North Shore

By - 11/11/08 - 10:09 am

Two leafy, affluent North Shore towns, Hamilton and Wenham, are studying the idea of merging. They already share a railroad station, a high school, and a library.

If they decide this is a good idea, what other similar pairs of towns should follow suit? Medford and Malden? Swampscott and Marblehead? Weston and Lincoln? Arlington and Belmont? (Or Watertown and Belmont?)

By - 11/5/08 - 12:06 pm

The 76-year-old ... drove about 100 yards into a train-only tunnel [at Salem Station] before a northbound commuter rail train hit the car...


A train operator saw the headlights of the car, sounded the horn, and began to brake...

After the crash, the driver got out of the vehicle on his own...

"He was conscious and alert, talking with emergency responders on the scene,"... "There were no visible signs of injury..."