West of 495

By - 12/12/08 - 9:32 am
ice berries

Iceberries photographed this morning by Kelly.

But will Patrick show up on TV in a cardigan?

Correspondents outside 128 tell tales of crashing trees, flooding, power going out:

In Littleton, Kelly reports:

Woke up at 2am this morning to the sounds of trees breaking and cracking and falling. Woke up this morning to no power.

To her west, Jody woke up to a flooded basement:

I hadn't brought up all the Christmas stuff yet. I just want to cry.

Peter Chianca: Just got power back - but no TV phone or 'net. Just me and my BlackBerry against the world.

James Ryan Moreau checks in from a darkened Worcester:

No coffee maker today forced me to take desperate measures... a.k.a. waiting in line for Dunkin Donuts

Keith Shaw, in the Worcester area: Tree fell on our deck at 5:30 am - loud as hell.

It's not so hot inside 128, either:

Fabulously Out There slogs in from East Boston:

I suppose rain is 100% better than ice rain. but still. Winter coat now has 2 pounds of water in it.

Stales: I think I saw Noah and his ark floating down Storrow Drive this morning!

It wasn't much better on the other river road. Leonnea: Mem Drive is a parking lot.

A Girl Must Shop: 1.5 hrs to get to work to find out the office was closed.

Also see: The T is not the Postal Service, so forget that thing about the rain and sleet.

By - 12/4/08 - 11:00 am

A 4 clawed lobster was found off of Newport, RI this past Monday. Lobsterman Patrick Marks released her back in to the wild after getting pictures; I can only hope she procreates.

I know; this was in RI not MA, but one can only hope that this is a sign that there may be more multi-clawed lobsters out there, just waiting to be caught, and once of a certain size, steamed and put on my plate. I would gladly trade a tail for any two claws, myself.

By - 11/20/08 - 11:04 am

Lance reports on a case involving a Worcester Telegram reporter covering allegations against an online forum system she participates in regularly.

By - 11/18/08 - 7:49 pm

The Boston Business Journal reports the juvenile, known as Dshocker, pleaded guilty today to running a vast "botnet" of "zombie" computers (PCs infected with trojans he controlled) to break into corporate networks and run a campaign of virtual terror against competing hackers. The Register has more details. He'll do 11 months in a federal juvenile detention center.

By - 10/28/08 - 2:38 am

[float=right]IMAGE(http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk143/nfsagan/Bizilj.jpg)[/float]The mother of an 8-year-old boy who shot himself to death at a supervised gun expo in Westfield yesterday says she’ll remember her son as an angel.

“He was a beloved, beautiful child. He was an angel,” said Suzanne Bizilj of Ashford, Conn., whose third-grade son, Christopher, died Sunday after firing an Uzi submachine gun at the Westfield Sportman’s Club.

By - 10/27/08 - 1:33 pm

Mr. Pesaturo today reported:

"Marking the beginning of expanded Commuter Rail service on the MBTA's Worcester/Framingham Commuter Rail Line, Lt. Governor Timothy Murray today commuted to work on one of the new train trips from Worcester to Boston. Lt. Governor Murray joined other commuters on the train that departed Worcester’s Union Station at 6:05 AM.

By - 10/24/08 - 11:38 am

The Worcester Telegram reports State Police had to euthanize a 200-pound wild Russian boar hit by a car on Rte. 2 in Lancaster:

... Mr. Hall said he was surprised because wild boars are not supposed to be found in Massachusetts. ...

By - 10/14/08 - 11:00 pm

Daily Worcesteria reports tonight's episode of Fringe is set entirely in Worcester, down by the canal district.

To get to Worcester, just take the bridge through Stoughton.

By - 9/30/08 - 1:35 pm

What is it about Worcester? When not battling bizarre beetles, the city has to worry about loose moose:

The 1,000 pound moose then walked to Quinsigamond Avenue, strolled into a warehouse at Castle Metals and wandered out. ... Because it was so close to a busy road, authorities determined it was becoming a public safety issue. The moose was shot dead around 8:15 a.m. It was taken away on a backhoe.

By - 9/29/08 - 7:53 pm

Asian Longhorned Beetles on the march eastward; how long before they breach 495 and then 128?

By - 7/29/08 - 4:44 pm

Never buy lobster from the back of some guy's truck - at least not in central Massachusetts. The Worcester Telegram reports that a tow-truck operator and restaurant owner are charged with selling spoiled seafood salvaged from the wreck of a refrigerator truck that crashed on I-395 on Sunday - and that some of the lobsters were coated in diesel fuel. The paper adds:

... Some of the lobsters tried to scurry away and had to be chased, witnesses said. ...

Via Hot, Buttered and Toasted.

By - 7/29/06 - 2:06 pm

The Worcester line has become so unreliable that Jason Butler now drives to and from work because he can't risk missing his daughter's pickup time at day care. His wife, however, continues to ride the rails: