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A lot of snow in Brockton

This is what Cinzia Sonya saw when she opened a side door in her home in Brockton this afternoon.

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Brockton24_7 reports the Community Bank branch in Brockton was held up this afternoon by a woman whose description matches that of the woman suspected of taking the bus to three bank robberies yesterday. Only this time, Brian D'Amico reports, she may have been in a Honda.... Read more

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This is the mailing that has Stephen Lynch in a tizzy.
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The front illustrates how in three important votes in the US House of Representatives Stephen Lynch voted in favor of the conservative position, the position usually associated with Republicans. The conceit is that Lynch... Read more

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There are six days left until the Democratic primary Tuesday September 14. If you are a MA9 resident and you would prefer a more progressive Democratic candidate than incumbent Congressman Stephen Lynch, there is something you can do to increase Mac D'Allesandro's chances.

Everyday between now and next Tuesday talk to a like-minded friend who... Read more

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Lynch plays his cards close to the vest in what seems like a defensive style of politics. It certainly is not leadership-driven.

Take his process on the health care bill debate last summer. From March through August we heard Rep.Lynch say he didn't know how he'd vote on the bill. At the same time, he did not take a leadership role in shaping it.... Read more

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The Supreme Judicial Court today threw out a libel suit against the Brockton Enterprise for its reporting on the firing of a town sewer director, saying that anonymous comments published by the paper about closed-door hearings were protected under a long established press privilege to cover "official actions and statements."

At issue were stories the paper published in 2005 about the firing of James Howell,... Read more

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His lawyer compares his case to that of that carnival worker set free:

More from the Globe.

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This is probably not "blogformation" but I just visited the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton. Wow! Never knew it was there and never knew contemporary craft was so wild and wonderful...