road inbound, near where it turns into Storrow Drive.

As a result of the driver's reading problems, one lane had to be shut until the newly shorn truck could be removed.... Read more

By - 9/30/14 - 3:46 pm
Commuter-rail train in abandoned Allston rail yard

Imagine a train station in the middle of a thriving neighborhood.

State and city officials stood in a the door of a new commuter-rail coach parked in the old Allston freight yard to announce a $25-million train station.

West Station will be built near the present turnpike toll plaza and should open when the turnpike there is straightened, in 2020, state Transportation Secretary Richard Davey said.

The station will be servced by DMUs, single-car diesel units... Read more

By - 9/28/14 - 8:07 pm

Possible future site of West Station

On Tuesday, Governor Patrick and MassDOT officials will visit Allston to make an announcement about multi-modal improvements in the I-90 Interchange Improvement Project.

Also, Monday is the deadline to submit comments to [email protected] about this project. More info at

------- Details of Tuesday's event -------

Who: Governor Deval Patrick, MassDOT Secretary Richard A. Davey, Highway Administrator Frank DePaola, MBTA General Manager Dr.... Read more

By - 9/25/14 - 11:29 am
Renderings of an Allston Esplanade and new development at Beacon Yards

Renderings from the Boston Society of Architects Beacon Yards Urban Design Workshop

Last week, two teams organized by the Boston Society of Architects proposed that the $260M reconstruction of the Mass Pike in Allston should include a great new public place and civic amenity along the Charles River.

Monday is the deadline to send comments on this project to [email protected]

Images from the BSA presentations and a sample comment letter to MassDOT are online at... Read more

By - 9/25/14 - 9:23 am
Allston white rabbit

Roving UHub photographer Christopher Wagner reports on his encounter with the Allston white rabbit:

A couple days ago I was walking to my car and spotted him again. When I crouched down to try and get a picture, he hopped right out from under the white Subaru in the picture and stopped right in front of me. I’m thinking it has to be either

... Read more
By - 9/23/14 - 11:43 am

Muerl asks:

Is there somewhere to donate 20 to 25 trial sized soaps in All/Bri? Was thinking Womans Shelter?

By - 9/20/14 - 10:26 pm

The organizers of Sunday's Allston Village Street Fair posted an alert today:

Attention Everyone! AVSF PARKING SCAM ALERT!! SCAM re: $$$ Parking Services for the annual Allston Village Street Fair Festival

The Allston Village Street Fair Festival provides FREE PARKING AND SHUTTLE BUS SERVICES TO AND FROM THE AVSF FROM 11:30A.M. - 6:30P.M. EACH YEAR. Detailed Driving and MBTA Directions to the

... Read more
By - 9/18/14 - 9:37 am

What will happen here after spending $250 million of our money?

Tonight at 6:30 at the Jackson Mann Community Center, learn how MassDOT plans to spend 250 million public dollars to rebuild the Mass Pike in Allston.

At 4:30, learn how the Boston Society of Architects thinks this project should start the transformation of one of the last major piece of developable land in Boston.

Both meetings will be at the Jackson Mann Community Center, 500... Read more

By - 9/18/14 - 8:42 am
Greyhound spots white rabbit in Allston

Andrea Crossan shows us what happens when a greyhound spots the fabled white bunny of Allston - on Islington Terrace.

Pandapwr, meanwhile, gets up and personal with one of the fabled white squirrels of the West End.

By - 9/17/14 - 9:39 am

The cause of a nine-alarm fire on Harvard Terrace in Allston and a five-alarm fire on Lagrange Street in West Roxbury remain "under active investigation," a Boston Fire Department spokesman said this morning.

By - 9/15/14 - 10:12 am

Tim Murphy gives us a look at Packards Corner in the 1940s, when you could still take a trolley from downtown to Watertown Square, back in pre-MBTA days.

Imagine how bad this area would be today if there were still no traffic lights?!

By - 9/11/14 - 5:23 pm

Handy tips for BU students from the MBTA. We eagerly await the tips for Orange Line riders.

By - 9/9/14 - 9:53 pm

Outbound, just past Harvard Avenue, around 9:40 p.m. Comm. Ave. outbound is shut between Harvard Avenue and Allston Street for the investigation.

By - 9/5/14 - 11:54 am

The Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition and the Allston/Brighton CDC are helping to collect funds and clothing for people burned out of their homes in Wednesday's nine-alarm fire on Harvard Terrace.

The coalition has set up a fund for monetary donations. You can donate online (mark that the donation is for Harvard Terrace families) or at

Helping Families of Harvard Terrace Fire
... Read more

By - 9/4/14 - 8:30 pm

Lizzie Raze spotted the dots around 8:20 p.m. So did Doug G. Both, of course, want answers, and here at Answer Central, well, we have no clue.

Chris wonders: Space hipsters?

The Maltz suggests: could be an RC Drone.

Doug G., however, doubts that theory: Seemed too high up. They looked like they were over Brookline, maybe JP.

But the... Read more

By - 9/3/14 - 6:22 pm

Massive fire in an apartment building at Commonwealth Ave and Harvard Street in Allston this afternoon. Surrounding streets blocked off.

By - 9/3/14 - 6:14 pm
Fire on Harvard Terrace, Allston

Photo by Dan Esdale. Video by Neil Tuli:

A large fire ripped through two six-unit apartment buildings on Harvard Terrace, off Harvard Avenue and behind Brighton Avenue. By 6:25, the fire had gone to five alarms; by 6:50 p.m. to seven alarms. Fire commanders initially ordered firefighters off the roof, then, as the fire progressed, out of the more heavily engaged building.

Shortly after the seventh alarm was struck, firefighters were ordered out... Read more

By - 9/3/14 - 12:18 pm

A resident of Greylock Road in Allston reports her roommate was still at home this morning when she saw her bedroom screen up and a guy on the other side about to climb in.

Guy claimed he thought no one lived there. Even still, he demanded her laptop - which was sitting on her bed. The resident says the roommate refused and managed to... Read more

By - 9/2/14 - 7:41 pm
Golden sunset along Commonwealth Avenue

Greg Hum captured the post-storm sun along Comm. Ave.

By - 9/1/14 - 9:13 am
Used piano in Allston

On this fine Allston Christmas, Andrea Crossan came across this used piano on Islington Terrace that needs just a bit of work.