Charles Laquidara

By - 9/16/09 - 9:22 am

Would only come back to radio if technology allowed for live podcasting:

By - 8/1/09 - 9:00 am

Charles Laquidara has begun a collection of online WBCN shtuff.Read more

By - 2/25/06 - 10:59 am

Charles Laquidara is a big part of it, Steve Garfield explains.Read more

By - 1/7/06 - 8:32 pm

Janet, for one, is thrilled that Charles Laquidara is coming back to Boston radio, if only for an hour each morning:

... Man, the nights my friends and I spent partying, or just staying up talking and talking, figuring out all the secrets to the universe, right thru to sunrise and then Charles would come on and play some weird stuff and we',

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By - 1/6/06 - 10:49 pm

But what about Duane?Hello, Rangoon! Former "Big Mattress" host Charles Laquidara reports he'll be doing a one-hour morning show on WBOS starting sometime this month:

It's going to be called Backtracks or Trackback or something, and I'll be featuring my nine favorite cuts from the best albums of a certain year every Monday

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