Second Amendment

By - 9/25/14 - 10:38 am

A Boston resident who says he was denied a gun permit when he tried to use a US passport as proof of citizenship wants a federal judge to order Police Commissioner William Evans to issue him a license to carry post haste.

In a lawsuit filed this week in US District Court along with Commonwealth Second Amendment, Phuong Ngo argues he's being deprived of... Read more

By - 6/4/13 - 1:17 pm

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that a man who outgrew his violent neighborhood to become a respectable member of society still cannot legally own a concealed weapon in Boston for self protection, even though he sometimes carries large amounts of cash.

The state's highest court said state gun laws do not violate Mirko Chardin's Second Amendment rights because even the US Supreme Court... Read more

By - 4/3/13 - 12:26 pm

Gun protester

Roving UHub photographer Rhea Becker filed this photo from the Common, where gun lovers are holding a protest today that featured a little boy reciting the Second Amendment.... Read more

By - 1/29/13 - 11:09 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today Massachusetts residents do not have a Constitutional right to keep loaded handguns in unlocked bedside drawers.

The ruling by the state's highest court upholds a state law that requires gun owners to either store guns in locked containers or equip them with locking mechanisms when they're not under their "immediate control."

The ruling comes in the case... Read more

By - 9/13/12 - 8:49 am

A federal appeals court has upheld the right of Massachusetts police departments to deny people the right to bear certain arms if they lie on their permit applications.

The ruling means former Boston police officer Stacey Hightower can no longer carry a concealed .38 caliber five-round revolver - or carry high-capacity weaponry.

In 2008, after she had resigned as an officer, Police Commissioner Edward Davis... Read more

By - 10/11/11 - 11:34 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today nothing the Supreme Court has said invalidates the state's requirements for gun permits, so people can't just go out and buy guns willy-nilly.

The ruling is the latest in legal volleying between our highest court and the US Supreme Court over the Second Amendment. Last year, the SJC ruled the Second Amendment doesn't apply to states. Does, too,... Read more