By - 10/3/13 - 10:26 pm

Around 9 p.m., both Intestinal Fortitude and Swarthy reported a woman riding a Hubway bike on I-90 eastbound just past the Allston/Cambridge tolls.

In a possibly unrelated incident, about 45 minutes later, State Police reported a pedestrian was hit by a car on I-93 south by Columbia Road.... Read more

By - 10/1/13 - 12:15 pm

Final ride chronicled as the land prepares to lie fallow for Harvard's 100-year-plan for the now former Beacon Park yards.

By - 9/30/13 - 7:55 am

The Daily Free Press reports on a strike against Insomnia Cookies, one of those companies trying to cash in on area college students' late-night need for baked sugar.

By - 9/21/13 - 12:13 pm

Over the past few months, Boston University has taken a somewhat leisurely approach to filing lawsuits over its patent on making a component of LEDs, suing Apple here, lobbing a lawsuit at Amazon there.

Yesterday, though, BU opened the floodgates, filing nine separate lawsuits in US District Court against Acer, BlackBerry, Canon, Dell, Fujifilm and some companies few people have heard... Read more

By - 9/21/13 - 12:00 pm

A concerned citizen frets:

Is there something we can do to curb the throngs of BU students from crossing Comm Ave against the walk light? They haphazardly cascade across the street between classes, with no regard for vehicles and bikes. Not only is it unsafe for them, but it creates a dangerous driving situation. Thanks!

... Read more
By - 9/17/13 - 8:01 am
Allston crash

Airbags deployed and at least one person was taken away in an ambulance when several vehicles somehow managed to collide shortly after 7:30 a.m. at Cambridge Street and Harvard Avenue.

OrbitalHalcyon took this and other photos.

By - 9/16/13 - 7:12 am
Smashed car at turnpike toll plaza

Todd Buffum snapped a car whose driver took a novel approach to the Allston tolls around 10 p.m. yesterday.

By - 9/3/13 - 11:37 am

As you might expect, Citizens Connect this morning is filled with reports from Allston/Brighton, Fenway, Mission Hill, Beacon Hill and that bit of Roxbury along Columbus Avenue about student leftovers clogging up the sidewalks. But so far, only one concerned citizen has reported a lobby filling up with... Read more

By - 9/1/13 - 6:16 pm

Wall respect

We headed up to Allston today for some festive Allston Christmas sightseeing. Saw the usual sights (see below), but also this enigmatic structure on Linden Street. Anybody know the meaning behind it?

Typical Allston scene today.... Read more

By - 8/30/13 - 6:40 pm

Will reports from Allston:

Just helped a total stranger load a curb couch into a van. He gave me 3 bucks to buy a beer and then drove away.

By - 8/30/13 - 8:44 am

Around 10:45 p.m. at Brighton Avenue and Cambridge Street. Fortunately for the injured, there's a firehouse right there. Boston EMS Incidents reports one of the injured appeared "unresponsive" when EMTs arrived; he was rushed to Beth Israel Hospital, rather than taken to the nearby St. Elizabeth.

A nearby resident reports she saw it all:

It felt so high school. A bunch of 30-somethings yelling

... Read more
By - 8/29/13 - 2:12 pm

BU Today reports District D-14, which covers Allston and Brighton, begins a booze crackdown next month that will feature more arrests as the first response to violations of alcohol-related laws. BU Today quotes BPD Superintendent William Evans:

We are going to come down a little harder at the outset than we did last year. When a party gets out of control, we’re going to

... Read more
By - 8/28/13 - 4:31 pm

Boston Police today released a short statement on what we all thought was the second case of a woman getting into an unlicensed cab and being sexually attacked by the driver: Basically, it didn't happen:

After a thorough investigation the Boston Police has determined that the August 18, 2013 report of an alleged sexual assault in the area of the Allston /Brighton line

... Read more
By - 8/26/13 - 7:05 pm

Two guys whipped out guns and began firing at each other around 6:20 p.m. on Comm. Ave. just outbound from Harvard Ave., AlertNewEngland reports. No injuries, police recovered two guns, still looking for the shooters.

The T briefly stopped B Line trolley service.

By - 8/19/13 - 7:31 pm

Rental trucks in Allston

Turlach MacDonagh spotted these rental trucks parked on Brighton Avenue in Allston, just down the street from the Budget lot, busy in preparation for Allston Christmas.

Copyright Turlach MacDonagh. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.... Read more

By - 8/18/13 - 11:42 pm

Boston Police report a woman who got into a car at Linden and Pratt streets around 2 a.m. for a ride to Cambridge instead found herself sexually assaulted somewhere off North Harvard Street near the Charles River.

The victim stated to officers a man driving a sedan stopped and offered her a ride to Cambridge. The vehicle was NOT a licensed City of

... Read more
By - 8/17/13 - 11:11 am

Boston University filed another LED patent lawsuit this week, this time against a company that distributes Samsung's SPHWWTHDD805WHT0GD, SPHWHTHAD603S0R0MZ and, of course, popular SPMWHT221MD5WAP0S0 high-tech lamp components.

As it alleged in its earlier suits against Samsung, HP, LG, Apple, Amazon and two LED manufacturers, Boston University charges the components violate a patent based on the work of BU electrical engineering and computer science... Read more

By - 8/13/13 - 8:54 am

DPW workers righting the downed box. Photo by Robinite.DPW workers getting ready to right the downed box. Photo by Robinite.

Around 4:30 a.m., That Red Hair Girl tweeted:

Was anyone else in Allston just violently awoken by what sounded like the

... Read more
By - 8/8/13 - 8:35 pm

Boston Police report officers didn't have to do anything to catch a purse snatcher on Comm. Ave. yesterday - thanks to two bystanders who sprung into action when a woman started yelling about a man who'd just stolen her purse behind Great Scott on Comm. Ave., one of them an off-duty Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police officer.

The victim stated

... Read more