By - 4/9/14 - 6:20 pm

Apparently, the people at Brandeis who decide these things haven't heard of Google and only decided not to give Ayaan Hirsi Ali an honorary degree after getting protests about the way she's described Islam as "a destructive, nihilistic cult of death."

Ali responded with a statement accusing the Jewish-founded university of turning its back on its own ideals:

More deplorable is that an

... Read more
By - 4/6/14 - 5:07 pm
Norumbega tower

The Norumbega tower. See it larger.


When you're rich, people listen to you. And you get to build monuments to wacky ideas with no proof behind them.

You can see proof of that at the far end of the Commonwealth Avenue mall, where a Romanicized version of Leif Erikson forever peers towards the Charles River and the Common - and in a small byway off River Road and South Street... Read more

By - 3/27/14 - 11:29 am
Wanted: Luis Orlando Santiago

In 2011, there was the triple murder linked to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the victims' bodies sprinkled with marijuana.

A high-school student was shot to death last week, police say, in an attempted drug rip-off that was aimed at recovering money the victim felt was stolen in an earlier pot deal by his cousin.

And now, Waltham Police alert us, another suspected local... Read more

By - 3/23/14 - 9:53 am

Using court and police records, along with interviews with prosecutors, police and victims, the Globe profiles the former turnpike toll taker, Red Sox security guard and violent man, who mostly managed to evade any punishment for a series of crimes dating back to his high-school years.

By - 3/18/14 - 7:39 am

Xconomy reports on Proteon Therapeutics, whose sole potential product is an enzyme aimed at breaking up the fiber formed by blood vessels when they're cut into. It's aimed at long-term kidney-dialysis patients who first undergo surgery aimed at toughening up a vein to withstand the repeated punctures required for dialysis.... Read more

By - 12/10/13 - 7:44 am
Sunrise over Waltham

And, yes, we're expecting one to two inches of snow today. But, still, people who were up at, well, the crack of dawn, got to see quite the sunrise. Allison Pyburn watched the sun rise over Waltham.

By - 10/8/13 - 8:14 pm
Waltham sunset

Saul Blum captured the sunset over Waltham this evening.

By - 10/7/13 - 7:24 am

The Herald's Laurel Sweet scores a jailhouse interview with the alleged abusive murderer, who says he wants his parents to get custody of his daughter (they have lots of money) and says people should stop pestering the assistant DA who failed to get him jailed on an abuse rap. Oh, yeah, and he didn't kill his girlfriend.... Read more

By - 7/29/13 - 7:59 pm

Wall cloud

Jonathan Berk watched a wall cloud roll over Boston this evening.

Chris Devers watched the cloud barrel across Allston around 7:30:

Allston cloudPosted under this Creative Commons... Read more

By - 7/23/13 - 10:51 am

Raccoon in gratePhoto by Waltham PD.

The Waltham Police Department reports cops, firefighters and the city animal control officer were able to rescue a young raccoon found, as you can see, with its head stuck in a storm grate yesterday. Found at ... Read more

By - 5/18/13 - 10:22 am

Aston Martin Lagonda and an Aston Martin dealership in Waltham are racing at each other full speed in a dispute over whether the car company - whose cheapest model goes for $122,400 - can open another dealership in Wayland.

Aston Martin of New England on Linden Street in Waltham, says the plan would cut its sales dramatically and wants $3 million in... Read more

By - 5/13/13 - 10:27 am

Lauren reports from Waltham, which once a year becomes the steampunk capital of Massachusetts.

By - 3/1/13 - 8:37 pm

This video shows Boston Dynamics's Big Dog, which used to just be able to walk up hillsides, but which has now been outfitted to be the sort of robot you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

Via MetaFilter.... Read more

By - 3/1/13 - 1:54 pm

Join Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders at our annual Summer Party held outside in the heart of Provincetown, MA on Saturday, July 27 from 4:00-7:00PM. Enjoy the view of the harbor, mingle with other GLAD supporters and learn more about our ground-breaking cases.

Tickets are $75 online | $85 on site | $30 student
Purchase at www.glad.org/events.

Don't miss our amazing auction... Read more

By - 10/28/12 - 7:24 pm

Shabbos candles

Saul Blumenthal noticed that among the items the Waltham Shaw's put out on its Sandy table were shabbos candles, normally only used for celebrating the start of the Sabbath on Friday.

"Yahrzeit candles work better!" Greg Reibman offers.

Meanwhile, the Globe found some guy at... Read more

By - 10/28/12 - 12:22 am

Pas de l'eau

Christopher photographed the scene in the water aisle at the Waltham Shaw's on Saturday night.

At the Dedham Star, a manager went on the PA: "Attention shoppers, get all your power-outage needs at the front of the store." At the front of the store was a... Read more

By - 8/20/12 - 9:36 pm

Of course, that's just what City Hall would say if it were taken over by zombies.

Imagine if that sign were on Morrissey Boulevard: WICKED HIGH ZOMBIES.