By - 7/31/07 - 9:49 pm

Two more, in the same basic area on the Southeast Expressway as the one that got wedged in a bus yesterday; one driver lost control and slammed into a Jersey barrier.

Couple this with Josh Simons's HazMat game (identify hazardous cargos by the numbers on the placards on the back of the trucks) and you get a new way to spice up the commute: "Say, Bob, whadaya think would happen if a flying manhole cover sliced through that truck with the '3' hazardous placard?"

By - 7/20/07 - 9:50 pm

Two car accidents (one fatal) 25 miles apart were enough to create highway gridlock throughout the Boston area this afternoon.

By - 6/10/07 - 10:42 am

Freewayjim presents: Big Dig Drive - the world's most expensive video game:

By - 5/1/07 - 8:48 pm

Cindy and Jeff remind us that today is the 11th anniversary of the day that Canadian lumber truck driver brought our highways to a complete standstill by crashing into a support beam on the Lower Deck. Guess we're lucky he wasn't hauling gasoline.

By - 4/24/07 - 10:18 pm

Look, you can change the path of Rte. 1 so it no longer goes down the VFW Parkway, leading us to wonder how to tell people where the Dedham Mall used to be.

But now Channel 5 is running a poll to see if traffic reporters should start calling the highway between I-95 and the Braintree split I-93 instead of Rte. 128.

By - 4/5/07 - 2:36 pm

Cindy and Jeff give today's blazingly obvious traffic tip: Don't speed on the Leverett Connector/Tobin loop ramps, and you probably won't plunge 70 feet into either sand or gravel.

By - 4/3/07 - 1:20 pm

Lewis Forman notes the latest plunging-vehicle news and wonders:

With another vehicle falling off the Leverett Connector loop and onto a vehicle 70 feet below, is it now time to say that ramp is extremely unsafe? I'm still grappling with how a 3 and a half foot (a personal guess) barrier is supposed to stop a vehicle from going over the edge. Even at low speeds, let alone a heavily loaded tractor trailer.

By - 3/22/07 - 9:55 am

Ollie is moving here from the UK and the news that a little kid was shot in a car just past the Zakim doesn't make him feel particularly good about his new home:

By - 3/20/07 - 7:44 pm

A very special kind of idiot, according to Cindy at SmartRoutes, who reports watching him (via a traffic camera on the Fortress building) cross the highway rather than use the nearby Southampton Street overpass:

By - 3/19/07 - 10:15 am

Car plunges to gravel site from ramp, killing man (although the absolute worst roadway in America for us acrophobes has to be the High Bridges into Charleston, SC - shudder!).

By - 2/27/07 - 5:20 pm

Cindy and Jeff drive home the point that local traffic patterns have changed since the Largest Highway in the History of Mankind opened up - and they show you who's got it better and who's got it worse on brightly colored maps that will look familar to anybody who's ever played later models of SimCity.

By - 1/31/07 - 1:20 pm

Update: The Globe and Channel 4 now report that officials are finding these things all over the place. Storrow Drive is shut down. The Red Line is shut down between Park Street and Kendall.

By - 8/31/06 - 8:27 am

OK, John Daley isn't arguing for that, but he examines how to get to Roxbury from the Southeast Expressway these days and concludes:

... In many ways, we were better off before the Big Dig.

Joshua Simons, meanwhile, says one way to restore public confidence in tunnel safety would be to install bolt monitors in the tunnels and make the data available in realtime on a public Web site.

By - 8/19/06 - 9:14 am

No, we're not talking about anti-terrorism stuff here. We're talking about how impossible it now is to actually get there - even if you live just 15 minutes away, as Korte reports:

... I amble over to Southie and find Broadway, eventually getting back on Rte 93 North. Amusingly, there is no exit directly to the airport on 93 North anymore (chuckle chuckle)

By - 7/20/06 - 9:47 pm

It's not just the eastbound Ted Williams Tunnel that was ordered shut today. Mac Daniels reports:

... Two lanes of I-93 North from the O’Neill Tunnel entrance to the Atlantic Avenue on-ramp will closed at night until further notice from 11:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. the next morning. The two tunnel lanes will close alternately. Tonight the right lanes in the tunnel will be closed; tomorrow the left lanes will be closed. ...

By - 7/20/06 - 10:06 am

State Sen. Marian Walsh wants another Ward Commission to keep the Big Dig debacle from ever happening again (for you whippersnappers, the Ward Commission exposed endless corruption and greed after UMass buildings started crumbling).

Great idea, Sco writes:

By - 7/18/06 - 5:19 pm

Kimberly Atkins has the details of Romney's formal effort to remove Matt Amorello from office - which also includes a suit by three Romney appointees to the turnpike board against Amorello.

Spatch: Romney to Amorello: It's on, bitch:

... Too bad A. Romney's looking right into the eyes of 2008 when he bares his teeth, and B. someone had to die for the shakeup (shakedown?) to happen.

By - 7/17/06 - 12:58 pm

What would the Big Dig debacle be without a Big Dig Debacle blog?

Universal Hub's own Big Dig page.