By - 3/11/11 - 10:41 am

My Life List, which lets people post lists of things they want to accomplish, then mark them off, was named winner of the city's Innovation District: Welcome Home Challenge, the mayor's office reports.

The company, which now lists its headquarters in Marina del Rey, CA, but which has an office in Boston, gets to choose either $25,000 in cash or a $50,000 venture... Read more

By - 3/9/11 - 11:54 am

Here's an interesting tale of how a guy waiting for the Red Line at Park Street got his iPad back after it was snatched out of his hands (while composing e-mail), thanks to a local company that provides IT management services:

Once the officers were in the area, McGowan enabled the iPad’s location alert. The alarm wasn’t loud enough to draw the attention of

... Read more
By - 3/1/11 - 7:36 am

Connie Loizos provides the tweet by tweet of a fight between some outsider and our own Scott Kirsner on whether Boston's tech scene could give a Hoover a run for its money.

By - 3/1/11 - 7:15 am

The Waltham-based social-software company (whuzzat? Online forums on steroids) hopes to bust out with the hiring of former Computer Associates and Novell CTO Alan Nugent, Xconomy reports.

By - 2/19/11 - 10:52 am

Ric reacts rather harshly to the Globe story that starts with the BU student who admits to checking out the size of would-be suitors' Twitter rankings, and rejects those who don't measure up.

These are the people who will have to deal with global warming, major economic dislocations, war, global hunger, predatory politicians, and all the rest of it.

The Lion senses

... Read more
By - 2/15/11 - 3:08 pm

Glowing blue trees

SHIFTBoston and a pair of Paris urban designers have come up with an idea for treepods that would not only filter carbon dioxide out of the air but use solar panels to generate the electricity needed for the filtering and for displaying "colorful light... Read more

By - 2/8/11 - 6:33 am

Xconomy reports on the latest wrinkle to the local high-tech set: Web sites that let you customize everything from T-shirts to home decor; quotes one venture capitalist:

We [in Boston] are good at assembling - taking raw components and building blocks, and then fashioning them into something whole greater than its parts. Mass customization is a natural extension of our strength because it's assembling

... Read more
By - 2/7/11 - 10:25 pm

The Globe reports on the passing of the co-founder of Digital Equipment Corp.

  • Interview, on everything from how he got interested in electronics in the 1930s to the founding of DEC.
  • Salue to Ken Olsen, from the 2006 dedication of the Ken Olsen Science Center at Gordon College.
  • Ken
  • ... Read more
By - 1/24/11 - 6:27 am

The Herald reports Twitter is blocked on computers at the State House because "the site is vulnerable to viruses."

One wonders how they deal with e-mail. Maybe it all comes into one central office where staffers spend the day transcribing it onto paper.

By - 1/19/11 - 12:55 pm

OK, granted, it's just to control the actions of worms that are "smaller than a pinhead," but you know they're not going to stop there. Plus, look what they named their project.

C. elegans comes to a complete stop when flashed with a green laser:

By - 1/18/11 - 6:34 am

William McAdoo reports on Jose Duarte's experiments with printing QR codes (think of them as bar codes for the smartphone set) on the plates at his Taranta in the North End. Why? Imagine scanning in the code and reading up on the seafood sitting in front of you:

The problem was: how to get it on the plate? His first attempt was

... Read more
By - 1/16/11 - 4:01 pm

New York hating Gregory Huang considers the implications of recent VC infusions into New York tech startups.

By - 1/6/11 - 8:42 am

That would be Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center CTO John Halamka, who describes his home weather station, how he got it hooked into Weather Underground and what lessons people who run large, complex computer networks at large, complex health-care providers can take away from it all.

By - 1/5/11 - 11:36 am

And a skeptical Davis Square LiveJournal is trying to figure out which local restaurant canned her.

UPDATE: Restaurant identified and tips on how to avoid a situation like this from Doc Brown local Twitter users, in the comments.

By - 12/29/10 - 11:23 am

The Boston Business Journal reports that Terrafugia, our favorite flying-car company in Woburn, has raised almost $1 million in new equity funding.

By - 12/27/10 - 10:56 am

  • Eliminate Stenographer... check
  • Put everything online... check
  • Make it searchable... check
  • Reduce costs... check
  • Add accessibility... check

I can only imagine how happy he must be... oh wait! Is that him... complaining at 1:47am in the first comment?... Read more

By - 12/24/10 - 11:49 am

MIT charges a Littleton startup failed to pay licensing fees for three of its patents, so now it wants a judge to order the company to stop using them - and pay the fees.

It's MIT's second suit this month against Still River Systems. Last week, MIT sued Still River to force it to add an MIT researcher to a patent used for... Read more

By - 12/17/10 - 7:02 am

Cambridge Day reports on that joint Cambridge/Boston city-council meeting at the city line, which included a talk by an expert on regional economic development who is really grooving on the state's plans to renovate the "Grand Junction" rail line that will let trains from Worcester sail into North Station:

We have to find a way of connecting these geographies, these populations. So I start

... Read more