South Shore

By - 12/3/09 - 12:46 pm

Chris Devers photographed They Might Be Giants signing copies of their new kids' book at the Borders in Braintree yesterday.

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By - 11/17/09 - 3:14 pm

Both at the South Shore Plaza, at least as of a couple hours ago. Both are on the first floor; one's a full-service restaurant, the other's a smaller ice-cream only place. Both now only take cash.

By - 11/17/09 - 10:28 am

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the Chateau, a chain of big ol' Italian restaurants, is opening its seventh location on the John Mahar Highway near South Braintree Square.

We go the one on Rte. 1 in Norwood sometimes. It's pretty cool in an Anthony's Pier 4/Ken's kind of way, only without the sad days-gone-by vibe you sometimes get in those places (plus, there's something relaxing... Read more

By - 11/14/09 - 9:22 am

The Patriot Ledger reports police had to bust down the door of the burning house because the woman had barricaded herself inside. Four officers were injured in the rescue.


By - 10/30/09 - 10:54 pm
Boo hoo

David Parsons spent some time recently at Hingham Cemetery.

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By - 10/2/09 - 3:19 pm

Two Marshfield residents are charged with beating up a customer at a Norwell KFC when he asked them to pipe down after they started swearing at the counter help because their food wasn't coming fast enough, Channel 5 reports.

Marshvegas Live:

Why do... Read more

By - 9/28/09 - 12:14 pm

The Patriot-Ledger reports the guy allegedly got up to 110 mph in an attempt to escape Weymouth police early Sunday morning.

By - 9/27/09 - 10:39 am

The Coast Guard reports the rescue of a guy who decided to do a little ocean kayaking around 11:30 last night off Nantasket Beach - in rough waters and without a life jacket.

Of course, he capsized - but right near a moored boat to which he was able to swim and spend several hours.

The Coast Guard says it launched a search boat,... Read more

By - 9/18/09 - 11:33 pm

Well, OK, the police charged the woman with following too close (and driving an unregistered vehicle), but the spider made her do it, Channel 7 reports.

By - 9/9/09 - 11:34 am

The state Department of Conservation and Recreation is going to give it the college try: It's seeking volunteers to help pull the fast-growing invasive weed in Fowl Meadow, part of the Blue Hills Reservation, Jennifer Forman Orth reports.

She says some 40 acres of the meadow, home to several rare and endangered species, is now covered by our version of kudzu. There are... Read more

By - 8/28/09 - 11:32 pm
Nantasket beach

We went down to Nantasket this afternoon in search of big waves and surfers, but showed up too early - there were neither big waves nor surfers. Instead, we found a few diehard beachgoers, some (including all the lifeguards) bundled up, trying to get one last summer day in, clouds and dropping temps be dammed.... Read more

By - 8/23/09 - 7:41 am

The Coast Guard used a helicopter to rescue these two guys and their dog after their boat got stuck on rocks off Hull in Bill-whipped waters around 3:30 p.m. yesterday. In Nahant, a guy who decided yesterday was a good day for fishing is in critical condition after a wave swept him off the... Read more

By - 8/21/09 - 10:24 am

UPDATED to reflect that the indecent involved a pedestrian, not a motor vehicle as I first thought.

The 9:30pm outbound Kingston commuter rail struck a man near the Essex Street crossing in Whitman Thursday night; the first emergency call was received at 10:06 pm, according to chatter heard on a police scanner. I cannot confirm whether or not that this incident was fatal.... Read more

By - 8/17/09 - 10:05 pm

Sean Sullivan photographs a study in rock balancing on the shore in Duxbury.

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By - 8/1/09 - 9:03 am
Sun coming through

When they clear, you can get some amazing views. Sekbaavi took this photo out of her Quincy home office following a storm on Thursday.

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By - 7/30/09 - 8:32 am

The Quincy Patriot Ledger reports on the arrest of a man living in the same building as Jeffrey Phillips, who'd gone missing after talking to his mother on Friday.

By - 7/29/09 - 9:19 pm

A friend who is a local with us at the Dogwood Cafe in JP has gone missing in Braintree. I'm reaching out to the Universal Hub community in the hopes that someone reading might be able to help in some way.

Jeffrey Adam Phillips has been missing since Friday July 24, 2009. He was last heard from via a cell phone call with a friend... Read more

By - 7/27/09 - 3:36 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports on the opening of the fifth Five Guys in the Boston area, this one in Randolph.

Ed. burger note: Addiction is perhaps too strong a word for our patronage at the Dedham Five Guys, but maybe that's because the wife and kidlet are made of stronger stuff.

By - 7/4/09 - 8:05 am

Happy Fourth! Chris Devers took in the fireworks over Scituate Harbor last night.

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By - 6/8/09 - 2:30 pm

Mass High Tech announces the return of 1998: A Weymouth company has just spent $3 million to buy the domain name, at which it plans to build a wicked big online candy store, or, in press-release-speak, "the best online customer service candy shopping experience in the world." The new site is still 23 days away from launch, but, of course, there's a... Read more