By - 5/7/14 - 4:19 pm

City Councilor Josh Zakim says he doesn't hate lawyers - he's one himself - but he says he concerned that too many professionals are taking over street-level storefronts on Charles Street and the Beacon Hill side of Cambridge Street and wants to try to slow the process.

Zakim, who represents most of Beacon Hill, wants to make professional offices a "conditional" use on the two...Read more

By - 7/5/13 - 10:56 am

The Jamaica Plain Gazette clucks that neighborhood zoning would trump a proposed citywide ordinance revamp to promote urban agriculture, and neighborhood zoning in JP and Roslindale, under which backyard chickens are not allowed to come home to roost, would trump that.

In 2011, the Zoning Board of Appeals ordered a Roslindale resident to roust her chickens, although other people continue to keep...Read more

By - 12/17/12 - 10:31 am

City councilors this morning began a formal discussion on how to allow the medical-marijuana dispensaries approved by voters last month while letting neighborhoods have a say on specific locations.

The law approved by voters would allow up to five dispensaries in a county.

City Councilor Bill Linehan, who represents South Boston and the South End, said he understands the need for medical marijuana and...Read more

By - 3/2/12 - 8:08 am

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports some home-farming advocates aren't waiting for Boston officials to amend city zoning codes to allow backyard poultry, but that has at least one neighbor of an "illicit chicken-raiser" crying fowl.Read more