West of 495

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The MBTA reports that commuters on the Worcester, Fitchburg and Haverhill lines should expect delays tomorrow morning due to storm damage.

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First snow

Richard Beaubien captured the beginnings of the storm in Bolton this afternoon.

Copyright Richard Beaubien. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

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Channel 5 reporter Cheryl Fiandaca just made the first on-air snowball of the season, out in Ashburnham - after, of course, kneeling to pick up some snow. OK, it looked more like an iceball than a snowball, which is probably why she didn't throw it at the cameraman.

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Steve Berry reports his Verizon 4G wireless works as advertised when he's in a 4G coverage area, but that the problem is that his commute takes him into 3G territory and that's a problem:

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Cambridge, Mass. — Tickets are on sale now for George V. Higgins’ The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Stickball Productions’ world premiere stage adaptation of the quintessential Boston crime novel. The production runs Dec. 8–Jan. 15 at Oberon in Harvard Square, for tickets, visit www.thefriendsofeddiecoyle.com

It is the winter of ‘69 in Boston and Eddie Coyle is a bottom of the barrel hood attempting to stay alive and out of jail among his “friends” – cops, bartenders, radical hippies, bank robbers, hit men and informants. Weeks away from a prison sentence for trucking stolen booze, Eddie’s making a few bucks supplying the guns for a rash of brazen bank heists, while looking to tip someone in for a kind word to the judge.

George V. Higgins’ classic novel has been called the “best crime novel ever written” by Elmore Leonard, and literary scholars have compared his unforgiving and realistic depiction of Boston’s underworld with the works of Dickens, Dostoevsky, and Balzac. Through dialogue quintessentially Bostonian, and the most poignant homage to Bobby Orr and the ’69-’70 Boston Bruins in literature, The Friends of Eddie Coyle has set the bar for Boston crime stories for nearly 40 years.

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She's just not ready to answer her kids' inevitable questions about sodomy:

I can't even go to normal places without having to sit silently and tolerate immorality. We all know what would happen if I asked two men or two women to stop displaying, right in front of me and my children, that they live in sodomy.

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Although some may have some delays, the T says.

Updated Monday morning

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The Worcester Tornadoes are supposed to be playing their final homestand this weekend.

By - 7/28/11 - 10:52 am

The MetroWest Daily News reports an East Boston man who allegedly posted a Craigslist ad looking for women with troubled pasts for a documentary he claimed to be making is charged with raping a woman who answered the ad, in a Motel 6 on Rte. 9.

Unclear from the story is how or why the woman first reported the crime by flagging down a police officer in Roslindale.

By - 7/21/11 - 11:38 am

Apparently, there's not a lot to do in July in Northborough, the MetroWest Daily News reports:

As officers responded to the report, police received a call about a motorcycle that had crashed into a pole on Crestwood Drive, Sgt. James Scesny said. But instead of a motorcycle, officers arrived to find a snowmobile by the side of the road and Sikora lying in the road.

By - 7/20/11 - 1:42 pm

Common Cause Massachusetts is hosting a Redistricting Olympics this summer. We will be taking citizen drawn Congressional, State House, and State Senate maps all summer, evaluating them, declaring a winner, giving out prizes and submitting the winning maps to the MA Legislative Redistricting Committee for consideration.

The purpose of the redistricting Olympics is threefold: to educate the public about the steps in the redistricting process, to initiate public participation in the political arena, and to pressure the legislature to draw the districts so that the citizens are appropriately represented.

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State Police report a woman out for a walk with her four grandchildren got lost in Purgatory Chasm in Sutton today. Fortunately, she was able to avoid eternal damnation by using her cell phone to call 911:

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Representative John Binienda:

“The idea of the badge by lobbyists to me, I kind of find that revolting,” [...] “Hitler during the concentration camps tattooed all of the Jewish people so he would know who was Jew and who wasn’t, and that’s something that I just don’t go along with.”

For those who don't know: Godwin's law.

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Jeremy Reiner (WHDH) tweeted this link an hour ago:

Summary after the break.

(Image available at source)

This Landsat image shows the 39-mile (63-kilometer) track of destruction left by an EF3 tornado that struck southwestern and south-central Massachusetts on June 1, 2011. Notice that the track widened as the tornado made its way through the state. At its widest point, the tornado track is roughly 0.5 miles (0.8 kilometers) across.

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NSFW (language):

In Brimfield.

H/t Anon2.

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The view from Worcester

Richard Beaubien watched the storms to the north and south of his home in Bolton.

By - 6/1/11 - 7:55 pm

UPDATE: State now confirms 4 deaths. Also, some looting in Springfield; National Guard will help patrol the city tomorrow.

Gov. Patrick calls up 1,000 National Guardsmen, says one confirmed fatality in West Springfield (person in car that overturned), urges people to stay off the roads, calls on school officials in tornado-hit to cancel school tomorrow.

By - 5/23/11 - 6:53 am

Train stuck on a switch in Worcester wreaking all kinds of havoc. Jim White reports from down the line in Westboro:

Three trains' worth of people on the platform in Westboro from two cancelled trains. Blah. Guess I'll head to Riverside.