Kendall Square

By - 4/5/11 - 6:27 am

The Crimson reports Cambridge officials want to use some money from MIT to study ways to turn Kendall Square into a nighttime destination. The Tech has more, says the study area will actually stretch from Kendall Square to Central Square.

By - 2/1/11 - 4:57 pm

Avalance in the making

And for heaven's sake, nobody start yelling when exiting the station! Ana stays a safe distance away.

7:15 p.m. UPDATE: The MBTA reports the snow has been removed.

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By - 1/7/11 - 9:03 pm

This is not TokyoThis is not Tokyo at rush hour.

Danforth Nicholas took some photos of the platform at Harvard station around 7 p.m.:

The train I was on had to push another disabled train into the station. And then they both emptied onto the platform.

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By - 12/23/10 - 9:50 am

So the city better be snappy with those permissions, Cambridge Day reports:

“We want to create this space as quickly as possible,” Owu said.

By - 12/10/10 - 11:17 am

The Tech reports on MIT plans for the area around its campus, starting with construction of a new $100-million, five-story R&D facility at 298 Mass. Ave. next year and continuing with a decade-long effort to add up to 1 million square feet of office sapce and 100,000 square feet of retail to Kendall Square. A key part of the school's Kendall plans is... Read more

By - 11/29/10 - 11:29 am

1:30 update: Scene cleared, full service resuming.

12:45 update: Red Line service restored between Park and Broadway. Busing continues between Park and Harvard.

Service is stopped in both directions as rescue crews extricate the body of the victim from underneath the inbound train.

Finn reports he was in the first car of the train:

The driver honked and yelled "No!" and then slammed

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By - 11/11/10 - 9:17 am

Some guy in England has filed the obligatory shareholder lawsuit over Oracle's proposed $1-billion takeover of Cambridge's Art Technology Group.

In his suit, filed this week in US District Court in Boston, Thomas Granados makes the obligatory arguments about how the deal screws ATG stockholders, and company directors should be ashamed of themselves.

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By - 10/16/10 - 11:30 am

The Globe today thunders against a Cambridge bylaw that lets companies advertise themselves on their buildings in Kendall Square. Setting aside for a moment the way the Globies ignore the fact that the astroturf effort to overturn the measure is one company's grudge against Microsoft (as Scott Kirsner noted in the Globe just the other day), they managed to pen this WTF... Read more

By - 7/9/10 - 8:42 am

Joyce at booking

MBTA Transit Police tweet the man wanted for pulling a teen's top down on a Red Line train at Kendall Square turned himself in at Transit Police headquarters this morning.

The Globe identifies him as Joseph Joyce of Scituate.

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The MBTA says these are photos of the guy charged with pulling a teenager's top down on the Red Line early yesterday.

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MBTA Transit Police say they are looking for a clean-cut 20-something white guy for an incident shortly after midnight on an outbound Red Line train about to pull out of Kendall Square.

According to police, just before the doors closed, the man walked over to a 16-year-old sitting with her friend and pulled her top down, exposing one of her breasts. He then ran out... Read more

By - 7/1/10 - 5:04 pm

The Wall Street Journal reports Google will pay $700 million to acquire Kendall Square's ITA Software, which makes the software that powers a number of online flight-booking services.

Back in April:
The Cambridge company you've never heard of that has Google over a barrel.... Read more

By - 3/28/10 - 9:18 am

New Globe transportation writer Eric Moskowitz takes a ride on the T with the T's new general manager, learns all sorts of interesting tidbits (his father used to sing "Charlie on the MTA" to him), reports that, yes, the T is going to fix the busted gongy thing at Kendall, rather than just let it fall on somebody's head or something, which seemed to... Read more

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Although Neil Young Trunk Show, a hard-rocking performance movie directed by Jonathan Demme, only recently had its local premier at Coolidge Corner Theatre, it will be on DVD and Blu-ray before you know it. If you want to catch this film in a theater before then, one of the few places in the country to do so is Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge. There, starting... Read more

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Grub Street Boston interviews the owners of a Kendall Square eatery planning to serve Cantabridgian-American cuisine.

By - 11/10/09 - 8:42 am

The Tech reports on the new - but already popular - Kendall Square haunt's financial issues.

By - 11/4/09 - 4:40 pm

Xconomy reports.

By - 10/28/09 - 11:05 pm
T-riding firefighters

16WadeSt reports these Cambridge firefighters took the T from Kendall to Central this evening.

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As Pat Goss puts it:

Looks like the green line switch invaded the red line and won!

Meanwhile, MBTA Transit Police Service Area 2 assures us:

No fire at Kendall MBTA. Red Line Dispatcher reports train was creating sparks that caused small smoke condition. Should be clear shortly.

By - 9/14/09 - 7:24 pm

Drew Stanton tweets around 6:30 p.m.:

25 minutes to go from Central Sq to Kendall Sq (1 stop) on the Red Line. The stops are a mile apart.