Valentine's Day

By - 2/12/07 - 8:19 pm

Anali remembers a great office Valentine's celebration - from 20 years ago.

Jolie has the perfect gift - a Xyron 500 Create-A-Sticker Machine. Miss Browneyedgirlie takes no chances - she gets herself a pink cell phone.

Ezra Englebardt explains why he hates the holiday:

By - 2/15/06 - 1:26 pm

A co-worker (yes, my co-workers are chatty today), reports problems with 1-800-Flowers yesterday and today:

I think the storm Sunday snarled all their deliveries out east. I was supposed to have flowers delivered to my mom on Monday, they still aren't there. Any call to the number gets hung up because they are so busy and I am now number 497 in an e-chat queue, down from 792. They guarantee 100% satisfaction. Right now, I am at 0%.

Anybody else not see flowers show up?

Update: Co-worker checks back in:

By - 2/14/06 - 10:15 pm

The Reluctant Housewife bakes a Valentine's cake (topped with strawberries, natch).

Georgia Lyle and friends celebrate in style:

... Happy day, all of you. I'm eating out early, early, then watching the finest of V-Day film genres with friends: women-in-prison flicks. ...

Megan offers photographic proof that Jimbo loves her.

By - 1/2/06 - 7:54 pm

Santa? Who he?

The scene today at the Brooks Pharmacy in Roslindale (they actually had the Valentine's chocolate out before the New Year - nothing says "I love you" like some Russell Stover that's been sitting on the shelf for more than two months).