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FBI: LePage with gun at man's head.FBI: LePage with gun at man's head.

A Stoughton man was charged today with the armed hold-up of an Eastern Bank branch at 102 Lynn St. in Peabody on Monday, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.

Mark LePage, 47, faces up to 25 years in prison for the robbery. The FBI charges LePage put a gun to the head of the man in front of him and demanded all his money. Then, the FBI says, he used the gun to get additional money from a teller.

AlertNewEngland reports he got away with $20,000 and "bait money" and that LePage, who already has a lengthy record, was living in Revere.

Innocent, etc.

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Steve Nadis reports on his unusual path for a scheduled meeting on the North Shore earlier this week.

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UPDATE, 10:30 p.m.: Peabody Police report no threats to nearby residents.

An explosion ripped the Bostik adhesives plant on Boston Road, near the Peabody and Lynnfield lines tonight, sparking a four-alarm fire that led to the shutdown of Rte. 62.

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Hello U-Hubbers,

I know some of us still have snow on the ground and summer time seems like a far away midsummer night's dream. But I thought I'd throw this out there in case some of you are looking for a summer program for your kid(s) that is a little different/interesting/unique than the average summer camp program.

Rebel Shakespeare Company is located in Salem MA and this year we find our enrollment for July and August is a lot lower than it usually is (ie: by now we're usually full with a waiting list).

So this could be your opportunity if you're looking for something different for the summer activities. Our regular program is for kids aged 9-15, and no acting experience is needed. Everyone is taught, learns, explores, grows. In July we're doing "Romeo and Juliet" with this age group, and in August we're either doing "Hamlet" or "A Comedy of Errors," depending on the enrollment. Our Teen program is doing "The Scottish Play"... ahem, in July. And in August, "The Tempest." The Teen program is usually for kids who have had acting experience, and we take a tour around the north shore and Boston doing 10 shows in a week's time. It's a great adventure.

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Seems yesterday's major delays on that commuter line were caused by what the Salem News called a stripped lug nut that kept the Beverly drawbridge in an open position for nearly four hours. The News also reports that repairs to the bridge begun in 2008 are still not finished.

So what about today's delays on the line? The T blames switch problems.

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Check out the note posted on the door of a Dunkin' Donuts in Salem at the height of the storm.

H/t Aaron Donovan.

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Mike the Mad Biologist considers GE's effort to blackmail the state - give us $25 million or else. At first, it sounds kind of similar to Liberty Mutual's successful effort to wring tax breaks out of Boston and the state for its new headquarters building on the edge of the Back Bay.

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Surfer dude

In their all-black wetsuits in the dreary gray water of Nahant Bay this afternoon, some surfers looked like nothing so much as mimes on boards. Crazy mimes on the verge of hypothermia, to be exact, but maybe those suits are warmer than they look.

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Cat in a wheel

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North Shore Bloggers Consortium will highlight weekend picks from members every Thursday.

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Downtown Lynn reports on progress now that MBTA and local police are on the case.

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To preview your primary ballot for tomorrow, click on the link from the Secretary of State's website:
then enter your address and select a political party. It will show you what choices you'll have on tomorrow's primary ballot.


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Hello Uhubbers,

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Two North Shore brothers and two of their employees were indicted recently on charges they ran an illegal sports-betting operation out of Antigua that grossed $22 million over 14 years, the US Attorney's office in Boston charges.

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The Conservation Law Foundation and HealthLink yesterday sued the owner of the Salem power plant, alleging the facility is pumping far more visible pollution into the air than allowed under state and federal regulations.

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Channel 5 reports on the fire in a storage yard at 95/128 in Peabody.

Photo by the Salem Evening News.

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The Salem Evening News reports:

A man who was part of a cleaning company at DiLuigi Sausage Co. on Pope's Lane was taken to the hospital last night after he was partially sucked into a seasoning machine. ...

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Police on the North Shore are looking for a guy who robbed a bank in Saugus on Tuesday and then, after the dye pack exploded and showered him with red ink, robbed a bank in Peabody: