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By - 11/12/10 - 1:13 am

Gawker just posted a link to a truly appalling YouTube video supposedly secretly filmed by a postal carrier in Hingham as he's being verbally abused (and at one point, physically assaulted) by a middle-aged woman who honestly seems flat-out unhinged. Which of the local commentators will be the first to knock out a couple easy columns over it?

By - 10/27/10 - 11:27 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that Joseph Nee was fairly convicted on a charge he conspired with other students at Marshfield High School to massacre students and teachers they didn't like.

Nee was convicted in 2008 and served nine months in state prison. In his appeal, Nee, son of Boston patrolmen's union President Thomas Nee, argued the verdict should be overturned because he had renounced his part in the plot by telling a Marshfield police officer about it before it could be carried out.

By - 9/13/10 - 3:28 pm

To preview your primary ballot for tomorrow, click on the link from the Secretary of State's website:
then enter your address and select a political party. It will show you what choices you'll have on tomorrow's primary ballot.


By - 9/11/10 - 6:33 pm

Here's why you never see a cat skeleton up a tree: The Animal Rescue League gets them down first. Here we see a technician saving Brisket, Jeff and Gretchen's cat, who'd been up a tree in Hingham for 26 hours:

By - 9/3/10 - 3:16 pm

At the beach

Nantasket Beach wasn't exactly crowded around 2 p.m., but there were quite a few people there, from wetsuit-clad surfers to more casual body surfers and bathers to one guy with a metal detector. It was kind of windy, but not overwhelmingly so, and the waves for the most part were small to minuscule. Looking north toward the rest of Hull, you could see this cloud hugging the topography:


Here's something you don't see every day: A guy walking on water (OK, he was actually standing on a surfboard and was getting around by paddling):

Walking on water

As I was driving to the beach, it started raining a bit around 1:45 between the Fore and Back rivers. Afterwards, at a Panera in Hingham, I had just sat down when this little girl at the table next to me blurted out: "What if the hurricane started early and we were driving on the road and we DIED?!?"

By - 8/4/10 - 2:24 pm

The federal EPA announced today the MBTA has agreed to changes in fuels and idling procedures to reduce pollution at the Widett Circle layover facility in South Boston and the Greenbush line station in Scituate.

The T will also pay a $225,000 fine, the EPA says.

By - 7/20/10 - 8:39 am

So we just have to content ourselves with the thought that there were plenty of red faces at whatever data-destruction company South Shore Hospital hired to destroy records on 800,0000 people when they instead had to report they lost the files.

By - 7/1/10 - 9:50 am

The Globe reports on his arrest in Randolph, a week after another guy with a serious whorl deficiency was arrested in Roslindale.

By - 6/20/10 - 4:39 pm

Some major hail on the South Shore this afternoon. Also, lightning hit a house on Central Avenue in Braintree, sparking a huge fire that brought in fire crews from surrounding communities, including Boston.

Via Channel 5.

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Jeff Cutler happened upon this accident at Crow Point Lane and Rte. 3A in Hingham around 7 a.m. today. He reports the van driver had to be cut out of the vehicle, but that the other drivers seemed OK.

Photo copyright Jeff Cutler.

By - 5/14/10 - 5:04 pm

Because they're both divorced and remarried, right? No, no, of course not. Jeff Cutler, who lives in Hingham, discusses St. Paul School, which objects to the fact that one third grader's parents are both women:

... I'm just wondering if St. Paul's is teaching this boy the hard lesson that even religious organizations can lie and go back on their word, what sort of lessons should we worry they're teaching the children already enrolled there?

By - 4/28/10 - 8:03 am

The MBTA will have to replace thousands of concrete ties on the Old Colony lines out of South Station, leading to two years of mid-day bustitution and no weekend service at all, the Globe reports. The T wants the company that made the ties, which were supposed to last several decades, to pay for the $91-million repairs; the company says, oh, yeah, try and make us pay, we'll just declare bankruptcy.

By - 4/26/10 - 9:07 am introduces us to James Kennedy, yet another one of those Kennedys who isn't one of those Kennedys, running for the 10th District seat being vacated by Bill Delahunt. As a Democrat, of course. Now, this Kennedy actually lives in South Boston, which is Steve Lynch's district, but as a lawyer, he knows you don't have to live in a congressional district to run there.

By - 3/29/10 - 10:25 am

The Patriot Ledger reports a Boston teen attempting to steal some jewelry from a pushcart at the South Shore Plaza got distracted when a text message came in, which delayed him long enough that a Braintree cop was able to spot him and give chase.

By - 3/22/10 - 10:38 am

Cell talking bank robber So who do you think this guy was talking to while he robbed the TD Bank on Granite Street in Braintree Sunday afternoon? And did he have to tell the person to hold on a second while he told the teller to "get it all out now?"

He's described as a skinny white male, about 5'10", with a scruffy beard and "very dark red circles under his eyes."

Det. Stephen Wallace of the Braintree PD would love to chat. 781-794-8601, ext. 8729.

By - 3/21/10 - 7:43 pm

Joe Malone announces run for Congress in the 10th District; will have to beat state Rep. Jeff Perry of Sandwich and Cohassett businessman Ray Kasperowicz in the Republican primary before facing some Democrat in the general election to replace Bill Delahunt.

Malone's Web site.

By - 3/4/10 - 8:17 pm

The Globe reports Bill Delahunt won't be running for re-election in the Tenth District.